Ceraadi’s Playlist: New Songs For Your Lit Playlist!

R&B duo Ceraadi are on their way to take the hip-hop industry by storm! Composed of sisters Emaza Dilan and Saiyr Cerai, they are mostly known for their YouTube personality and passion for dance and music. The Iowa natives (now signed to RocNation) have over a million followers across their Instagram and YouTube – with 103K monthly listeners on Spotify. On Friday August 9, they have released their first EP titled Ceraadi’s Playlist.

EP cover of "Ceraadi's Playlist"
Photo: Cerrai’s Instagram

The five track project has many meanings as you listen to each song. It fades from catching feelings in “Dumbstruck” to finding independence and confidence in “Sway.” Nonetheless, the sisters make sure to keep their music surrounded by love, positivity, and individuality. 

“Tongue tied, twisted, tangled.”

First and opening track is titled “Dumbstruck” which has also been predicted to be their next single. In this dreamy, melodic beat, they describe the strong feelings they have for their significant others. Have you ever found yourself smiling just at the thought of someone’s name? Whether it’s your cute lab partner at school or the food in your refrigerator– this track can be relatable to anyone!

“If you are loyal to me, I’ll be loyal to you.”

In this vibey, R&B track, the girls cover something important in every relationship – loyalty. The two sisters express the amount of commitment they are willing to put in to their relationship; they pledge to being there in time of need and holding it down no matter what. This song is once again relatable to their audience– wanting to give their all and hoping for it in return.

Mother knows best.

The third track involves something all mothers tell their daughters – keep your mind off the boys. In this catchy, upbeat song “That’s What She’d Say,” Emaza and Saiyr share their struggle with having feelings for their exes. They know it’s not right, but their mind tells them otherwise. Moral of the song? Don’t let any man nor woman control your mentality – It’s never worth it!

Independent 9-5.

In the second to last track, Ceraadi expresses their independence and ambition in “Ok.” With fire bars from both Emaza and Saiyr, the track gives the audience inspiring lyrics and a beat you can jam to at the same time! They once again make sure that every song they put out has a positive influence on the listener.

Boy, bye!

In the fifth and final track “Sway,” the sisters use many elements to give the song originality and emotion. The song is mainly about being unapologetically you – not letting a single soul get in your way. If you ever need a confidence boost–and something to dance to– this song is made just for you! It is also by far our favorite track!

With their past and their newly released music, Ceraadi proves themselves to be relatable to their younger audience – which is important as an artist. Not only are they creating music that has their personality, but they make sure every piece they create has a positive impact on someone. We can not wait to hear what else they come up with, and we wish them the best as they move forward! You can stream their EP Ceraadi’s Playlist on all platforms!

Listen to Ceraadi’s Playlist on Apple Music, Spotify and Tidal.

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Words by: MDRN MAG | Featured Photo: Ceraadi on Instagram

We Have Got The Best of Jelly Ellington in His New EP Butterfly

a picture of Jelly Ellington
Photo: Kayla Dillard

Jelly Ellington is everything plus more. On August 2nd, Jelly Ellington released his EP titled Butterfly. All the songs are different yet incredible in their own ways. Butterfly most definitely also shows off Ellington’s amazing guitar and singing skills.

Now, who is Jelly Ellington? you may ask. Jelly Ellington is an up-and-coming American guitarist, singer, and songwriter with a blues and rock mixed vibe. Some may say he’s one of a kind and we would have to agree. He was also voted Top 10 Best Guitarist 2018 and 2019 at the Austin Music Awards.

Butterfly takes you on a ‘sonic adventure’ which is unlike anything Ellington has released before. With his blues and rock style comes a classical and jazz vibe.

MDRN MAG HQ had a chance to chat with Jelly about his EP, musical babies, and eating jalapeños.

Check it out!

On August 2nd you’re releasing your EP Butterfly. Is their a story behind the EP? Butterfly was envisioned as a collaboration with my good friend and producer Dane Orr. He is an amazing musician. We got together during SXSW down in Austin to write songs, and the ideas just started flowing. We wanted to merge our musical influences together, blending my rock edge with his jazz and electronic influences.

Which song on the EP is your favorite and why? I love all my musical babies, but I would have to say my favorite track out of the bunch is “Fade Away.” I like it because it takes you on a musical journey, starting out with the classical guitar, then getting hit with the drums and heavy guitars. I think “Fade Away” is the best example of Dane and I merging our musical influences together into a banger track!

What are you hoping you to achieve with the release of your new EP “Butterfly”? I am hoping to attract a whole new fanbase of listeners with this EP and to reveal to my current fanbase I’m not just a guitar player, but also a songwriter and singer who puts a lot of time into crafting my original songs. There’s more for me to say than just a cool guitar solo.

Are there any bands and/or artists that have inspired you to get into music? Of course, Zeppelin got me hooked as a teenager in my formative musical years. I fell in love with Jimmy Page’s songwriting approach of blending of classical guitar and classical music with rock n’ roll. I currently listen to bands like Royal Blood and Rival Sons and hip hop artists like Kendrick Lamar and Big Boi.

If you could collaborate with any artist or bands who would it be?
I would love to collaborate with an Austin-based band White Denim at some point, I think they’re great. 

What was your favorite part of the process of making this EP? I really enjoyed the songwriting approach that Dane and I took, where we really didn’t have too much material written beforehand. A lot of the music on this EP was [a] pure stream of consciousness and on the spot. There was a lot of undeniable creative energy flowing through us, it was very magical. 

Other than singing and playing the guitar what are some of your other talents? Eating jalapenos, I also love shooting hoops!

What do you want new listeners to know about you? I want them to know my ultimate goal as a musician is to constantly evolve. I think this new EP is a great example of that, it’s something completely new. I feel artists should embrace the idea of never fearing the unknown, and do what you truly feel inside.

Finally, what should we expect next from Jelly Ellington?
Coming to a city near you, I plan to be out on the road next spring nationwide to promote this new release. I also am currently recording a double EP with my brother Andrew Ellington. That should be out sometime early next year!

You can keep up with Jelly Ellington and all his future endeavors within the links below!

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Words: MDRN MAG | Featured Photo: Kayla Dillard

MDRN MAG – Artist Introductions – August 9th


Here at MDRN MAG HQ, we thrive on pop culture. We live, breathe, sleep, and eat it. Part of that is supporting and encouraging every level of music that will eventually grow to find its home within Billboard‘s Top40 Chart. That brings us here, to our first-ever Artist Introduction playlist!

Take a moment to get to know ten of our favorite new releases from up-and-coming musicians and read a little bit about each of them while you listen to their incredible work.

It Bends

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Image: Courtesy of It Bends

Understated quirk appears to be It Bends’ theme and their debut single, “Baggies,” definitely delivers that. Amy Winehouse is reincarnated in vocalist Tace McNamara. The haunting track leaves listeners slightly unsettled but in all the best ways and definitely wanting more.

Listen here.

Lisa Danaë

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Image: Courtesy of Lisa

Like many of us, Lisa finds comfort within her music. While dealing with personal struggles of depression and self-doubt, she channeled all of her emotions into her most recent single. “1445” is the push and pull of trying to gain her footing while trying to find the balance between learning from past mistakes while reflecting on them and moving past them. The track shows us an admirable level of vulnerability as Lisa begins to find her confidence once again.

Listen here.

Goblins From Mars

Goblins From Mars

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Image: Courtesy of Elociin

When you combine the melodic voice of Elociin and the musical stylings of producer, Goblins From Mars, you get the perfect feel good summer dance song. Most comparable to Disclosure Latch, you can practically feel the summer air when listening and can’t do anything other than smile. It just feels right. Elociin is here to return and reclaim her crown in the house scene.

Listen here.

Featured Artists

New Dialogue

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Image: Courtesy of Red Music

New Dialogue brings a whole new meaning to “match made in heaven.” The Quintet works perfectly together creating the perfect Alt-Rock mix. After performing at the SXSW Festival and headlining their first show, New Dialogue just released an acoustic version of their song “Loose Ends” on YouTube, which is apart of their “Warehouse Series” where they strip down the songs off of their debut EP, to a raw emotional sound.  It won’t be long until this talented group takes over the Alt-Radio airwaves!

Watch the video here.

Featured Artists


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Image: Lydia Thomas

If Taylor Swift and Marina and the Diamonds had a baby, it would be Daena.  Delivering messages of encouragement and positivity to an often-overlooked demographic, Daena is an artist to watch closely.  Based out of Nashville, you can catch elements of that southern influence in an otherwise indie-pop track.

Listen here.


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Image: Courtesy of Shenzi

Alabama Shakes paved the way of crossing unexpected genres, but Shenzi has perfected it. Listening to their Spotify, it’s easy to find yourself time-traveling between the height of the contemporary jazz movement and the sweet mellow vibe of hip-hop, all in the same song. Founded while classmates in college, this band has graduated to a ph.D program of smooth sounds guaranteed to make your Sunday night wind-down the perfect wrap to any weekend.

Listen to their EP here.

Featured Artists


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Image: ROMES on Twitter

Taking inspiration from genres across the board, ROMES has found a way to bring pop sensibility to their alternative sound, one that’s completely unique to them. ROMES‘ single “Someone” brings to mind every coming of age film we’ve ever wished we were cast in.  This is the kind of music that becomes the soundtrack to every happy experience of your life. The positive vibes and lyrics have us tapping our feet and hoping the rest of their music is available to stream, too.

Watch the video for “Someone” here.

Featured Artists

On The Outside

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Image: Courtesy of Three Hearts Music

On The Outside makes our hearts beat fast with their breezy pop-country sound. If One Direction and Dan & Shay figured out how to create a lovechild, it would be On The Outside. And we are so okay with that. Their debut single “How Did You Know” consists of swoonful harmonies and soothing music, they certainly make us want to live out our romance dreams. We’re eager to watch their rise to stardom!

Watch the video here.

Featured Artists

Courtney Noe

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Image: Courtesy of Courtney

Unmistakably bold, a whole lot of woman, and unapologetically herself, Courtney shows us in her heart-wrenchingly true relatable lyrics that it’s okay to be recklessly in love. In “Reckless,” you can hear the battle between her head and her heart in a beautiful melodic way. With a wonderful blend of several different genres, Courtney Noe can be enjoyed by just about anyone of any age.

Listen here.

Featured Artists

Elle Winter

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Image: Angelo Kritikos

Bringing those 2004 “Leave, Get Out” vibes to the forefront in 2019, Disney-discovered rising star, Elle Winter, discusses toxic relationships in her new single “Cave In.” After releasing music independently, with no label backing, and still finding success, the singer-songwriter signed with Red Music. She’s since released several tracks, all adding to her ever-growing traction on her way to becoming a household name. “Cave In” is that moment you choose yourself over a toxic relationship. It’s recognizing that something isn’t good for you and knowing things may be different if the other person had just owned their behavior, but also deciding it’s time to move on.

Elle is the MDRN MAG Spotlight Artist this week! Check out her interview with us!

Listen to “Cave In” here.

Are you a fan of up-and-coming musicians? Do you like to support the small guy in the corner? Keep an eye out for our Artist Introduction playlist every Friday!

Check out more of our favorite playlists here!

If you’re an up-and-coming artist with recently released music, or you know someone who is, don’t hesitate to reach out for a potential feature in future weeks.

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Join The Wilderness and Fall into Their New Single

The Wilderness

What do you get when five musicians from all over the world come together in Kingston, Ontario? If you’ve answered anything but the indie rock band known as The Wilderness, then you’d be incorrect. With an EP, a few singles, and 400+ shows across the US under their belt, this five-piece is no stranger to the dedication required to succeed in this industry. Now, after spending three weeks locked in a house during the dead of winter in Vermont, they’ve curated a collection of songs. As of July 19th, “Fall (Despite What You Do),” the first track from the collection is available for the world to hear.

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade…

We’ve all heard the saying before, but what happens when life gives you blueberries? Strawberries? What about when life hands you chalk and screwdrivers and paper? You can’t always control what happens to you, or around you, and sometimes that can result in spiraling insanity. “Fall (Despite What You Do)” describes the journey of coming face-to-face with those frightening situations where you have zero control and making the decision to step back and just let it happen.

Easing you into their story with soothing vocals layered over soft and metallic strumming, The Wilderness really nails conveying emotions through sound. Even if all the lyrics were removed, sonically they’ve set the bar. This song is the build of nerves as you sit in the seat of a rollercoaster, anticipating that moment the front just barely tips over the hill and suddenly every part of your brain believes that you’re no longer in your seat and you’re falling, falling, falling

The Wilderness
Photo: Céline Klein

“I wish I could’ve been there somehow,
‘Cause I think you need me right now…”

Continuing lyrically, the track acknowledges the desire to be in control as well as your understanding that you need to allow life to happen. It’s a spectacular dance between vocalist and instrumentalist and listener as this story untangles. The tone is somber but grows to be uplifting as the writer finds comfort in relinquishing all input and command.

Despite functioning beautifully as a solo entity, “Fall (Despite What You Do)” is going to continually thrive as each additional track from this project comes to life. With all the expertise and talent within this band, there’s no doubt every piece of this project will do well and only add to the excellence of the track before it.

The Wilderness
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Words: Kaiti Fleeger | Image: Bobbi Shewchuk

Ed Sheeran Releases New Album “No.6 Collaborations Project”

Ed Sheeran delivered, end of article.

But in all seriousness, his album was the best thing we never knew we needed and if you haven’t taken a listen to Sheeran‘s No.6 Collaborations Project then you are seriously missing out. His newest album is full of collaborations with some top artists in the game and he completely took on their style and vibe making each tracks something entirely different.

To celebrate the release of his new album, Sheeran had shops pop up in various cities around the US!

Complete with shirts for certain songs, a commemorative wall and the record on vinyl, there were all kinds of merch items to pick up at the pop up stores!

Photos: Jace Chiapetta

It’s no surprise that Sheeran went all out for this special project because he definitely knocked the album out of the park. Here’s what we thought of each song!

Beautiful People featuring Khalid

The opening track sets a nice stage for the record, and Khalid plus Sheeran sounds like heaven. This track is all about not wanting to be blinded by the looks of glamour in LA and how they never wish to be about flashy things and just themselves.

South of the Border featuring Camila Cabello & Cardi B

This spicy track brings some serious flavor to the album and will be on replay for days to comes! Bringing some steamy Latin heat, Camila Cabello and Cardi B bring their Spanglish flair onto the track! With lyrics like, “I love her hips, curves, lips say the words / ‘Te amo mami, te amo mami’,” the artists sing about falling in love on a romantic getaway “south of the border.”

Cross Me featuring Chance The Rapper & PnB Rock

Released as a single ahead of the album this hit features not one, but two rappers and is already topping the charts! This female empowering track is all about Sheeran, Chance the Rapper and PnB Rock hyping up their significant others. With Chance delivering lyrics like, “Better pay your respect to the queen / Better do that shit without a flirt / Gotta respect the HBIC,” this fun track will have you showering your love in compliments.

Take Me Back To London featuring Stormzy

Bringing it back home, Sheeran sings about his love for London and how nothing will ever feel the same as he brings fellow Londoner, Stormzy out for this hot track!

Best Part of Me featuring Yebba

It wouldn’t be an Ed Sheeran album without the super sappy song about your lover and how you’ll love each other through anything, and this was just that. Yebba‘s voice compliment’s Sheeran‘s perfectly for an angelic track. We can already see this being played at all the future weddings.

I Don’t Care featuring Justin Bieber

This song was also released as a single ahead of the album’s release and is in the running for song of the summer for many people! Justin Bieber‘s vocals go flawlessly with the playful beat, making the perfect radio hit as the duo sing about how they don’t care about anyone else when they’re with their loved one.

Antisocial featuring Travis Scott

This song sounds very Travis Scott and Sheeran flows smoothly over the hip-hop beat. Mentioning how they need space and no one know’s what’s going on in their heads, they repeat how they don’t want to be bothered, touched and remember “no photos.”

Remember The Name featuring 50 Cent & Eminem

If you remember when Sheeran would cover 50 Cent songs then you’re definitely a veteran, but now he’s on his own track featuring two rap legends 50 Cent himself, and Eminem! The artists “kick straight facts” on this fun song talking about how they are legendary and everyone remembers their name.

Feels featuring Young Thug & J Hus

Sheeran shows off his versatility again with this hip-hop inspired track with Young Thug and J Hus. This song is all about how quickly they caught feelings for someone, the person they’ve been waiting all their lives for.

Put It All On Me featuring Ella Mai

Bringing another artist from the homeland, Sheeran duets with Ella Mai in this track, whose strong vocals play off the soft tones of the song perfectly, before the bass turns up to give you a nice beat to dance to. Singing all about putting your worries on your love because that’s what they’re there for.

Nothing On You featuring Paulo Londra & Dave

Taking it slow and adding a nice beat to bop too, this is the perfect track to sit and vibe to as you relax and “roll something up” with your significant other. This Spanglish track features Paulo Londra and Dave as they describe that nothing can equal their love.

I Don’t Want Your Money featuring H.E.R.

Speaking facts about the important things in a relationship, Sheeran brings H.E.R. on this track to express how spending time in the most important thing when you’re with someone, not what they have to give you.

1000 Nights featuring Meek Mill and A Boogie with Da Hoodie

Bringing out Meek Mill and Boogie with Da Hoodie, you just know this track is a banger. Talking about life on the road and how they stay up for hours faded from city to city, “I been up for a thousand nights / New York to London, different city every day, yeah.”

Way To Break My Heart featuring Skillrex

Slowing the mood back down, Sheeran partnered with Skillrex on this track and you can definitely hear his influence on it! Putting you in your feels, this track is all about how his heart was broken by his first love.

Blow featuring Bruno Mars and Chris Stapleton

Ending this rollercoaster of the album with a bang, Sheeran brought on Bruno Mars and Chris Stapleton with this rock-inspired track! Soulful lyrics, electric guitar riffs and even a guitar solo, this has it all.

Going from milly rocking to head banging this album will take you on an adventure that you will want to ride over and over again! Seriously, we’ve been listening to this for 5 days.

Ed Sheeran
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Words: Mar Maldonado | Featured Photo: Ed Sheeran on Instagram

Ariana Grande’s new music video wasn’t all in your head!

Our angel Ariana Grande has just dropped a new music video for (one of our favorite songs) “In My Head”. Vogue dropped the visual for the intimate song this morning.

The special effects throughout give the video surrealistic feeling (beause she’s such a dream to us), not to mention the short snippets of hearing her raw voice. Ariana never fails to sound incredible. Each time we hear her, an angel cries (but DEFINITELY in a good way).

Ariana Grande is one of the strongest, most genuine artists we’ve come across, and I’m sure we can all agree. Her heart is pure and full of love, presenting o relatable to many of her fans. Despite everything she has been through, she always manages to bounce back and come back stronger. Vogue’s got the scoop on Ariana, from her growing up and dealing with pain. You can read the article here.

Ariana Grande
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Words: MDRN MAG | Photo: Getty Images

Ed Sheeran’s “Beautiful People” Has a Deeper Meaning That Everyone Needs to Hear

We are back with more deets related to Ed Sheeran’s new album! On June 28th, Sheeran released his new music video for his single “Beautiful People,” which is the first track featured on his upcoming album No. 6 Collaborations. The song features pop star Khalid in this new Summer bop. 

The music video has more of an interesting, deeper meaning to it as you keep watching. “Beautiful People” is used in an ironic manner to describe the lives of ‘important’ or powerful celebrities. The video compares the stereotypical lives that influencers, models, and celebrities live to those who don’t fit in or care for the lifestyle – lifestyles such as partying on yachts, going to fashion shows, house parties, special events, riding limos, and flying private jets. To contrast the two lives, the video mainly surrounds a couple experiencing the stereotypes and expectations around “beautiful people” but still managing to stay themselves the whole time. 

First Scene: The limo ride 

At the beginning of the music video, the couple waits in line, before an employee leads them outside towards a gorgeous limo. Inside, unfamiliar to the experience, they are snacking on potato chips and an apple juice, despite there being a bottle of champagne and sushi already in the car.

Second Scene: The pool party

In this scene, you’ll see plenty of ‘beautiful people’ dancing and hanging out by the pool at a gorgeous mansion— most of them in their swimsuits. The couple takes a seat in their fold out chairs, putting sunscreen on each other and blowing up arm floaties while eating sandwiches. To create a major contrast, a man pops open a bottle of champagne and spills it everywhere, while the husband does the same with a bottle of cola, (we so relate).

Third Scene: The yacht party

At an event stereotypically known for models and other ‘beautiful’ women partying, the couple are once again shown to be outliers. While the husband suffers sea sickness, and the wife struggles to keep her towel down, the women stare across the water, letting the wind flow in their hair. The major contrast between them is the struggle against the wind and moving with the wind. 

Fourth Scene: The car scene

The couple is driving down on a road at night, struggling to read a map and find out where to go. A couple cars pass by them, with their music playing and some standing with their roof of their cars open. 

Fifth Scene: The fashion show 

The couple does not seem the slightest bit interested in fashion, hence the husband sleeping in the front row while the wife looks uncomfortable (perhaps self-conscious about her body). You can also peep Ed Sheeran and Khalid in the front row next to them, who contrasts the couple by showing more interest. 

Sixth Scene: The house party

While the ‘beautiful people’ are having fun and dancing without a care in the world, the couple decides to slow dance together. Although they don’t find the party as much fun as everyone else, they found sudoku puzzles way more interesting! They also value their privacy at night and their sleep way more than staying up ’til morning (and I can so relate to that).

Seventh Scene: The private jet 

The couple sticks to being themselves— keeping a neck pillow in hand and sneaking complimentary snacks in their pockets for later. After their flight, there is a driver and a car waiting outside for them. Instead of taking the ride from the driver, they take the bus instead. 

The point of the video was to show that there is nothing wrong with being yourself, and that we shouldn’t feel pressured by society to assimilate into a certain culture or group that may seem popular or appealing. This can apply to anyone at any age – life in fame and fortune isn’t always as glamorous as it turns out to be. Staying true to yourself is always the best way to go, and that’s the message Sheeran wanted to put out for everyone.

Ed Sheeran
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Words: Anna Grillo | Featured Photo: Beautiful People Official Video

Grayscale Gets Lost In Violet With New Single and Video

After a week of cryptic videos and little-to-no social media presence, Grayscale has finally come around and provided an answer to the question that has been plaguing our minds: “What are they doing?” Fortunately, earlier this morning, the band premiered their brand new single “In Violet,” along with its accompanying music video over on Pop Crush. The premiere also came with the announcement of a brand new album.

For a band that often tackles difficult topics within their lyrics, the discussion of death and grief isn’t all that surprising. However, it’s the way that Grayscale deals with the topics within this particular track that are different from previous works of theirs. There’s an acknowledgment that death is hard to deal with and mourning needs to take place, but also requesting that a celebration of life takes place. Not only is their way of handling these matters new for their music, but the entire track as a whole has a different sound from the Grayscale we’re all used to.

After the release of Adornment back in 2017, fans began to associate Grayscale’s sound with angsty songs that have you screaming every word at the top of your lungs. While “In Violet” still leaves you wanting to shout every bit of the song, it hits more positively. There’s far less angst within the lines. The lyrics beg for the replacing of funeral black with brighter colors. It begs for the exchanging of singing and dancing and happiness between loved ones, instead of tears and sadness. Lead singer, Collin, explains his meaning behind the lyrics and his hopes for his life to be celebrated instead of mourned once he moves on from this world. It’s a beautiful way to approach love, loss, and grief.

In Violet
“When I die, I want people to celebrate my life and enjoy each other’s togetherness, rather than mourn my death in a miserable way. […] I’ve dealt with a lot of loss and long episodes of grief the past couple of years, and it made me realize how much it can wear on you. When I go, I want everyone to celebrate, sing, laugh, and dress in violet.”
Collin Walsh to Pop Crush

In a stunning music video that features those same picturesque views from the cryptic teaser videos, the viewer is witnessing a funeral take place. It begins with a girl, dressed in black, approaching an open casket before realizing the person who is meant to be inside is missing. The church doors burst open and the missing girl is standing in the sunlight, dressed in white. The girls embrace before leaving and approaching a crowd of people, also dressed in white, with the other funeral-goers who are wearing black.

The two groups appear to be friends and family, some of which are earthside and some who no longer are. They reunite while a performance from Grayscale takes place in front of the church. The band disappears behind a violet cloud as the smoke appropriately covers their skin, tinting it purple. The warm glow of the sun likely matches what the viewer is currently feeling. A beautifully done video to perfectly match the lyrics.

Nella Vita by Grayscale
I’m sick of funeral black
So when I don’t come back
I want you to celebrate, sing and laugh
Bury me in violet
Smile for me when you set me free
Dance the pain away
Trade-in my soul for your grief
The pain away
When I leave this wonderful place

Lyrics from Grayscale’s “In Violet”

Within the release of “In Violet,” it was revealed that this is the second single to come from Grayscale‘s sophomore album, Nella Vita, due to drop September 6, 2019. The first being “Painkiller Weather,” which was released back in May, deals with drug use and addiction. The song received mixed reviews from fans, as there were concerns of the lyrics romanticizing addiction. However, most found it to be a very real and honest depiction of what it’s like to love an addict.

Both tracks we’ve heard from the upcoming album have made it obvious that this is going to be a very raw, emotional collection of work. Which, can we truly ever expect anything less from these guys? I’m excited to learn the stories of this new album and era.

Pre-order the album now.

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Words: Kaiti Fleeger | Featured Photo: Jordan Mizrahi