Fine Line Is Here And We’re Not Fine

Harry Styles Fine Line

It’s here. It’s great. It’s perfect.

Harry Styles has yet, once again, delivered with his sophomore album, Fine Line. This album melodically takes us back to the 60s and 70s with its soft rock and retro feel. Lyrically, it takes us on a whirlwind of emotions as we follow Harry through the rise and fall and acceptance of his past relationship. We’ll break it down track by track for you.


If there was ever a musical ode to Fleetwood Mac… This is it. This is a song that you just want to sway and twirl to. You want to drive down the coast with the top of the car down at sunset with the wind in your hair.

“Golden”, we wrote on day two of being in Shangri-La […] as soon as we’d done it, it was like, ‘Oh, this is track one’. I used to drive from here to the studio and listen to it. “Golden” was like the perfect PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) song. It’s like driving down the coast, that is what the song is for. It feels so Malibu to me.

– Harry Styles, during his November 2019 interview with Zane Lowe

Lyrically, this song sets the listeners up for the rest of the album. “I don’t want to be alone when it ends” quite literally foreshadows the story told throughout the album. Paired with the upbeat music, this is the perfect way to start this album.

Watermelon Sugar

The second song on the album and also the second single released. “Watermelon Sugar” gives us the perfect summer feeling of romance. The one that we know will end quick so we dive in deep to enjoy the moment. The harmony, the bluesy guitar, the EVERYTHING.

Adore You

“Adore You” is the third single off of Fine Line and probably the most intricate. This single literally started out as a whole mystery of this mysterious island popping up but Harries quickly figured it out. “Adore You” is a beautiful song about unconditional love and doing anything to make them safe and happy. We stan. And this video probably had the most amazing marketing in the history of music videos.

Lights Up

“Light’s Up” was the first taste of Fine Line that we got. Paired with a steamy music video that just dropped out of nowhere… We were shooketh. “Light’s Up” is a heart wrenching song with upbeat music. The fear of having people find out who your partner is, having to deal with the light’s up and on that person. The lyrics make us want to give him a really really big hug and never let go.


This is when the album starts to slow down and get real. This song is obviously about an ex of his. They’ve broken up, she’s moved on, and Harry isn’t taking it very well. “Don’t you call him what you used to call me,” and the french voicemail at the end that is actually from his ex Camille Rowe talking. The voicemail translating to:

“Hey! Are you asleep? Oh, I’m sorry…”
“Well, no… Nope, it’s not important…”
“Well then… We went to the beach and now we—”
“Perfect! Let’s go!”

Musically the song reminds us of “Little Things” from Harry‘s 1D days. Just him, a guitar, some harmony and a whole lotta feels.


We could call this song the climax of the album. This is all about the grief and heartache he is going through from the end of his relationship. He lost control of the relationship as well as her trust with his “wondering hands.”

This is definitely the fan favorite of the album. The ballad, the most emotional.

To Be So Lonely

This song is genius. This song blends so many different aspects from different genres that in theory shouldn’t go together… But yet they do. We have an Italian style ukulele with a blues-y plucked bass along with trumpets, cello’s and even a violin accompanied by swing-like lyrics.

“To Be So Lonely” is just really like articulation of Mitch’s brain. Even when Mitch plays to himself, he’s got the swing.

In this song, Harry has accepted his grief and he fact that the relationship is now over. He knows he’s messed up and she’s with someone else. She wants to be friends but he doesn’t think he can right now because he still loves her. He doesn’t want to be given any false hope, even if she doesn’t mean for him to feel that way.


“She” is the older sister to “Woman.” This song is pure genius. It’s a fantasy, it’s sexy and wow that guitar solo. The beginning of the song sounds almost identical to “Meet Me In The Hallway” but quickly turns into her own thing.

“She” is a beautiful blues ballad that listeners subconsciously play over and over again on repeat. The song features a fantasy love that a man would rather day dream about than face the real world.

Sunflower, Vol. 6

This is our beautiful 60s surf rock anthem of the album. Here he is reminiscing of the good times in his past relationship. He wants to immortalize their memories together through this melody.

All in all this song is just a feel good song. You smile and sway to it. You can feel the sun on your face and can practically feel and smell the ocean breeze.

Canyon Moon

“Canyon Moon” is another track that reflects back on the happy times of their relationship. Also noted as Stevie Nicks favorite track of the album, “Canyon Moon” is a ballad to 60s & 70s soft rock.

You can quite literally visualize yourself driving through canyons and hills.

Treat People With Kindness

60s 60s 60s. This song is so retro, with an Austin Powers flare. Sure Harry doesn’t sing the chorus but let’s look past that. This song is an ode to Harry‘s mantra “Treat People With Kindness.” This is something that he’s always preached in some way, shape or form throughout his whole musical career.

“Treat People With Kindness” is all about wanting to go somewhere where we can all just be nice and love one another. A place where we can feel happy and safe, and even if something bad happens, we know we’ll be okay.

Fine Line

The closing song on the album is also the namesake of the album. “Fine Line” as stated in an interview with Harry, “was always gonna be the last song on the album. It felt like it described to me the process of making it and how the album felt in terms of the different kinds of songs on it.”

This is a stripped song filled with emotions in-between the lyrics. Being that there’s not many lyrics to the song, Harry relies on the accoustic guitar to tell his story. And if you listened to the album from top to bottom as intended, in those pauses with no words, you know exactly what he’s trying to say and how he feels. He’s found balance with love and life, and acceptance and grievance. And of course, he closes the album out with an epic outro in a beautiful Harry-like fashion.

Well that’s it for Fine Line. An epic album from an epic person. What were your thoughts on Fine Line? What’s your favorite song and why? Let us know in the comments below or tell us on Twitter!

Catch Harry on tour in a city near you with his Love on Tour tour here!

Remember to always treat people with kindness!

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Halsey Releases ‘Finally // beautiful stranger’ Video

Singer/songwriter Halsey just released the next song, “Finally // beautiful stranger” from her upcoming album Manic.

Halsey just gave us the Taylor Swift – Lady Gaga mashup that we didn’t know we needed. With a very Taylor guitar and a very “You and I” vibe to the verses; it creates a beautiful blend our hearts will now forever yearn for.

The lyrics are so open, vulnerable a desperate but at the same time you can hear scared she is. Which is why the video matches perfectly.

In the video, we see two Halsey’s, or if you ask me, you see Halsey and you see Ashley. (Halsey‘s real name for those who do not know). Ashley is vulnerable, alone, and shut off. Halsey is glitz and glammed with a mask on her true self. That’s just from the direct visual… We can get deeper.

The two different versions of Halsey are also two different ways of expressing love. She has the nagging feelings that this won’t work, everything’s going to go wrong, so why bother. Which gives us closed-off Halsey. She’s alone. If she likes someone she doesn’t feel like she should sing it to the world if it’s just going to end up badly. To her they all do.

However there is this part of her that feels like this person is the one she can sing about. She feels okay singing this person to the world, she wants to. Wants to be all dolled up and in love.

It’s some pretty heart wrenching stuff. We just want out girl happy.

In addition to ‘Finally // beautiful stranger’ the singer released a collaboration with BTS member Suga, called ‘Suga’s Interlude’.

This song, if fan translations are correct, is also very heart wrenching. The song being about being successful in their careers and the difficulties that come with it. They wonder if it’s even worth it to keep doing it anymore.

“I’ve been trying all my life / to separate the time in between the having it all and giving it up / I wonder what’s in store if I don’t love it anymore.”

That’s just Halsey‘s chorus. Suga‘s goes in much deeper than that.

Manic is seeming like the most open, vulnerable album yet from Halsey and we couldn’t be more proud and in awe of her.

Manic is set to release January 17th, 2020. You can pre-order here.

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We’re On A Watermelon Sugar High, Blame Harry Styles

Watermelon Sugar

We finally got her ladies and gents. She’s here and she’s a bop! “Watermelon Sugar” is serving us summer in winter in the most Harry Styles fashion.

“Watermelon Sugar” gives us a very specific vibe. Now, imagine this:

It’s summer break, end of June specifically and you and your friends went on a week long vacation to Miami/Jamaica or somewhere along those lines. You meet this mysterious guy that you can’t help but swoon for, but you’re scared to really do anything because you’re only there for a week. He’s trying to win you over, to prove it’ll be worth it. He begs you to go on just one date and you agree. It’s sunset and he takes you dancing to this place only locals know of. You realize you cannot resist his charm and after slight resistance you dance with him as “Watermelon Sugar” starts playing. From there you have your dance montage signifying that despite your resistance you’re falling for him. Ending the dance with a twirl into his arms ending in an almost kiss with intense eyeing each other.

Okay so now that our small fanfic AU moment is over…
Watermelon Sugar

Right before his double duty debut on SNL last night, Harry Styles dropped “Watermelon Sugar” and well… You know the deal. Twitter. Blew. Up.

We knew we were going to hear the song no matter what last night, becasue he was set to perform it live for one of his two performances. What we didn’t expect was the studio version dropping literally right before SNL went live.

Let’s let Twitter sum up some of our feelings.

Listen to “Watermelon Sugar” here.

Watch “Watermelon Sugar” performed live on SNL here.

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There’s A Fine Line Between Us And New Harry Styles Music

Fine Line

Everyone hold on to their Gucci pants! Or in our case Fucci (fake Gucci). Harry Styles just released the name and date of his new album, Fine Line!

HS2, which we now have the pleasure of calling Fine Line, is set to release December 13th. What a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays it will be!

Harry has been riling us all up since a single tweet back in early October.

“Do”. That’s all it took to send Twitter into a shockwave of a frenzy. And we knew something was about to drag us down (sorry not sorry). Just a few days later, Harry dropped “Lights Up” complete with a beautiful masterpiece of a music video.

While still recovering from the song and video, Harry has gained more of an internet personality. In a very non-Harry fashion, he started responding and following fans, he didn’t sign tweets “H,” and he used internet lingo… Which brings us to our next topic…


So incase you live under a rock and didn’t know, “Kiwi” is a song by Harry Styles that is possibly the greatest song ever created. It’s such an iconic song that for the entirety of his world tour sang it 3 times to close out the show. In a row. 3 times. And somehow the crowd got more hyped up each time.

So you can see why him claiming that “Kiwi” is a walk compared to “Watermelon Sugar” shook us. Now the question is when will we hear “Watermelon Sugar”?

We can almost guarantee that we will get it within the next 2 weeks. Harry is slated to both perform and host SNL on November 16th. And if you’re avid SNL stannies like us, you know that performerss sing not one… But 2 songs. So it most likely will be the debut of the song.

“Watermelon Sugar” will probably be the last song to be released before the actual album, but you never know with H. He just drops stuff out of no where and gives us heart attacks.

Check out how how Harries have reacted to the announcement of the album:

This person is just a straight up witch. Check the post date.

So what do you guys think? Any predictions for over all sound, track listing, or videos? Let us know on Twitter!

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Harry Styles & Fan Reactions To New Music Rumors

Harry Styles


Rumors of new Harry music has been around since the Rolling Stones article, and since then the littlest things have only fueled the fans more. But earlier this week the rumor has turned into more of a… IT’S FINALLY HERE, AND NOT A RUMOR.

It started with a simple tweet…

Then in cities like LA, New York, and London, posters that say “Do You Know Who You Are” with the Treat People With Kindness logo have been spotted.

It’s safe to say that twitter has been going crazy.

When will the new music actually drop? Friday October 11 is National Coming Out Day. And Styles being such an avid supporter of the LGBTQ+, would make this the perfect day for him to drop something big.

There’s not much official information. But what is official is that we need this now. And that we’ll probably die. And that we really really love Harry Styles.

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Halsey Gives Us a Video Sweet as a “Clementine”

Halsey recently put out a new single for her 25th birthday, and it’s a lot different from her usual sound, but we LOVE it! This is her third single off her new album, Manic, which is set to release in early 2020, following “Graveyard” and “Nightmare.”

The song is one with a sweet comforting tone, as it has an acoustic type feel and kid like echos featured throughout it. Accompanied by a simple piano melody, and soft percussion in the background, Halsey seems to give us the meaning of her new album Manic, as the song is a cryptic one full of contradicting lines. Just take a look at the mainline in the chorus, “I don’t need anyone / I just need everyone and then some.”

The video was something we hadn’t seen from the performer before and she even tagged-team in her family to help out on this production! The visuals for “Clementine” feature both Halsey and her brother Sevian Frangipane dancing through a dimly lit aquarium.

This adorable, compilation of shots has the siblings doing interactive choreography as they frolic throughout the empty aquarium, which makes the perfect backdrop for the cutest video of the year. The choreography for the video was done by Dani Vital who also co-directed the video, and it fits the song’s vibes perfectly!

Sevian even got a tattoo in honor of his sister’s new single!

With all the variations of songs we’ve received these last few singles, we cannot wait to see what Halsey gives us next!

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Come With us as We Follow Halsey to the Graveyard

Halsey - Graveyard

On September 13th Halsey released her second single, “Graveyard” from her upcoming album Manic. Fans had patiently (well, as patient as fans can be) been waiting for a new single since “Nightmare” was released in May. A summer without a Halsey tour or a new single? We didn’t ask for that kind of summer.

Graveyard” is very different from the rough and tough vibes we got from “Nightmare.” Not that it’s surprising coming from Halsey. Because honestly, what can’t she do? This time the angry sound was put aside as “Graveyard” opens up with the calming sounds of an acoustic guitar. The strumming slowly fades into a softer pop melody. The lyrics, staying true to herself, aren’t as soft and calm. Halsey always keeps it real with her lyrics.

With this song, she takes us on an emotional journey through an abusive relationship with someone you love. That sometimes the ‘butterflies’ you are feeling are really a warning sign to run the opposite direction. To get out before you dig yourself too deep and follow someone “all the way to the graveyard.”

Along with this beautiful reminder to not let yourself get pulled in by the darkness surrounding someone else, we also FINALLY have a release date for Manic. The day before the song dropped, Halsey tweeted a link to with a time that signified when a livestream of her painting started. It went on for hours and fans watched in anticipation as she painted the album artwork for Manic. Now, the website is live and you can presave and preorder the album which will be released on January 17th!

Listen to “Graveyard” and watch a time-lapse video of Halsey painting the Manic artwork below!

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Miley Slides Us Into Emotional Feels With New Video

Miley Cyrus Slide Away

Miley has always been open and free with her songs and videos. Sure some are outrageous, but they’re still her. But in “Slide Away” we see a completely new and vulnerable side to her.

Fresh from her divorce with on-and-off again boyfriend/partner/husband, Liam Hemsworth, she is in a state of acceptance.

The video shows her in parties unable to get into the fun, she numb watching everyone around her. Not to mention that GORGEOUS gold chain dress she is wearing.

Miley Cyrus Slide Away Video
Photo: Miley Cyrus VEVO

One thing that really sticks out to us, in particular, is a shot of a 10 of hearts card, with a hole in it, at the bottom of the pool. This signifies Miley and Liam for their 10-year relationship. There’s now a hole in her heart. And normally cards float. Relationships should stay afloat, but both have holes now and both have sunk.

We love the realness that Cyrus has been serving us between “Slide Away” and “Mother’s Daughter.” All we know is that we are here to support and love her forever and ever. We stan a queen.

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