The Lighthouse: What You Should Know

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If you’re not already farmiliar, The Lighthouse is a movie made by Studio A24, directed by Robert Eggers, staring Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe. Set in the 1890s, the film depicts a couple of lighthouse keepers or “wickies” and their decent into madness.

Eggers is known for his only other film, The Witch. And with this only being his second film, what can you reallu expect from Eggers? A lot actually.

The Lighthouse is a fascinating movie that we guarantee will make you wonder. The imagery is intense, and the whole film will keep you on edge through visuals or beautifully crafted sound design. With anything, there is always room to improve, but this film will have you too mind boggled to point anything out just yet.

For starters, The Lighthouse is rated R. This film depicts two grown men falling into madness, so we can assure you there will be some discomfort. If you love psychology and mental degradation, this is definitely up your alley. There are elements of fantasy throughout the film as we descend further into the minds of these two fellows. The one question we will continually ask ourselves; what is up with this lighthouse?

What’s so Great About it?

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Visuals and sound design. This movie is wonderfully crafted. Black and white films might be, on initial inspection, hard to swallow, but the imagery of The Lighthouse that director Robert Eggers brings makes the choice feel second nature. The sound design really assists in taking us into a tense state of mind. A continual fog horn noise of the lighthouse periodically plays, and each small movement or scrape is accounted for. Not to mention – seagulls. Enough said.

We admit, the framing of some of the shots aren’t the best, but it doesn’t happen often enough to affect the major plot of the fim. Sure, sometimes the tops of actors’ heads get cut off or there is too much empty space, but it only adds to the discomfort building throughout the movie. And last but not least, some question the ending. But who are we to question what the director intended?

The Lighthouse
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Words: Dakota Burnsed | Featured Photo: A24 The Lighthouse