Billie Eilish Starts Spooky Season

Billie Eilish

Our favorite eerie pop princess, Billie Eilish has done it yet again! The young singer released a video for fan-favorite song “all the good girls go to hell.”

This video directly follows her even spookier video “bury a friend,” picking up right where it left off.

We see Eilish grow feathers, fall down to what seems like hell, land in oil, and catch on fire. What a journey!

Billie is never one to disappoint with her videos. She lives for her visions and we love it. Each is eerie and beautiful. She shows the beauty in the darkness, which is refreshing to see.

Billie Eilish
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Words: Jace Chiappetta | Featured Image: Billie Eilish on Twitter

Louis Tomlinson’s New Single “Killed” Us


Louis Tomlinson is back with his new single, “Kill My Mind,” and yes, we are dead. This indie-pop, track with a hint of rock influence shows a little more of Tomlinson and not the standards he was trying to live up to.

In a recent Instagram post from April, he mentioned that he was, “here to make music I love and make my fans proud to say they’re a fan.” And with the change-up in sound, it sounds like that’s exactly what he did.

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Wanted to get this off my chest

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The new single opens up slow with playful lyrics, “You’re a nightmare on the dancefloor/ And you hate me, and I want more,” before you’re hit with layers of guitar and a rockin’ drum beat. This is definitely a lot different from Tomlinson‘s early solo tracks that had a heavy pop and EDM influence, but it seems as if the former One Direction star has finally found his vibe!

Fans are loving the new track and have taken to Twitter to express all the feels…

Watch the lyric video for “Kill My Mind” below and let us know what you think in the comments or tweet us @popsundae!

Louis Tomlinson
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Words: Mar Maldonado | Featured Photo: Louis Tomlinson on Instagram

Halsey Buries Us With Graveyard Announcement


Our favorite Queen of Pop, Halsey, announced her new single, “Graveyard,” today. And we are so ready. This is the singers first single after her smash hit “Nightmare.”

Hmmm. “Nightmare”…”Graveyard”… We see a theme here. These songs will be featured on her upcoming album Manic, which has yet to be given a release day. From the titles given, we know that this album will be killer.

As always, her passionate and die hard fans were quick to express their feelings on the announcement.

MDRN MAG cannot wait to see what this Queen brings to the table. We already know that it will be spooky and perfect and we SO are here for it.

We’re ready for her to bury us all, then revive us with her amazing voice, but then slay us with this album.

“Graveyard” is released 13/9 but you can pre-order it here.

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Words: Jace Chiappetta | Featured Image: Halsey on Twitter

Hoodie Allen’s Whatever USA: Totally Satisfying

What is more satisfying than a rapper who also has killer pipes? One that is also fly as shit? Cool. Looks like Hoodie Allen has us covered. As if all of that doesn’t seem to totally satisfy you, we are sure Hoodie Allen‘s Whatever USA will do the trick. Dropped on August 16th, 2019 his newest release is a collection of nine solid tracks varying from quick witted rhymes to songs so lyrically crafted they make you want to cuddle your pillow in the dark.

Hoodie Allen's Whatever USA album cover
Photo: Katy Cooper / Big Picture Media

Hangin’ with the “in crowd”

As if being friends with Ed Sheeran didn’t already give Hoodie Allen bonus points, the Long Island native made his way into the music scene as a student at the University of Pennsylvania (Anything Philly scores you mad cool points). In 2009, MTV selected him the ‘Best Music on Campus Award’ and he’s been on the radar ever since. Hoodie Allen has toured across the U.S, created his own label, and had countless features with some remarkable artists. Artists like Chance the Rapper, State Champs (swoon), and of course his pal Ed Sheeran, and that is just naming a few.

We can’t help but think that Hoodie Allen‘s Whatever USA is his favorite project so far. Calling this album a ‘rediscovery process of my true self‘, Hoodie makes it obvious that he wears his heart on his sleeve. He also makes it clear that he put it on the line to complete this album. He continually emphasizes the importance of unveiling your creativity and passion into whatever it is you love. Truly making Whatever USA an album for all. Whether you’re from a small town, had your heart smashed (and then taped back together, and then smashed again), are tired of the same old shit, or who just have a dream to do anything, you’re destined to find something relatable.

Hoodie Allen Portrait in a car
Katy Cooper (Big Picture Media)

JAM-packed Album

This independent artist truly produces a JAM packed album, that he delivers on his own terms. So, let’s talk about the first single “Come Around” off the album ft. Christian French. Not only is it a catchy-make-you-feel-kickass-song, but it also displays Hoodie and French’s voices in an angels and harps type balance. Plus, who doesn’t like a song that tells your ex it’s too late and to piss off? We know we do.

Now, If we HAD to pick a favorite, it would hands down be “You Should Let Me Know”. It’s just damn good, and lyrically it SLAPS. (Check it out for yourself, if you don’t believe us.) But don’t get it twisted, all nine of these songs are absolute bops. We’d totally jam this entire album in the car. And, not alone twelve times in a row guilty pleasure type stuff, but in a car full of other human beings that we like. It’s worth it.

Be sure to catch Hoodie Allen‘s Whatever USA live as he tours North America this fall with Jake Miller to get an equal fix of eye and ear candy.

Hoodie Allen
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Words: Danielle King | Featured Photo: Katy Cooper

MDRN MAG – Artist Introductions – August 30th


It’s that time again and boy do we have some great songs for you this week! To hype everyone up for the start of a new school year, or as we head into the busiest season of the year for most businesses, our featured artists playlist is bringing you the perfect collection of pop music.

Featured Artists

Walk Off The Earth

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Words: Dakota Burnsed

Photo: Courtesy of Walk Off The Earth

Walk Off The Earth, a classic choice off the YouTube artist list. The band consists of Gianni Nicassio, Ryan Marshall, Joel Cassady, and Sarah Blackwood using everything from ukulele to theremin. They’ve been fairly quiet lately, so to see this in the line-up we jumped at the chance to listen and let’s just say … wow. We can’t wait for the album to drop on October 25th.

The music is uplifting and laid back. It really shows what the band itself needs after going through such a rough year. If you need a soft hug and a pick me up this is the song for you. They’ll be there for you!
So if you’re wanting to check them out in the flesh they’re touring August through November, and their newest single is available to stream on all platforms: HERE

Featured Artists

Cairo Gold

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Words: Gabby Fox

Photo: Courtesy of Cairo Gold

Cairo Gold’s “Type of Woman” is a track that is different, uplifting, and gives any woman the confidence they need. Here, we’re all for woman empowerment and working hard, and Gold successfully delivers the message while bringing gorgeous vocals, confidence, and slight sex appeal. 
Independence also plays a role in her single, stating “If you’re with her, it’s not because she needs you, it’s because she wants you.” The type of woman she described in her statement with Billboard is a type that all women strive to be, and it will help inspire them even more. PERIOD! This song is a must-have for your girl power playlist – we all need a compilation of our motivational music, am I right? Her newest single is available for stringing on every platform, which you can access: HERE

Featured Artists

New Dialogue

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Words: Dakota Burnsed

Photo: Courtesy of New Dialogue

New Dialogue coming at you! With light blending vocals from Ela Kitapci and Taylor Morrow complimented by their bandmates Jason Rodriguez, Michael Sevilla, and Jeff Badagilacca playing these songs will be sure to soothe. The perfect coffee shop soundtrack we invite you to sit down, have a cup and give them a listen.

Dreamy visuals or taking simplistic to a new minimum, “Fake Smile” brings with it mellow tunes coupled with lyrics that ache. The video only adds on with the muted tones, low purple accent light, and warehouse set up.
This group is bringing their melancholy vibrations to you all through September with their last show happening in October. They will be touring with Meg&Dia the first half finishing off the tour with lovelytheband. And if you can’t make it just give their EP a listen: HERE.

Featured Artists

The Statistics

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Words: Jamie ‘Jace’ Chiappetta

Photo: Courtesy of The Statistics

“Maryanne” makes us want to jump in our car, roll down the window, and just drive on the backcountry roads for as long as we can. Giving us indie-rock vibes but also a sound of their own Darby and Erin are sure to be a force to be reckoned with.

Featured Artists

Cris Cab

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Words: Jamie ‘Jace’ Chiappetta

Photo: Courtesy of Cris Cabb

Blending classic Latin sounds with urban rhythms, Cris Cabs Diamonds EP makes you want to get up and dance! With summer winding down, songs like “Diamonds,” “Rush,” and “Laurent Perrier” all give us that extension of summer feels that we all crave. Fans got a taste of Cris with his big hit “Just Wanna Love You,” and now fans will be craving a full-length album after this. MDRN MAG gives this a big 5 Carats! Check it out: here.

Are you a fan of up-and-coming musicians? Do you like to support the small guy in the corner? Keep an eye out for our Artist Introductions playlist every Friday!

Check out more of our favorite playlists here!

If you’re an up-and-coming artist with recently released music, or you know someone who is, don’t hesitate to reach out for a potential Featured Artists listing in future weeks.

Words and Featured Photo: MDRN MAG

Everbody Wins with New Music From WhoHurtYou

On July, 16 2019 WhoHurtYou, the dark pop duo made up of Jack Barakat and Kevin Fisher, released their second single “Nobody Wins”. A few days ago the band started teasing the new release. On Monday they posted a promo photo, Barakat stating that we were about to get a song about guilt. Fisher told us how important this song was to his love of songwriting. Both of these captions had us sitting on the edge of our seats, not so patiently waiting for the expected release on Friday.

It didn’t stop there. They continued to dangle the new single in front of us, just out of reach. On Wednesday WhoHurtYou took to social media again. Both Barakat and Fisher posted written apologizes for the guilt they were feeling. Stating that if you are holding on to any sort of feelings that are overwhelming to “write it down and set yourself free from the past.”

Finally, the day is here and we got what we’ve been waiting for. “Nobody Wins” is a lot more mellow than the previous single from WhoHurtYou. “Wish We Never Met” had you dancing away all your hurt with the upbeat rhythm and relatable lyrics. “Nobody Wins” is just as relatable with lyrics. The song speaks about hurt and guilt when dealing with a breakup. That most times during a breakup, everyone gets hurt – even the person causing most of the hurting. The song is filled with emotion, but it puts it pretty simple. When a relationship ends, nobody wins.

Not only did we get a new single from WhoHurtYou, but they also dropped a music video as well. The video shows both Barakat and Fisher driving around the desert, both with a girl seeming like they are happy and having a great time. But with just one listen to the song, you’ll be able to tell that the music video won’t end so happy for those involved.

Check out the debut single “Wish We Never Met” from WhoHurtYou here!

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Jack Barakat
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Kevin Fisher
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Words: Anna Grillo | Featured Photo: WhoHurtYou

Us In Motion Talks Nothing Above, Romantics, and More

After Us In Motion dropped their latest single, “Romantics” on July 26th, MDRN MAG had the pleasure of chatting with the band. From a new EP Nothing Above, to upcoming tours, and yes, even ice cream, Us In Motion chats with us about it all! Read the interview below.

Your newest single, Romantics, is finally available (July 26th). Is there a story behind the song? If so, how did it inspire the final product of the song?

“Romantics” is about how we deal with losing a loved one, rather than the grieving aspect that you normally hear in songs of this subject matter. I wanted to address the ‘what will I do to ensure I can move on and live with the trauma’, opposed to having an ‘I miss you; I wish you were here’ view point. To me, that’s a slightly more ignored and realistic viewpoint that affects people more than the initial loss.

What was the process like for filming and creating the “Romantics music video?

Filming the video was an exciting, yet slightly stressful process. We had never done a ‘real’ video shoot before with story elements and performance shots. So, it was exciting to have multiple sets and bring to life the visuals that I had been seeing in my head during the writing and recording process. We had a small window to shoot in, so the pressure was definitely on.

“bring to life the visuals that I had been seeing in my head during the writing and recording process.”

You have your first EP, Nothing Above, coming out soon. What are you hoping to achieve with its release?

Being our debut, we are hoping to get our name out to as many people as we can and start gaining some traction. We want to continue to build our fanbase outside of Nashville as well, so we can start playing in other cities. 

Are there any particular bands or albums that have influenced Romantics and the rest of your upcoming EP?

The album’s influences are pretty wide-spread. There’s mainly singing and some screaming, high gain and ambiance, and a lot of production. I’d been writing music my whole life and listening to many different genres that have inevitably influenced the different songs I wrote. I think all of those former demos and influences have sculpted my writing style and led me to creating something like “Nothing Above” and “Romantics”. 

What inspired you guys to get into music and the music industry? 

We all grew up listening to music and started teaching ourselves how to play at a young age. For me personally, I enjoyed playing in bands and always dreamed of being a ‘rockstar’, but it wasn’t until high school when I realized I could actually try to make it happen. We all decided to pursue music and that’s when we met here in Nashville.

“We all decided to pursue music and that’s when we met here in Nashville.”

If you could collaborate on a song or album with any artist who would you work with and why?

That’s a tough one! We have a long list mentally, but as far as an all-around collaboration, involving songwriting and producing, I’d probably have to say Jordan Fish or Sonny Moore. They are both incredibly talented at what they do and have had a big influence on me musically for quite some time. If we’re looking at just a guest feature, having Jason Butler from Letlive and Fever333 would be incredible. He brings so much passion to whatever song he’s singing on. 

Are there any plans for an upcoming tour? If so, what are you looking forward to doing while touring?

We currently don’t have any concrete plans but are planning on playing a release show in Nashville, and then trying to do a string of shows throughout the Midwest in the fall or winter of this year. All of those details will be on our pages when they are made. 

What do you want new listeners to know about your band?

There’s nothing too specific, but we just thank them for giving us a chance out of all the other thousands of bands that pop up every day. We hope they enjoy the music and connect with it just as much as we do. 

Finally, what should we expect next from Us In Motion?

Well, we have our debut EP Nothing Above coming out August 16th, and from that point on we’ll be playing shows to support it. We also plan on filming some live/studio session videos for our YouTube, as well as releasing some songs that didn’t make the record. Everything the fans will need to know will be on our socials!

Us In Motion are due to drop their EP, Nothing Above, on August 16th. But in the meantime you can watch visuals for their 3 singles now. And read our review of “Romantics” here!

Us In Motion
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Words: MDRN MAG | Featured Photo: Courtesy of Peyton Lamkins

Katy Perry is Making Big Moves with “Small Talk”

Katy Perry is back and making big moves as she releases her newest single, “Small Talk.” This is her second single since “Never Really Over,” which was released in May. And, it’s bringing back all the old school Katy vibes!

After taking a slight turn from her usual sound with her last album, Perry is back. This song certainly embodies the catchy, bubbly pop music we’ve all grown to love from her.

“Small Talk” was co-written by Katy Perry, Jacob Kasher Hindlin, Johan Carlsson and Charlie Puth. And in it, they tackle the awkwardness that comes with being in close contact with an ex-lover. Lyrics like, “we went from strangers to lovers to strangers in a lifetime,” and “acting like we never met/ faking like we just forget,” showing just how weird things can become for two people that recently broke up.

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If you’ve ever been in this kind of situation you know just how awkward this can be, and all the memories about what used to be start to flood your mind at all the wrong times. This video depicts all the feels perfectly, and gives you the lyrics so you can sing along too… who could want anything more?

Katy Perry
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Words: Mar Maldonado | Featured Photo: Katy Perry on Instagram