Our Favorite Emo Anthem Turns Thirteen!

Nothing can send you back to your emo-sidebang-plaid apparel-HotTopic-loving self quite like a single G, not from a piano. Yup, you guessed it. We’re talking about the worldwide national emo anthem, “Welcome to The Black Parade”. And we’re about to make you feel really REALLY old. The lead single from My Chemical Romance’s third studio album, better known as the soundtrack of our scene queen (or king) adolescents is officially THIRTEEN years old! Can you believe it?

Bunch of Emo Babes

My Chemical Romance (consisting of Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Ray Toro, and brothers Mikey & Gerard Way) is what we in the industry call a whole bunch of emo babes. They have delivered so many feels through the years, that just thinking about it we’re about to cry off all our black eyeliner. “Welcome to The Black Parade” was such an influential piece of music that it flew onto the scene. And it is STILL having an effect on pop culture today. It’s been nominated for many awards such as ‘Best Single’, and winning awards such as ‘Best Rock Video’ and ‘Best Styling’. We are not surprised, the least bit surprised “Welcome to The Black Parade” was selected in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s top ‘500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll’.

The video it’s self was produced by Samuel Bayer. Whose name you may recognize from other influential artist videos such as Nirvana and Green Day. Both royals of their crafts. It’s obvious that this video rocks, but let’s talk about why.

First of all, it’s (almost) impossible to make a lousy video when the song jams as hard as “Welcome to The Black Parade” does, so we think MCR starts with the upper hand on this one. Secondly, the story line of the video keeps the viewers interested. We are constantly picking our brains as to why they chose this direction (We love a good conspiracy). Finally, let’s talk about that wardrobe. We still dream of those snazzy marching band jackets being a part of our own personal wardrobe; and plead with the world for guys to sport looks as iconic as Gerard Way’s.

Photo: My Chemical Romance on Twitter

Welcome to The Black Parade: Emo Stepping Stones

Along with the band itself, “Welcome to The Black Parade” has been a stepping stone to a majority of emo bands to follow, and we’ll always appreciate and show love for a real one. My Chemical Romance marched this song, so the rest of us emo’s could run. They made us ALL want to be “Saviors of the broken, beaten, and the damned”.

Check out some of the MCR boy’s side projects to get your additional fix. Like each of their individual solo music, or of course Gerard Way’s Umbrella Academy on Netflix. Although we will always truly long for a reunion tour, blasting that ever so special G note will have to suffice for today.

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Words: Danielle King | Featured Photo: MCR Single Album Cover