How Did We End Up Here With This Quiz 8 Years Later

On December 3rd, 2011, one of the greatest most influential bands were born. 5 Seconds of Summer.

It’s no question that us here at MDRN MAG are practically the biggest 5SOS stans like ever. The question is… are you?

Find out here as we take a trip to the past 8 years and wonder how did we en up here?

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Remember to catch the boys in a city near you on their No Shame Tour!

5 Seconds of Summer
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Words & Featured Photo: Jace Chiappetta 

We Have No Shame Freaking Out Over The 5sos Tour

Yes! Hello! Welcome back! It is a beautiful day! Why? Well. 5SOS ANNOUNCED THE FIRST LEG OF THEIR NEXT TOUR!

We are probably the biggest 5SOS stans over here at MDRN MAG (literally), so we absolutely lost our shit when they tweeted this out of no where!


Now this comes after a Mr. Calum Thomas Hood replied to a fan’s tweet asking people there favorite 5SOS song… This was his response.

** ***** = No Shame. Like he’s a sneaky boi. Oh, and speaking of sneaky Kings… We did some digging and couldn’t help but notice this old tweet from when Ash was promoting “Easier”.


So far UK/Europe are the only dates that have been announced but we’re sure that more are soon to follow. According to the Italian ticket site this is called the No Shame World Tour 2020 So be sure to keep an eye out!

We’re not sure if “No Shame” is a song and tour title (like the Meet You There Tour) or if it’s the album title as well. We just know that we need the song and we need it now. Like literally right now.

We will keep up updated on their upcoming 4th album. As Always, Jace is on the case!

For now our UK/Europe readers can register for the ticket pre-sale by pre-ordering the upcoming album here.

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May the odds ever be in your favor.

5 Seconds of Summer
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Words: Jace Chiappetta | Featured Photo: Andy Deluca