We Have No Shame Freaking Out Over The 5sos Tour

Yes! Hello! Welcome back! It is a beautiful day! Why? Well. 5SOS ANNOUNCED THE FIRST LEG OF THEIR NEXT TOUR!

We are probably the biggest 5SOS stans over here at MDRN MAG (literally), so we absolutely lost our shit when they tweeted this out of no where!


Now this comes after a Mr. Calum Thomas Hood replied to a fan’s tweet asking people there favorite 5SOS song… This was his response.

** ***** = No Shame. Like he’s a sneaky boi. Oh, and speaking of sneaky Kings… We did some digging and couldn’t help but notice this old tweet from when Ash was promoting “Easier”.


So far UK/Europe are the only dates that have been announced but we’re sure that more are soon to follow. According to the Italian ticket site this is called the No Shame World Tour 2020 So be sure to keep an eye out!

We’re not sure if “No Shame” is a song and tour title (like the Meet You There Tour) or if it’s the album title as well. We just know that we need the song and we need it now. Like literally right now.

We will keep up updated on their upcoming 4th album. As Always, Jace is on the case!

For now our UK/Europe readers can register for the ticket pre-sale by pre-ordering the upcoming album here.

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May the odds ever be in your favor.

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Harry Styles Is Coming, Time To Break The Piggy Bank

In case you were wondering what Harry Styles fans are doing at the moment, it’s this:

“Why?” you ask. Well, allow us to tell you…


Not only is it just a tour… It’s a full on 360 degrees tour. So there will literally be no such thing as a bad view.

This tour announcement comes a few weeks after the announcement of his second album, Fine Line, and right before his double duty on SNL (which we literally cannot wait for).

Behold Harry Styles: Love On Tour

Harry Styles
Harry Styles

South America dates will be announced soon. Asia & Australia will unfortunately have to wait until 2020 for their dates to be announced.

If you’re anything like us you are just dying to see all of the fits that he’s gonna wear on tour. Please bring all the glitter and sequence, Mr. Styles!

Are you guys excited for the Love on Tour world tour?! Let us know on Twitter!

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Dream Theater: Paralyzed Distance over Time

Dream Theater

A progressive metal band, strong tastes are reflected in Dream Theater music videos. The band itself consists of John Myung, John Petrucci, James LaBrie, Jordan Rudess, and Mike Mangini, calling Boston, Massachusetts their place of origin. To this date they have released fourteen albums with Distance over Time taking that fourteenth spot.

Not many go for animation, but in their third single off the album, “Paralyzed” featured full animation, as well as hints of Japanese influence. The whole video screams dystopian, with city scenes pulled straight out of Blade Runner (1982) or Blade Runner 2049 (2017). Oh and did we forget to mention A.I.?

The music itself begins with deep guitar and drums that will hammer at your soul before the first lyric rings. We also recommend you keep watching because later in the piece is a guitar solo that feels too right.

Between the music and breath taking visuals you’re in for a treat that will leave your heart racing. Go give it a watch.

Oh and did we mention they’re touring? Check these guys out live here! You can thank us later.

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Words: Dakota Burnsed | Featured Photo: Dream Theater on Instagram

Jimmy Eat World Rocks Outs With New Album & Tour Announcement

What’s more exciting than a band we know and love announcing new music and tour dates? That’s right, NOTHING. Jimmy Eat World has been rocking out since 1993. Yeah, before some (most) of you were even born. These rocker vets from Meza, Arizona are about to grace us with a highly anticipated album titled Surviving, along with a tour that is hitting some special places along the US including, but not limited to New York, Florida, and Delaware.

It’s not often we get lucky enough to see bands we love celebrate doing music for 20 years, but this group has changed the game by doing just that. Collecting countless nominees from various awards, we can’t help but believe that their tenth (that’s right, we’re old) studio album will be just as award-worthy.

Jimmy Eat World Live Performance Guitar Playing
Jimmy Eat World on Twitter

Jimmy Eat World Aims to Please

With classics like “Sweetness” and “The Middle”, pleasing all types of listeners, tracks like “Hear You Me” send you back into the high school rom-com era, and timeless jams like “Kill” satisfy our more obscure listeners. Jimmy Eat World aims to please all. We suspect that is exactly what they are striving for with this new album. We’d even go as far as to say we’re destined to be impressed.

Surviving is the first album from these guys in 3 years, making us more than intrigued about the sound it will carry. With singles likeLove Never and “Stay” our excitement only grows. These singles are compiled with loads of super catchy riffs, matched by lyrics we always are able to relate to. It only confirms they’re sure to produce an album we won’t be able to stop spinning. 

The album drops October 18th 2019, so be sure to check it out for a killer emo-alt-rock combination. In the meantime, throw some new or old Jimmy Eat World into your daily rotation to get your fix until then.

Jimmy Eat World
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Red City Radio Aren’t Liars, But We Love Them!

As per usual, we’re here to fill you in. Red City Radio consists of four fine as hell (yes, we had to) dudes: Garrett Dale (Vocals), Dallas Tidwell (Drums), Ryan Donovan (Guitar) and Derik Envy (Bass) who absolutely dig being on the road. You might know them by landing gigs with New Found Glory, Less Than Jake, and Anti-Flag. Now, currently en route with one of our all-time favorites Taking Back Sunday. We couldn’t think of a more perfect time for RCR to hit us with a new track. With electric guitar licks, propelling vocals, and a perfect modern rock vibe, RCR’s newest “Love A Liar” has caught our attention.

Red City Radio delivers this single with the intent to reassure. Reassure us that love is really all you need in life. What better message to send than that? The band emphasizes this thought by explaining, “We all bring baggage into relationships, whether they’re romantic in nature or otherwise. We all have that underlying feeling, that ‘I’m not enough’ or ‘I’m no good’, that shapes our interactions with other humans. This song really embodies the idea that while we all feel inadequate, while we’re all imperfect, we’re just going to love our way through this and it’s all going to be OK”.

“Love A Liar” really does make us feel like it will all be okay.

Live Performance shot with Red City Radio
Photo: Big Picture Media

Red City Radio Ready to Hype The Crowd!

As we mentioned, Red City Radio is going to hit the streets with Taking Back Sunday. This is a particularly special tour, as TBS celebrates the 2nd leg of their 20th anniversary tour. And what a better match then these punk-rockers?! Be sure to catch them hype the crowd (and even headline some shows of their own) with songs from all over their discography. Including their 2018 release, SkyTigers as well as some hot off the press tracks for everyone to enjoy.

Stream the new feel-good single “Love A Liar” on Spotify here!

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Forever Emo Tour and Anywhere But Here Anniversary: Mayday Parade

The iconic Mayday Parade have smashed our emo hearts once again when announcing The Forever Emo Tour almost immediately after the celebration of ten years of their album Anywhere But Here, which will also have its own tour. Are you as intrigued as us about this tour? Wanna know what you’re in for? Well here is the deal:

Mayday Parade is coming to the stage to show respect to all things pop-punk and emo. Not only will they do this by performing some favorite Mayday originals, but covers of our favorite emo jams! Which we have no doubt will be perfectly executed. Cuz’ Derek Sanders AM I RIGHT?!

This short run tour is one we highly recommend you catch. Because even if Mayday isn’t your absolute favorite, you’ll get to tune in to some classic emo covers. As an added bonus, Mayday Parade is pairing up with some of our favorite Emo Nite DJs to ensure some absolutely killer after parties.

Mayday Parade Forever emo Tour
Photo: Mayday Parade on Twitter

The idea behind this is both fun and tasteful. Not only are these songs exciting for the band themselves to perform, but they have made it clear that these songs (both originals & covers) are important to them. After some serious self-reflection, the band gives endless props to bands and songs that have been influential and significant to them as a whole (and to us too!)

We are excited to see the outcome of this tour and more than appreciate this incredible nod to the scene, and there is no excuse for you to be ‘Anywhere But Here’.

Check out the following dates to have the emo night of your life performed by one of the most prominent voices to grace emo music in the last decade.

Mayday Parade Double Tour Dates

Mayday Parade on Twitter

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A Hella Mega Announcement

Hella Mega

This could possibly be Hella Mega, the biggest tour announcement in the history of Pop-Punk. Green Day just announced a tour with Weezer and Fall Out Boy today. And we’re not quite sure how to contain ourselves.

The trio dropped many hints throughout the week, with fans allegedly receiving mysterious products in the mail from an anonymous sender….

The announcement was finally made Tuesday afternoon! And what a Hella Mega announcement it is!

In addition to the tour, each band is also releasing a new album. Green Day with Father of All…, Weezer with Van Weezer, and Fall Out Boy with Greatest Hits: Believers Never Die – Volume 2.

So if you’re ready to “Dance, Dance” with your “Basket Case” friends on an “Island In The Sun” this tour will be perfect for you!

Hella Mega Tour
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Green Day
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Fall Out Boy
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JoBros Release Cryptic Hints Of Their Happiness Begins Setlist… So We Took a Crack At It

MDRN MAG cracked the JoBro code (we think). Because “That’s Just The Way We Roll.”

After releasing their comeback album on June 7th, everyones favourite teen heartthrobs are back. The Jonas Brothers are heading out on tour! Today they released a teaser for their setlist on their Instagram story – so we decided to do everyone a favour and try to work out what songs they’ll be playing.

The Jonas Brothers on Instagram

We anticipate their setlist will feature a mix of old songs and new – from old classics everyone loves to their comeback album Happiness Begins. Here’s our prediction… (and our dream setlist because here at MDRN MAG, we’re JoBros stans too).


Hold on
That’s Just The Way We Roll
Please Be Mine 
Can’t Have You 
A Little Bit Longer
When You Look Me In The Eyes
Only Human
Video Girl
Burnin Up


Year 3000


Goodnight & Goodbye
Introducing Me (Camp Rock)
BB Good
We Got The Party (Hannah Montana)
That’s Just The Way We Roll
Play My Music (Camp Rock)
Can’t Have You Pizza Girl (Jonas L.A)
Fly With Me
Your Biggest Fan (Jonas L.A)
Please Be Mine
This Is Me (Camp Rock)
Pushin’ Me Away
LA Baby (Jonas L.A)
When You Look Me In The Eyes
Before The Storm
Much Better


Burnin up

And we’re not the only ones that are freaking out about the setlist. The teaser has sent fans into a frenzy on Twitter

Click HERE to stream their comeback album Happiness Begins.

Click HERE to get tickets to see The Jonas Brothers on tour.

The Jonas Brothers on Facebook

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