Area 51 Raid Essentials

area 51

Unless you live in outer-space or under a rock, you know that tomorrow is a very important day. Tomorrow is the infamous “Storm Area 51” day.

Area 51

Now, while this was made as a joke event, the government is taking this very serious. Because… ya know, some people just don’t get the joke.

However, if you are one of those people that will be attending… MDRN MAG has a list of essentials that you should bring with you. Just to keep you safe.

Your Phone

Area 51

No, this is not for recording and taking pictures… This is for you to phone home to have your mama pick you up from jail when you get arrested for trespassing.

A Tin Foil Hat

Area 51

If you know anything about surviving aliens, it’s that a tin foil hat will always help you from them getting inside your head. Works every time. Like a charm. And doesn’t look stupid at all.

A Metal Face Mask

Area 51

Okay we know this one sounds crazy but hear us out. In Alien remember when the alien attached itself to Kane‘s mouth… then that iconic chestbusting scene happened… Yeah well we’re trying to prevent that from happening to you. You’re welcome.

A Reinforced Truck or Tank

Area 51

Not only is it a sweet ride but you can essentially protect yourself from aliens, zombies, and people in general. We can’t promise results. But we can promise you will look cool.

Tickets to Alienstock

So regular people who know that this was a joke event decided to capitalize and create an actual music festival for the event. This is something that people will actually be going to. So once you’re released from jail, if there’s time or you get cold feet, you can attend the free event. It’s said to have a classified line-up out of this world.

So, what to you think? Are you going to raid Area 51? If you do, we really hope you take our advice with these essentials.

Let us know how you make out on Twitter.

Words: Jace Chiappetta | Featured Photo: Bud Light

The Devil All The Time Set to Star Tom Holland, Sebastian Stan, and Robert Pattison

Tom Holland, Sebastian Stan, Bill Skarsgård, and Robert Pattison are officially announced to star in the heavily anticipated 2020 release of The Devil All the Time. Fans are dying to know what director Antônio Campos has up his sleeve! The cast is pretty impressive, with stars like the above alongside Haley Bennett, Jason Clarke, Mia Wasakowska, and Riley Keough

The made for Netflix movie will be an adaptation of the novel, written by Donald Ray Pollock. With cinematography by Lol Crawley, we can only be certain that this film will be a masterpiece. Crawley has worked within television and film for years – his earliest project dating back to 2008. Several awards have been won for his work, including an award at the Sundance Film Festival for Excellence in Cinematography. His notable work references Black Mirror’s episode, “Crocodile” (2017), and Coldplay’s 2011 music video, “Charlie Brown.”

The Details

The movie, much like the book, will follow a cast of bizarre characters nearing the end of the Second World War, up to the 1960s, throughout southern Ohio and West Virginia. The characters include a disturbed war veteran, a husband and wife pair who turn out to be serial killers, and a false preacher. Tom Holland, who graces us with his adaptation of Marvel’s Spider-Man, takes on the role of Arvin Russell. As the central protagonist; he faces multiple collisions with corruption and destructive impulses – it’s likely Holland will have the most screen time.

Holland plays possibly the most complex character in the film; a good guy at heart, but also not afraid to use physical violence to take revenge on those who wronged him, or someone he cares about. Carrying a lot of emotional trauma and baggage, he will prove himself to be good willed, but a violent man. 

Photo: Rich Fury / Getty Images

Holland will play Willard Russell’s (Bill Skarsgård) son, who was once bullied at school but now isn’t afraid to use his fists when necessary. Willard, the tortured war veteran, is desperately trying to save his dying wife, Charlotte (Haley Bennet), by turning to ‘sacrificial prayer.’ Jason Clarke and Riley Keough will also take on the roles of Carl and Sandy Henderson, the serial killer husband and wife duo. The pair prowl America’s highways in search of models to photograph and then dispose of them. Lastly, Pattinson will take the role of Pastor Teagardin, who has a penchant for young girls. Additionally, the film will feature Harry Melling as Roy Laferty, Douglas Hodge as Tater Brown, Mia Wasikowska as Helen Hatton, Eliza Scanlen as Lenora Laferty, and Jason Collett as Gary Matthew Bryson

What else do we know?

In early September 2018 when the film was announced, Tom Holland, Robert Pattison, Chris Evans, Mia Wasikowskam, and Tracy Letts were all in talks to star. Unfortunately for die hard Chris Evans fans, the star dropped out of the film after scheduling conflicts. But, don’t worry, Marvel fans, Evans recommended that Stan take his place in the film. Stan will take on Evans’s role as Lee Bodecker, a corrupt lawman and Sandy Henderson’s (Mia Wasikowska) brother.

The Devil All the Time is due to release via Netflix’s streaming services, while filming began in Birmingham, Alabama. Filming officially started on February 19, 2019 and later concluded on April 15. Randall Poster, alongside Jake Gyllenhaal and Riva Marker will produce the film. There is currently no official release date for the film.

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Euphoria: Zendaya Steps Out of Her Comfort Zone

A Different Type of Role

It was certainly not Zendaya‘s acting ability that surprises us in the new HBO series, Euphoria. Even though the young actress stuns the crowd with yet another impressive performance, the role she plays is unexpected. Cast as Rue, a high school drug addict, Zendaya has taken on a new and different role.

Perhaps because the world has watched her grow up since she was 14-years-old, it was shocking to see Zendaya take on a role such as a recovering drug addict. Audiences first saw her as Rocky from the Disney series Shake it Up starring Zendaya and Bella Thorne. She then took a step into the music world when she released her self-titled debut album, Zendaya (2013). Listen to the album’s lead hit single, “Replay” here!

Zendaya is currently best known for her role as M.J. in Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) and Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019). She is also well known for playing Anne Wheeler, a trapeze artist, in The Greatest Showman (2017). While all of her characters are unique in their own way, they are still all well put together young women. Zendaya has always managed to portray characters that young girls might look up to.

However, with her new portrayal of the recovering high school drug addict, Rue, Zendaya has done a complete 180!

Photo: Zendaya on Twitter

Euphoria is Graphic

It is no secret that Euphoria is NOT for the faint of heart. The show revolves around the life of the main character, Rue, as well as the other kids that attend her high school.

However, it doesn’t stop there. The show heavily focuses on drug use, sex, anxiety and other triggering elements. Many of the scenes are extremely obscene and can be quite uncomfortable to watch.

Zendaya even tweeted a brief warning before the premier of the show to notify viewers of the graphic content.

Zendaya / Twitter

Even though the show is graphic, raw and disturbing, these factors make it all the more successful. While the drama provides viewers with entertainment, it simotaneously teaches them a lesson. The show is practically a giant neon billboard screaming “DON’T DO DRUGS”.

The Responsibility of the Role

Furthermore, Zendaya does an exquisite job of portraying Rue, a character that suffers from far more than drug addiction. At a young age Rue is diagnosed with OCD, ADD, and anxiety. On top of these three illnesses it becomes apparent that Rue could also be struggling with her sexuality. All of these circumstances that Rue is dealing with is far from anything that Zendaya‘s former roles have faced. It’s a HUGE transition for Zendaya to go from playing the role of a young back up dancer on Disney Channel to a drug addict on HBO; yet she executes it FLAWLESSLY. Zendaya has taken on this new character in the most successful way imaginable.

Even though Rue is not the best example to follow, Zendaya herself remains an incredible role model. A character like Rue is difficult to play. It’s easy to wonder how Zendaya can accurately portray such a character while staying grounded at the same time. In the video below, Zendaya mentions that Euphoria allows us to have more empathy for others and nobody should be too quick to judge.

Lastly, the series was just renewed for a second season that viewers cannot wait to see! Check out the official trailer for Season 1 here!

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Words: Sophia Mora | Header Photo: HBO

Gossip Girl Reboot? You Know You Love It.

Hey internet readers. MDRN MAG here. And we have the biggest news ever. One of our many sources, TVLine, published that we are no longer spreading rumors about a Gossip Girl reboot. It’s cold, hard facts that we are about to head back to the Upper Eastside to follow a new group of elite, rich New Yorkers. Thanks to HBO Max, the new streaming service coming in spring 2020, we are about to get all new secrets to follow. But we promise, with this 10 episode revision of Gossip Girl, those secrets won’t be kept for long.

You’ll be happy to hear that the OG creators, Josh Schwarts and Stephanie Savage, and producer, Joshua Safran, will be joining as executive producers to bring the show back. Good thing, we don’t want anyone messing with these new kids – except Gossip Girl. And what’s up with S and the rest of her crew? We aren’t sure if we’ll even get to find out. As of right now, it doesn’t seem like any of the original cast will be coming back. A shame really, we had so much fun spilling all their deepest secrets. Guess it really is time for some new prey. That won’t stop us from keeping our fingers crossed that we catch a glimpse of a shiny new headband in the near future though. That’s all we’ve found out so far, but everyone knows they can’t keep details from us for too long. Ta-ta for now.


Words: Anna Grillo | Photo: The CW

The Lion King Premiere: Everything You Need to Know!

On Sunday, July 14th, the premiere for the movie Lion King was held at the Odeon Theatre in London. The cast and producers celebrated the release of the film on the red carpet in company of UK royalty.

Beyoncé, starring as the lead role in the movie as Nala, had the pleasure of finally meeting Meghan Markle and Prince Harry— along with a prince of her own, Jay-Z. As a result, many people a part of the beehive are giving such positive reactions to their encounter and the upcoming movie!

Also prior to the movie coming out, Beyoncé released her new single “Spirit” just a few days ago, which will be featured in the film and the film’s original motion picture soundtrack. She has explained to Genius the message and elements behind the song:

Each song was written to reflect the film’s storytelling that gives the listener a chance to imagine their own imagery, while listening to a new contemporary interpretation.


You can give the song a listen on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music!

Disney Takes More Action

Disney didn’t just give us another movie worthy of box office heights. More importantly, they are taking part in a global conservation campaign called ‘Protect the Pride’. Their goal is to reach at least $3 million in order to support the population of the lions and wildlife. YOU (yes, you!) can help support the organization and save the population in many ways. You can check out more information on the organization here!

Disney’s live-action movie, The Lion King, will be released in theaters everywhere on Friday, July 19! Everyone is already raving about the soundtrack, and we know they will do the same over the movie. Go get your tickets now! If you don’t, Hakuna Matata!

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Sussex Royal

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Details on Ed Sheeran’s upcoming album ‘No.6 Collaborations’

Unlike his last three albums (Plus, Multiply, and Divide), Ed Sheeran’s fourth album title (surprisingly) has anything to do with math! (After all, it’s still summer!). Sheeran plans to release his fourth project July 12, titled No. 6 Collaborations. Although there isn’t a No.4, 3, 2, or 1, he released a No. 5 Collaborations project back in 2011; featuring Devlin, Wiley, P Money, JME, Mikill Pane, Ghetts, Random Impulse, Dot Rotten, and Sway & Wretch.

The track list and features for No. 6 have just dropped. The new album will be made up of 15 tracks, and feature multiple artists such as Cardi B, Khalid, Chance the Rapper, Justin Bieber, Eminem, H.E.R, Travis Scott, Ella Mai, and more.

So far, two singles have been released, both featured on the album: “Cross Me” featuring Chance the Rapper and “I Don’t Care” featuring Justin Bieber. According to iTunes, “I Don’t Care” currently sits at number 4 on the charts, Number 3 on the pop charts, and number 5 on the Billboard Top 100. “Cross Me” sits at number 12 on the pop charts, and number 49 on the Billboard Top 100.

With the current charting of these two songs, the known talents of Sheeran and the artists that are featured, No. 6 Collaborations is guaranteed to take over both the iTunes and Billboard charts – and we’ll be sure to be the first to give a fire review!

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Dan Howell is “Here, Queer, and Full of Existential Fear”

Dan Howell uploads "Basically I'm Gay" video

Anyone who follows the YouTube community at all should be well aware of who Dan Howell is. Under the previous screen name of danisnotonfire, the British YouTuber started posting to the site in 2009 and with each video, gained more traction. By 2011, Howell became known for his quirky, awkward, super relatable videos and his friendship with Phil Lester (YouTuber AmazingPhil). Together, the duo dabbled in everything from gaming videos, to craft videos, to radio hosting, to book writing and touring. But as time has gone on, the internet has seen less and less of Dan‘s presence. Video uploading became more inconsistent and irregular, before he took a nearly year long hiatus from the channel that ended on June 13, 2019 with a video titled “Basically I’m Gay.”

It starts with the announcement of “SPOILER ALERT. I’M NOT STRAIGHT,” before diving into a forty-five minute video against a solid black backdrop and a light somewhere off-camera that slowly rotates through the colors of the rainbow. The video breaks down his life and how he got to the point he’s at today, all while being told in typical-Dan fashion, dripping with sarcasm and self-depreciating jokes, as he covers difficult topics like internalized homophobia, bullying, and suicide.

“Let me tell you a queer little story
about a boy named Dan Howell.”

Howell grew up in an environment that often negatively attached the word ‘gay’ to behaviors and things that were abnormal, or weird, or not obviously masculine. During his years in school, Dan found that kids were regularly forcing this word onto his identity, even before he understood what the word meant. In pop culture at the time, and in society in general, ‘gay’ and “f****t” were often insults. Add in the self-realization that he may actually be gay and you’ve created the perfect concoction for brewing internalized homophobia and self-hatred.

After the demise of his preferred friend group, some extremely physical bullying, and a summer away, Daniel decided to re-align and find friends elsewhere within the school. This was hope for a new beginning and a more tolerable year, but unfortunately kids aren’t keen to forgetting so easily. The abuse surrounding his sexuality continued and now even his friends were participating. All the while, he was trying to convince himself that he was straight and absolutely could not be ‘gay’.

‘Harmless’ bullying and ‘boys will be boys’ turned into actual threats against Dan‘s life and well-being. The experience was terrifyingly isolating and sent him spiraling into the lowest, darkest point of his life. It’s at this point in the video (TW), that the twenty-seven year old reveals he attempted to take his own life. It’s a moment, a secret, no one around him has ever been privy to prior to now. Naturally then, he jumps in and jokes that, spoiler. Everything obviously turned out okay!

“[…] I thought I was trapped in a situation forever. When, in reality, the entire world I lived in and my life changed completely. I thought it was hopeless. When, in reality, there was so much to hope for and that’s it. Time changes everything.”

A decent chunk of the remaining twenty-five minutes sheds light on how grateful Dan is to have failed in his attempt, before launching into his YouTube career.

For years, fans of danisnotonfire have inquired about his relationship with best friend and flatmate, Phil. Briefly, Dan entertains the subject as a means to say, yes, something is there, but that part of their lives is private and just for them. Which is their prerogative. As well as to take time to discuss that the speculation and forcing of labels over the years has been not-so-great.

You never know what someone else in life is going though, public figure or not. Whether someone chooses to publicly share and post about their sexuality is not for you or anyone else to decide. There’s a multitude of reasons why someone may not be out, loud, and proud about their sexuality. Some of which may include life-threatening situations.

Forcing a label onto someone who is not ready to identify as such can be dangerous. It can be damaging. At the very least, aggressively speculating is prejudice and perpetuating stereotypes and harassment. None of which are acceptable ways to treat someone. For Dan, this speculation made him feel threatened and sent him back to that dark place from his school yard days. It triggered PTSD and anxiety within him. As a result, there was almost a relapse in acceptance of himself.

Everyone on this planet has the right to say what labels they choose to identify themselves with. If they choose to do without labels, that’s okay too. It’s their place, and only theirs, to decide what they are comfortable with and when they’re ready to tell the world. No matter their label, it doesn’t determine their worth as a person or part of the community.


“We can’t ask people to just put their lives on hold to address their sexuality first.”

“It’s our society’s fault that these people are scared to say who they are.”

The YouTuber’s intention was to be helpful to people who feel as he did growing up. It’s to bring attention and representation to people who, even at their best, are still majorly fighting for equality and safety. He discusses his distaste towards ‘knew it’ reactions to coming out stories. There’s a lack of empathy in these reactions. It’s taking someone’s life, their story, and their struggles and making it entirely about you. Someone else’s sexuality and coming out are not there for you to prove a point. It’s not gossip.

Rounding out his story, Daniel Howell creates a call to action. Everyone, all genders and races and religions and sexualities and ages, need to stand up for equality and social justice. Stand up and fight for the voices who have been silenced. No one bothered to stand up for him and it almost cost him his life. If you see something, say something. To the victim, your silence is perceived as intolerance towards them and acceptance of hate.

Along the way, Dan banters and jokes about knowing the public would prefer a label for who he is. He bounces back and forth, contemplating what label he feels comfortable using, then settles on ‘queer,’ announcing it’s famously a slur but that it’s time for some reclamation. “It’s like recycling!”

In a brief, raw moment, the audience gets to watch as Dan admits that the word ‘gay’ still scares him. Time to confront and accept what he’s been running from all these years. Deep breath.

“I’m gay.”

As a perfect end to this long tale, the newest member of the LGBTQ+ community exclaims, “Yup. I’m here, I’m queer, and don’t worry, I’m still filled with existential fear!”

Dan Howell

Words: Kaiti Fleeger | Photos: Shitty Watercolor, Dan’s Twitter, and Young Minds.

Rihanna: The triple threat with a prosperous bank account

During Rihanna’s hiatus from the music industry, she has launched a beauty line (FentyBeauty), a lingerie line (SavageXFenty), and has recently launched Fenty as her original clothing line. Her break as an artist has been temporarily (we hope!) replaced with the success of her businesses. Combined with the sales of her released music, released lines, and other promotions, her fortune officially names her the richest female musician in the world.

According to Forbes, Robyn Rihanna Fenty holds a fortune of over $600 million dollars, surpassing other major artists like Beyoncé ($400 million), Madonna ($570 million), and Celine Dion ($450 million). Rihanna is also found #37 on the Forbes list for ‘America’s Self-Made Women in 2019.’

With Fenty Beauty’s release in September 2017, Forbes also states that the business has made a total of over $3 billion dollars. Her partnership with LVMH, ran by Bernard Arnault, plays a significant role in expanding her business empire. Her original brand has been introduced as a new fashion house based in Paris. This makes LVMH’s first fashion house in 30 years and it also makes Rihanna the first black woman to create an original brand with them. Rihanna’s creativity will present high end fashion, jewelry, shoes, and other accessories to the world, with US sizes going up to a size 14. Fenty can now be classified under the same group as Louis Vuitton, Dior, Givenchy, and other major couture labels.

Despite her absence from music, and the demand for new music from some fans, Rihanna continues to expand her horizons and impact the beauty and fashion industry one step at a time. She is a force to be reckoned with and will soon become unstoppable as her brand and success continues to grow. You go, girl! You will always have our support from the sidelines!

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Words: MDRN MAG | Photo: Oscar Gonzalez.