My Chemical Romance Is Back And We Are Not Okay (I Promise)

My Chemical Romance

Welcome back to the black parade, bitches! My Chemical Romance is back and our emo hearts would be bursting if they weren’t cold and black on the inside.

It’s the tweet that the emo kids heard around the world. MCR said Emo Rights, and announced a comeback show on Halloween day. Classy, and fits the brand.

If you ask anyone of any age or music genre type, they will talk about how they’re so ready. But no one will ever be as ready as us ex-Hot Topic regulars.

We lived through the heartbreak and pain of the MCR break-up. That was actually the day we realized we did have hearts… BECAUSE THEY WERE CRUSHED.

We thought we’d have to get by life with these crushed up pieces, but fear not, MCR said “Na na na na we’re coming back” and just like that we were TEENAGERS again.

As of right now only the one show was announced in California for December 20th, but we’re hoping and praying to all the pop punk gods that this is the lead up for the reunion tour. Because those tickets sold INSTANTLY.

However this was tweeted the day after tickets sold out. So… tour?

So grab your pitch back eyeliner and your expired Hot Cash you’ll try to still use. It’s time to show them that it really wasn’t a phase.

You best believe that until the reunion tour is announced (and even after that) we have all their albums on repeat because MCR is the greatest band ever. And that will be our “Famous Last Words.”

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Words: Celine and Jace | Featured Photo: My Chemical Romance on Twitter

Red City Radio Aren’t Liars, But We Love Them!

As per usual, we’re here to fill you in. Red City Radio consists of four fine as hell (yes, we had to) dudes: Garrett Dale (Vocals), Dallas Tidwell (Drums), Ryan Donovan (Guitar) and Derik Envy (Bass) who absolutely dig being on the road. You might know them by landing gigs with New Found Glory, Less Than Jake, and Anti-Flag. Now, currently en route with one of our all-time favorites Taking Back Sunday. We couldn’t think of a more perfect time for RCR to hit us with a new track. With electric guitar licks, propelling vocals, and a perfect modern rock vibe, RCR’s newest “Love A Liar” has caught our attention.

Red City Radio delivers this single with the intent to reassure. Reassure us that love is really all you need in life. What better message to send than that? The band emphasizes this thought by explaining, “We all bring baggage into relationships, whether they’re romantic in nature or otherwise. We all have that underlying feeling, that ‘I’m not enough’ or ‘I’m no good’, that shapes our interactions with other humans. This song really embodies the idea that while we all feel inadequate, while we’re all imperfect, we’re just going to love our way through this and it’s all going to be OK”.

“Love A Liar” really does make us feel like it will all be okay.

Live Performance shot with Red City Radio
Photo: Big Picture Media

Red City Radio Ready to Hype The Crowd!

As we mentioned, Red City Radio is going to hit the streets with Taking Back Sunday. This is a particularly special tour, as TBS celebrates the 2nd leg of their 20th anniversary tour. And what a better match then these punk-rockers?! Be sure to catch them hype the crowd (and even headline some shows of their own) with songs from all over their discography. Including their 2018 release, SkyTigers as well as some hot off the press tracks for everyone to enjoy.

Stream the new feel-good single “Love A Liar” on Spotify here!

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Words: Danielle King | Featured Photo: Big Picture Media

NINE Blink 182 New Release Review

We have more than clarified that we are absolute die hard Blink 182 fans. But, In case you forgot, let’s reiterate some comments from our last article about them. We all have equal nostalgia for the good old days; Matt Skiba freaking ROCKS; Mark Hoppus is the dad we always wished we had; and Travis Barker is the best drummer this side of the 2000s. We are also learning to love band’s growth and progression. Yes, even as pop punk snobs.

Now that we have made that clear, let’s talk about the new album! Blink 182’s ninth studio album titled NINE (which we can’t help but believe Hoppus had to be a part of considering it’s obvious dad joke nature.) Released on September 20th 2019 through Columbia Records this album is dope, and we are about to tell you all about it.

Blink 182 Portrait
Photo: Blink 182 on Twitter

Perfect Punk Rock Trio

It’s not easy to pull off a trio as perfectly punk rock as Blink (honorable mention Green Day). We think new era Blink does just that as they provided us with plenty of insight into the new album’s sound. Releasing five unique singles over the past weeks has given us lots to look forward to. Hopefully you’ve read our full review on “I Really Wish I Hated You” and found out the many reasons why we adored it. Maybe you agreed, maybe not, and that’s okay because this album has a sound to satisfy everyone.

Songs like “Darkside” and “No Heart to Speak Of” have a lovely display of our homie Matt Skiba’s angelic, angsty, practically perfect vocals (I’m sweating.) “Happy Days” is classic Mark, a catchy playful pop punk sing along. This album displays that not only has Blink 182 evolved as a whole, but that they are cool with this new direction (YES, OWN THAT SHIT.)  If out of those five you haven’t found a single to bop along to, don’t give up on our boys just yet.

Some parts of this album might even send you into a nostalgic fit. One filled with liberty spikes, checkered vans, and your favorite pair of jnco jeans. But in a cool way, one that is not straying too far away from new age Blink.

Showcase Of Skills

The tour which wraps up today has been absolutely vital to this particular album. Why? Um HELLO, did you forget our favorite faux father-son relationship with Neck Deep? You better not have. Or we’re gonna tell. Plus, we can’t help but think maybe Blink was trying to recruit some fans outside of their normal element when listening to these tunes. Which we believe was a factor in their decision to bring Lil Wayne aboard.

If you were lucky enough to catch this tour than you know how much Blink STILL rips. If you didn’t get to see this tour, well we feel bad for you. Let us tell you, they made sure to give each member of the band an opportunity to showcase their perfected skills. Playing a set list full of oldies to satisfy our cravings for pre-Tom departure memories along with our favorite new jams helped up the ante for our excitement of this album. Because what’s more hyping than knowing first hand how good a song sounds live.

This full track list of killer hits sticks to what they know. So you’re in for an abundance of energy, lyrics that hit home, paired up with tempos that are so sick you better call a doctor (There’s your dad joke, Hoppus.) Plus it’s hella catchy!  

Photo: Dani King

“I Guess This Is Growing Up”

So we are here to say, it’s time to grow up and stop being so pretentious. Give this album a chance. There is a full money back guarantee that you’ll have no choice but to blast at least one (or two, or three, or ALL) of these jams. Whether it be while you’re dancing alone in the shower, power jamming on the guitar, or singing along with all your comrades at your favorite local dive.

Stream it on Spotify, Apple Music, or cop that album in stores. Appreciate the new version of Blink while staying true to your pop-punk roots.

WE SAID this album was going to be dope, and we were right. They are proud of it, and we are too.

Blink 182
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Words: Dani King | Featured Photo: NINE Album Cover

Our Favorite Emo Anthem Turns Thirteen!

Nothing can send you back to your emo-sidebang-plaid apparel-HotTopic-loving self quite like a single G, not from a piano. Yup, you guessed it. We’re talking about the worldwide national emo anthem, “Welcome to The Black Parade”. And we’re about to make you feel really REALLY old. The lead single from My Chemical Romance’s third studio album, better known as the soundtrack of our scene queen (or king) adolescents is officially THIRTEEN years old! Can you believe it?

Bunch of Emo Babes

My Chemical Romance (consisting of Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Ray Toro, and brothers Mikey & Gerard Way) is what we in the industry call a whole bunch of emo babes. They have delivered so many feels through the years, that just thinking about it we’re about to cry off all our black eyeliner. “Welcome to The Black Parade” was such an influential piece of music that it flew onto the scene. And it is STILL having an effect on pop culture today. It’s been nominated for many awards such as ‘Best Single’, and winning awards such as ‘Best Rock Video’ and ‘Best Styling’. We are not surprised, the least bit surprised “Welcome to The Black Parade” was selected in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s top ‘500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll’.

The video it’s self was produced by Samuel Bayer. Whose name you may recognize from other influential artist videos such as Nirvana and Green Day. Both royals of their crafts. It’s obvious that this video rocks, but let’s talk about why.

First of all, it’s (almost) impossible to make a lousy video when the song jams as hard as “Welcome to The Black Parade” does, so we think MCR starts with the upper hand on this one. Secondly, the story line of the video keeps the viewers interested. We are constantly picking our brains as to why they chose this direction (We love a good conspiracy). Finally, let’s talk about that wardrobe. We still dream of those snazzy marching band jackets being a part of our own personal wardrobe; and plead with the world for guys to sport looks as iconic as Gerard Way’s.

Photo: My Chemical Romance on Twitter

Welcome to The Black Parade: Emo Stepping Stones

Along with the band itself, “Welcome to The Black Parade” has been a stepping stone to a majority of emo bands to follow, and we’ll always appreciate and show love for a real one. My Chemical Romance marched this song, so the rest of us emo’s could run. They made us ALL want to be “Saviors of the broken, beaten, and the damned”.

Check out some of the MCR boy’s side projects to get your additional fix. Like each of their individual solo music, or of course Gerard Way’s Umbrella Academy on Netflix. Although we will always truly long for a reunion tour, blasting that ever so special G note will have to suffice for today.

My Chemical Romance
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Words: Danielle King | Featured Photo: MCR Single Album Cover

Grayscale’s Generational Anthem “YOUNG” Becomes a Single


With the exceptional release of their highly-anticipated album, Nella Vita, all eyes are on Grayscale to see just what they’ll do next. After announcing an album, announcing a headlining tour, and dropping four other singles, what else could they possibly do to impress us? What else could they possibly have time for? Fortunately for us, these guys never stop and even though it’s been less than a week since the release of their album, they’re definitely keeping busy. After a cheeky little tweet yesterday, the band dropped the music video for track four, “YOUNG.”

With a fun, dance-along beat, “YOUNG” comes in as track four on Nella Vita. Creating a call to our generation and the next, Grayscale uses the story within it and asks us to be better. Do better. Stop getting so caught up in the trivial things of day-to-day life. Focus on emotional connections. Be kind to another. Create a better world for ourselves and those that come after us. It’s up to us, and we can make a difference. Sit back, take a listen, and then dance it out. The lyrics will ring through your ears long after you’ve turned the song off.

We let everyone slip
to a place where they can’t
reach the edge, can’t get
out of their own way

Wicked space where we
hide inside, where it rains
every day and every night
So sing, sing if you got
something to say
Never gonna see the
light if you don’t speak
in the first place

Sorry eyes, said you’d
rather stay asleep, cause
your semblance of reality
is better in your dreams

Telling the story of the people of Philadelphia, the video for “YOUNG” features several scenes across the city of brotherly love participating in various activities. With people of all ages, colors, shapes, and sizes, it’s a beautifully simple way to get their message across.

The video ends with the only feature of any of the band members. Lead singer Collin Walsh is singing along to the track with a crowd dancing it out behind him. It truly brings the story full circle as the scenes flash over Walsh’s talk-singing.

You can watch the video now!

Songs like this are important, as they show those in the public eye using their place to ask better of us all while the world tends to feel like it’s ending right before our eyes.

Let us know what you think! Does “YOUNG” have what it takes to be the next pop-punk anthem? Are you as glad as we are that they didn’t title it “Youngblood?” Share your thoughts on the video!


Catch Grayscale on their first headline tour!

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Blink 182’s New Single “I Really Wish I Hated You” (We LOVE it.)

As die-hard Blink 182 fans, it’s hard for us to imagine a world without Tom DeLonge. Or a world where not every Blink album sounds like Enema of the State. Nevertheless, the world isn’t fair, and things change. Bands progress, and original longtime members leave. We’ve decided that it’s officially been long enough, and we fully accept Matt Skiba as our own. And though not always easy, we are also learning to appreciate musical growth and changing sound. That’s exactly what Blink 182’s new single “I Really Wish I Hated You” is. Different. And guess what? We don’t hate it. In fact, we LOVE it.

Blink 182 Spotify Promo
Photo: Spotify

Lyrical FIRE.

Sure, their fifth single to be featured on their newest album NINE may be a bit more mainstream than what we are used to, but it’s super freakin’ catchy! Lyrically, it’s fire. Who doesn’t like a semi-angsty getting-over-a-breakup song? With lyrics like “A little drunk, waiting on your phone call, a little numb maybe I can’t feel at all”, how can we not find it relatable? As for the chorus, not only do we get Hoppus and Skiba in perfect harmony, but it pops you a swift one right in your feelings. Cuz’ we’ve all been there, whether we are ready to admit it or not.

Additionally, it instrumentally rocks. Can we seriously name a more impeccable drummer than Travis Barker? We don’t think so! Mark and Matt make us want to play this track on repeat with a union as melodic as this one. They make such a perfect pairing that it could make even peanut butter and jelly jealous.

Blink 182 The Veterans of Pop-Punk

We can’t help but continually support Blink, considering they are one of the OGs (original gangsters, for you youngins’) of pop-punk. With much appreciated mentoring of bands Neck Deep, 5SOS, and many more they have made quite a mark on the genre outside of their own releases, and we are eternally grateful. These veterans of pop-punk consistently release hit after hit making the anticipation of their new album all time high!

Stream the new single any way you can! Try to catch them as they wrap up their tour with Lil’ Wayne, and be sure to pick up their new record on September 20th! We’ll see you soon for a full review post-release.

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Words: Danielle King | Header Image: Blink 182 on Instagram

Grayscale’s Nella Vita is Finally Here

Nella Vita

Nella Vita: meaning “in life” in Italian.

Going from angst-filled adolescence to grief-ridden adulthood, our favorite Philly-based pop-punk band, Grayscale, has a brand new record dropping this Friday. Each track is a journey of emotions and tells just one piece of the story that is the band’s life over the last few years. Stemming directly from the love and loss they’ve collectively experienced, this album is sure to send you through a rollercoaster of emotions so we definitely recommend getting tissues and making sure you have a safe space to cry and dance through each song on Nella Vita.

“From the production to the artwork Nella Vita is an overall masterpiece. From beginning to end the tack list is in perfect order, making the transition from each song seamless.”

Tracy | @gonwitoutaTRACE

The band has spent the last several months publicly building anticipation for their sophomore album with Fearless Records and we’re so here for it. Being no strangers to branding or promotion, the build-up began (unbeknownst to the public) by mailing select fans a single piece of paper with a link that led to a sneak-peek of a new single, prior to the release of “Painkiller Weather” back in May. Originally operating as a standalone single, the noticeable shift in sound took some time to fully fall in love with, but after a few listens the track was irresistible on road trip playlists everywhere.

Come late June, all of Grayscale‘s social media went dark. Within the industry, this tends to be a universal sign that something major is about to happen so it’s best to be on high alert. Fans quickly grew excited in anticipation for the official announcement. There was plenty of talk over whether it’d be a new single, a full-length album, or a new tour.

Nella Vita

Listen to Nella Vita now.

On June 30th, “In Violet” was announced as a brand new single and on July 1st, it dropped alongside its video over on Pop Crush.

Originally, the news seemed pretty small for all of the talk and promotion going into it. While fans were excited about new music, they held out hope for more. Fortunately, their wishes were granted…

Before the end of the day, Grayscale revealed that they were finally releasing a new album, titled Nella Vita and that it’d be available worldwide on September 6th for all to hear. They immediately launched pre-orders and multiple exclusive vinyl variants. Pop-punk twitter was buzzing and hyped-up over this news.

But the guys weren’t done just yet. The announcements continued to fall in line.

Days later, after allowing fans to stew and stress a bit over what could possibly come next, it was finally time to announce Grayscale‘s first official headlining tour. From starting the year by watching them as an opener and ending it by watching them as a headliner, it was a proud moment for all. And within three days, Philadelphia (the band’s hometown and record-release show) was completely sold out. Since then, all VIP packages have sold out for all dates and several other dates are close to fully selling out with low-ticket warnings. The tour began on Tuesday, in Asbury Park.

That wasn’t the end of it, either. Prior to the release of the album, fans saw two more singles – “Old Friends” and “Baby Blue” – drop alongside their respective music videos.

There is knowledge of another upcoming single as well, due to a casting call that the band put on their social media a few weeks back.

One last final surprise…

Before September rolled around, Grayscale announced a series of pop-up shows around the US. These shows fell in major cities and had small caps placed on them (100 per show, except for Philadelphia which saw a 75 cap). The intention was to create an intimate environment for minimal fans to experience Nella Vita in an immersive atmosphere.

Upon arrival, it was obvious the amount of work that went into this experience to make it unique from anything other bands have done. There was a crafting station, polaroid images were taken, an acoustic performance, custom piñatas to smash apart, party games played with the guys and their team, exclusive themed merchandise, as well as rare Grayscale merchandise that’s been saved from the last two years of every merch line.

Nella Vita
“The entire time felt more like a hangout than anything else and thats what made it feel so comfortable and fun.”

Kasey | @HarleyQuinn5225

“I was able to create the best of memories with friends old and new. I was able to interact with all of the boys and just have an enjoyable time without having to worry about […] not being able to see as some might worry with a general show.”

Tracy | @gonwitoutaTRACE

Nella Vita
“I loved how every member of the band was so involved with what the fans were doing at the pop-up shop. They were friendly and willing to talk to everyone.”

Morgan | @mybfismusic

Nella Vita
“You got to meet each band member and have a conversation with them, rather than just saying hi and getting a picture. It felt like I was hanging out with friends which was really cool.”

Jess | @0kellyjess

Along with everything else the events offered, fans were able to purchase the album nearly three weeks early. This is an example of the trust the band places in the community they’ve created, as this is giving nearly 500 people access to their music weeks before the release, which sets up the potential for an album leak. Fortunately, anything that did leak, most fans were respectful enough to continue waiting for the release.

The entire event was a physical display of all the hard work that’s gone into creating this album and era for the band and the fans. It truly set Grayscale apart and created even more hype for those who were unable to attend.

Nella Vita is available everywhere now!

The album came together during a five-week-period early this year when the band—Collin Walsh (vocals), Dallas Molster (guitar, vocals), Andrew Kyne (guitar), Nick Ventimiglia (bass), and Nick Veno (drums)— isolated themselves in a barn in Texas with their producer, MACHINE, and creative director, Jordan Mizrahi there to document the entire experience. Taking the first week of their time together to really focus on their live performance and honing in on how that should impact their songwriting, then focusing on the importance of every single word and what specific emotions each one elicits. MACHINE was determined to fully understand and empathize everything Collin was feeling throughout the writing process of every track.

Each song is written as a diary entry, one piece of a bigger story. The album, as a whole, tells the story of all the emotions and experiences one experiences in life (get it?). Whether that be heartbreak, love, loss, grief, sex, addiction, pain, joy, and everything else in between. The lyrics conjure up powerful imagery woven throughout every single line. The music and melodies leave us feeling like Nella Vita would be the result if The 1975 and Mayday Parade had a magical musical baby, but keeping the tongue-in-cheek spirit of the Grayscale guys we know and love.

Immediately launching into the vulnerability that this record so wonderfully displays, “Just Right” is a track that sounds the way your head feels after you’ve just gotten off the Scrambler at the state fair. Reflecting back on a time of young love and post-sex promises in the back of a car, the lyrics recall a time when their writer felt most alive and at home. It’s a bitter-sweet tale of moving on, but missing what once was. With softer vocals from Collin perfectly nailing the hazy feel of the entire track, then melting into those found on a typical pop-punk record, it’s setting up listeners for the blend of sounds to come on the rest of Nella Vita.

The fourth single, “Baby Blue,” came to be known as track two and it’s bringing us all the old school jukebox vibes. Telling the all-too-familiar story of letting something petty get in the way of an important relationship, the band looks back on what could have been. With a music video taking place in the hospital, the guys sporting matching baby blue suits while they jam out in the ICU, it’s a sure-fire bop that we can’t wait to witness live.

The album immediately rolls into “In Violet” which was the announcing single for the entire album. Upon witnessing a lot of death over the last few years, the song came as a call for celebration when the time comes for Walsh to move on from this life. No tears or mourning; just loved ones coming together and dancing, celebrating, singing, and everyone wearing violet. While a slightly morbid topic, Grayscale approaches it with understanding and tenderness. The music video features loved ones being reunited after one’s passing and the band is pummeled with purple dust during their performance in front of a church.

A bold cry to our generation and the next, “YOUNG” begs us to be better. This current obsession with coming off as uninterested in everything and a need to be “cool” is ruining our ability to be vulnerable and make important emotional connections. With an experimental talk-singing bridge, this track is sure to serve as an anthem for years to come, especially as people realize how important it is to feel things fully.

“I’ve been driving with the windows down, blasting this album and I’ve never felt more alive.”

Lauren |@laurenbonifacio

With a drum-heavy focus on their promise to cover all life’s experience and with a snippet of female vocals, “Twilight (My Heaven)” comes in as one of the instrumentally heavier songs on the record. A fun, upbeat track featuring metaphors and similies galore that seem to be sharing the exact experience of a frantic lust-ridden hook-up. Cheeky nods to wanting to be back within that moment fill every space the drums don’t. These Philly guys sure know how to create a jam, no matter the subject matter.

Laced with raw emotion and nostalgia, “Old Friends” takes the listener on a journey of what it’s like to lose a loved one and wish for one more moment with them. In this melancholy tune that dropped as the album’s third single, the tiny details make all the difference. The fading vocals and overlay of children’s laughter only add to the impact of the overall sound, calling for tissues and a good cry as Walsh’s sorrowful vocals fade away.

Track #7, “Painkiller Weather,” originally dropped as a standalone single, prior to any album news. The poppy, dance along melody contrasts the darker tones of loving someone with an addiction. Whether it’s a friend, parent, or significant other, their addiction will always come first and there comes a time when you begin to realize that you’re not on the top of their priority list and never will be. It’s a difficult pill to swallow, but one you’ll be better for in the end. The video features sunny scenes alongside a lake and the guys jamming out at a show.

Following the leading single with an electronic dance club beat, “What’s On Your Mind” illustrates the push and shove of a toxic relationship during its last few strands before shifting into the ballad of the album, “Asbury.” It’s one last-ditch effort, one last fond memory before allowing everything to fall apart. The untouched recording that allows every scratch of the guitar strings to be heard only adds to the gut-wrenching emotion behind the track itself. Collin’s voice carries a certain rasp that leaves the listener feeling his pain as the story of young lovers falls apart before our eyes.

Feels like a lifetime
I couldn’t let go
Said, “Col let’s have one day
alone, wherever you want to
go, that’s where we’ll go”
One day to share
love and revoke
To settle silence, seek
penance, say woes.

Track 9 | Asbury

Considering all of the emotional build-up within “Asbury,” “Desert Queen” rolls right in like a breath of fresh air. The circling beat and desperate lyrics leave us all dreaming of that dry Arizona heat, especially as we begin to approach to colder days of fall. It’s a solid banger that falls right in line with the theme of the rest of the album, while still finding a way to successfully stand on its own and tell a unique story within its lyrics.

Nella Vita explores a dynamic range of emotions throughout the lyrics of the songs, pairing upbeat rhythms with sadder lyrics but also having acoustic tracks to match.”

Kristen | @KristenZarra

“In My Arms” really pulls in those The 1975 vibes we mentioned earlier. It’s an ambitious track that puts Walsh’s vocal range on display, from high notes to talk-singing and “na na nas” filling our ears. It also is a great example of the talent that lies within their guitarists (Kyne and Molster), bassist (Ventimiglia), and drummer (Veno). Track #11 is giving fans a much funkier version of that generic pop-punk band and we couldn’t support it more. With a balance of intense emotions and possible references to drug use, it’s what Grayscale does best: dealing with hard-hitting topics by combining them with pop beats.

Not letting up on the visuals, the final piece of the puzzle is on that hits the hardest. “Tommy’s Song” is the beautifully haunting product of all the pain and grief Collin Walsh experienced after losing his cousin last year. Beginning with a single piano and raw vocals, this is one that requires time to process and fully understand the weight of every lyric. Every bit of rasp and switch in tone hits just right at that moment, piling on the effects it has on its listener before building to an echoing chorus and finishing with a theatrical crescendo.

I saw angels there
holding your hands
And I pray that it didn’t
hurt too badly my friend
I’ll see you soon,
it’s not the end

Track 12 | Tommy’s Song

As the final words of Nella Vita slowly fade out, we fully encourage you to read along and allow yourself to feel each and every syllable of the message as it falls from Collin’s lips. We guarantee it’s one you won’t forget.

Talk to the ones you love before it’s too late...

“Lyrically and melodically remarkable.”

Alicia | @Brookstills

The tiny details make this album whole; from the children in the backing tracks and the scratches of the guitar strings to the raw vocals and the life-altering messages hidden beneath a gospel choir, it wouldn’t work as well as it does without every single aspect. Each tiny bit adds to how heavily the lyrics weigh on the heart of its listeners, while also leaving us wanting to dance. It’s an incredible thing, unique to Grayscale themselves.

We can’t wait to dance our pain away with the guys on their current headlining tour.

Don’t forget to check out Nella Vita today!

Tour Setlist:

In Violet
Baby Blue
Painkiller Weather
In My Arms
Forever Yours
Old Friends
Just Right
Slipping Away
Twilight (My Heaven)
Beautiful Things
Fever Dream

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Words: Kaiti Fleeger | Featured Photo: Jordan Mizrahi

ROAM Bites Back With New Single Piranha

Trust us, “Piranha” will have you hooked.

There’s nothing ‘fishy’ about the Eastbourne band called Roam (also stylized as (ROAM). Formed in 2012, and signed to Hopeless Records in 2014; this underrated band from the UK has been shaking up the music scene. Especially with past smash hits such as Deadweight” and “Playing Fiction” there’s no denying that their fan base is grinning from ear to ear about their third album, Smile Wide set to release on September 6th 2019.

You heard it here folks, the phrase “Smile Wide” is no longer just the scary phrase you hear from your dentist. On July first Roam finally announced the name of their latest album alongside their first single “I Don’t Think I Live There Anymore. After that, the band wasn’t about to ‘scale’ back because a few weeks later they dropped their second single “Piranha”.

With lyrics like “When we all fall down, your pocket full of poises doesn’t really matter now there’s no doubt (or should I say “no trout” ?) that this song maybe one of their most emotionally heavy songs to date. Due to it’s raw lyrics, the song ‘dives deep’ into the hardships Roam has faced over the years. Bassist Matt Roskilly had this to say:

Similarly, guitarist Alex Adam had his own heartfelt words about “Piranha” to say:


Certainly, this is a song for those who feel like they have been “swimming with the sharks”. “Piranha” is a well written song with a catchy ‘hook’ that will “reel” you in after the first listen. All jokes aside, it is remarkable to see how far this small band has come over the years. Through being robbed more times than they care to admit to enduring strenuous tour schedules it seems like they can never catch a break. However, despite all of their setbacks, they’ve come out on top while still having a great outlook on life. Above all, they have remained true to themselves, their fans, and their music.

Furthermore, if Nickelback says they like a band, then you should too. That’s the law.

Want To “catch” these guys on tour? Check out the dates for their UK/EU Co-headline tour with With Confidence:
















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Words: Maeve Dupree | Featured Photos: Elliott Ingham