The Late Late Show With Harry Styles

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We were graced with the all-powerful Harry Styles as the Late Late Show‘s guest host last night. And all we can think is…


The show opens with a fan favorite segment, Car Pool Karaoke. Here we see James Corden give Harry tips and tricks to being a good host, which includes fake laughing… (We’d honestly die to hear Harry fake laugh or really laugh.) To end the segment the pair of course sings “Watermelon Sugar” together, and we just swooned.

We then have Harry come out in a dashing suit, as always, to deliver the host’s opening monologue. He of course had a lot to talk about being the Articles of Impeachment against Donald Trump were written. That, plus some shameless promoting.

Following his monologue we jumped right into Spill Your Guts with Harry and Kendall Jenner – yes you read that right. Things definitely got interesting, and interesting things were eaten too. Some questions asked incuded Kendall asking Harry which songs off his first album were about her, and Harry asking Kendall who is the most surprising celeb to slide in her DMs. If you want to see if they responded, watch the clip below!

Along with Kendall, another guest on the show was star of Black-ish, Tracee Ellis Ross, who is also a friend of Harry. In their sit down interview, the three share stories about their large families, holidays, and modeling.

Following the interviews, we were given a small teaser of the musical guest, and it was not at all we were expecting… Harry Styles quickly interviewed Harry Styles giving us the best 53 seconds in television history.

For Harry’s musical performance he performed his latest single “Adore You” and let us tell you… Out hearts sailed away with him. His set mimicked the video for the single, taking us on a sailboat ride to the Island of Eroda.

Between his singing, adorable dancing, and impecable charm while on stage, we’re constantly reminded of why we love him. If someone tells you the perfect man doesn’t exist, just show them this episode of The Late Late Show.

You can pre-order and pre-save his new album Fine Line which drops December 13th here!

Catch Harry on tour in a city near you with his Love on Tour tour here!

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Harry Styles and James Corden Perform For Traffic in LA

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In typical James Corden fashion, once again he’s up to no good. Along with Harry Styles, they performed a free concert in LA for those sitting at a red light, whilst fliming for The Late Late Show.


Along with James in a yellow jumpsuit with wings… Harry performed his most recent release “Watermelon Sugar“, along with favorites “Lights Up” and “Kiwi”. He also performed “Sign Of The Times”, and Harry flying around on a cable during trafic is absoloutely killing us.

Name a more iconic duo than Harry Styles and James Corden. We’ll wait.

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