Funko Releases New Kingdom Hearts POPs

Funko officially have new pop figures in the works! Now, let’s get one thing straight: MDRN MAG LOVES Funko Pop Figures.

Though this launch had been rumored for quite some time now, we were all super excited to see how the new figures came out. Back in February, there was speculation concerning the fate of the figures, which would mark the first ever Axel and Aqua Pops to be introduced. Two waves of the Pop figures for Kingdom Hearts 3 were released earlier in the year, but they’re getting ready to drop the newest wave. You read that right – Funko is back with a brand new wave of Kingdom Hearts Pops!

Photo: Funko

This includes Sora with the Ultima Weapon, Kairi in her new outfit, Aqua, and Axel/Lea. And while we’re at the edge of our seats, pulling out our wallets, and giving these figures some major heart eyes… Unfortunately, this comes with some bad news. These figures aren’t set to release until NOVEMBER 2019. (You can still preorder them, though.)

There are some exclusives, as well. Be sure to keep an eye out for Dark Aqua with Keyblade (BoxLunch exclusive), Axel/Lea with Keyblade (Hot Topic exclusive), and Kairi with Keyblade (Funko Specialty Series.) If history repeats itself, which it tends to, you might be able to snag a Kairi at your local GameStop!

Funko, if you’re listening, we really want a Roxas Pop figure. And a Dark Riku, Replica Riku, Vanitas unmasked, Ventus, NaminĂ© etc. We’ll have our people contact your people.

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Words: Shae Arabella | Featured Photo: Funko