We’re In Stupid Love With Lady Gaga

stupid love
The Queen of Pop is back to take her throne with her new single ‘Stupid Love.’

The last the world heard a new Lady Gaga album was in 2016 when she released soft rock album, Joanne. In early 2017 we got the surprise drop of “The Cure” when she stepped in last minute to headline Coachella.

We then of course got shook by A Star is Born, where we dove off the deep end into the shallows because the soundtrack was that good. Even then, the music was curated for Ally rather than Gaga.

Since then…nothing. Three years of no Gaga and the fans have been begging and begging. There was a brief leak of the song back in January, but today we have the full song AND an (inter)stellar music video to go with it.

In the video we see Queen stop an alien war with a bop of a song. And if you ask us… seems legit. But that’s not what you should be fixated on. Notice at the end we see a still of a jacket that says “Kindness Punk” and then a screen that says “Chromatica.”

I think it’s safe to assume that her upcoming 6th studio album is called Chromatica. We’re also assuming that ‘Kindness Punk’ is an upcoming song.

Either way, we have one way to explain this new Gaga era…

Image result for lady gaga gif amazing

You can get tickets to see Lady Gaga at her Las Vegas residency show here.

Lady Gaga
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Words: Jace Chiappetta | Featured Photo: Twitter/ @LadyGaga

Halsey Releases ‘Finally // beautiful stranger’ Video

Singer/songwriter Halsey just released the next song, “Finally // beautiful stranger” from her upcoming album Manic.

Halsey just gave us the Taylor Swift – Lady Gaga mashup that we didn’t know we needed. With a very Taylor guitar and a very “You and I” vibe to the verses; it creates a beautiful blend our hearts will now forever yearn for.

The lyrics are so open, vulnerable a desperate but at the same time you can hear scared she is. Which is why the video matches perfectly.

In the video, we see two Halsey’s, or if you ask me, you see Halsey and you see Ashley. (Halsey‘s real name for those who do not know). Ashley is vulnerable, alone, and shut off. Halsey is glitz and glammed with a mask on her true self. That’s just from the direct visual… We can get deeper.

The two different versions of Halsey are also two different ways of expressing love. She has the nagging feelings that this won’t work, everything’s going to go wrong, so why bother. Which gives us closed-off Halsey. She’s alone. If she likes someone she doesn’t feel like she should sing it to the world if it’s just going to end up badly. To her they all do.

However there is this part of her that feels like this person is the one she can sing about. She feels okay singing this person to the world, she wants to. Wants to be all dolled up and in love.

It’s some pretty heart wrenching stuff. We just want out girl happy.

In addition to ‘Finally // beautiful stranger’ the singer released a collaboration with BTS member Suga, called ‘Suga’s Interlude’.

This song, if fan translations are correct, is also very heart wrenching. The song being about being successful in their careers and the difficulties that come with it. They wonder if it’s even worth it to keep doing it anymore.

“I’ve been trying all my life / to separate the time in between the having it all and giving it up / I wonder what’s in store if I don’t love it anymore.”

That’s just Halsey‘s chorus. Suga‘s goes in much deeper than that.

Manic is seeming like the most open, vulnerable album yet from Halsey and we couldn’t be more proud and in awe of her.

Manic is set to release January 17th, 2020. You can pre-order here.

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Words: Jace Chiappetta | Featured Photo: VEVO / Halsey

YUNGBLUD Welcomes Darkness With “Die A Little” Video

Die A Little

YUNGBLUD dropped a spooky music video for “Die A Little” on Halloween. And boy does it deliver the spooks.

Complete with an interrogation, demonic possession, slight insanity, and a hint of murder… we are living a lot for “Die A Little”.

The song was originally released back in August for the 13 Reasons Why soundtrack, so this is definitely just a nice trick or treat for us.

When releasing the video YUNGBLUD said,

This song is about realizing and accepting the dark part of your mind that is trying to get out. People who don’t understand what you are going through will try to interfere and generalize what you’re feeling. That can end up with them getting as hurt as you. This video is a call out to take mental health seriously.

Also can we just say how handsome he looks in this video. That is all.

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Words: Jace Chiappetta | Featured Photo: VEVO / YUNGBLUD

Grayscale’s Generational Anthem “YOUNG” Becomes a Single


With the exceptional release of their highly-anticipated album, Nella Vita, all eyes are on Grayscale to see just what they’ll do next. After announcing an album, announcing a headlining tour, and dropping four other singles, what else could they possibly do to impress us? What else could they possibly have time for? Fortunately for us, these guys never stop and even though it’s been less than a week since the release of their album, they’re definitely keeping busy. After a cheeky little tweet yesterday, the band dropped the music video for track four, “YOUNG.”

With a fun, dance-along beat, “YOUNG” comes in as track four on Nella Vita. Creating a call to our generation and the next, Grayscale uses the story within it and asks us to be better. Do better. Stop getting so caught up in the trivial things of day-to-day life. Focus on emotional connections. Be kind to another. Create a better world for ourselves and those that come after us. It’s up to us, and we can make a difference. Sit back, take a listen, and then dance it out. The lyrics will ring through your ears long after you’ve turned the song off.

We let everyone slip
to a place where they can’t
reach the edge, can’t get
out of their own way

Wicked space where we
hide inside, where it rains
every day and every night
So sing, sing if you got
something to say
Never gonna see the
light if you don’t speak
in the first place

Sorry eyes, said you’d
rather stay asleep, cause
your semblance of reality
is better in your dreams

Telling the story of the people of Philadelphia, the video for “YOUNG” features several scenes across the city of brotherly love participating in various activities. With people of all ages, colors, shapes, and sizes, it’s a beautifully simple way to get their message across.

The video ends with the only feature of any of the band members. Lead singer Collin Walsh is singing along to the track with a crowd dancing it out behind him. It truly brings the story full circle as the scenes flash over Walsh’s talk-singing.

You can watch the video now!

Songs like this are important, as they show those in the public eye using their place to ask better of us all while the world tends to feel like it’s ending right before our eyes.

Let us know what you think! Does “YOUNG” have what it takes to be the next pop-punk anthem? Are you as glad as we are that they didn’t title it “Youngblood?” Share your thoughts on the video!


Catch Grayscale on their first headline tour!

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Words: Kaiti Fleeger | Featured Photo: Jordan Mizrahi

Miley Slides Us Into Emotional Feels With New Video

Miley Cyrus Slide Away

Miley has always been open and free with her songs and videos. Sure some are outrageous, but they’re still her. But in “Slide Away” we see a completely new and vulnerable side to her.

Fresh from her divorce with on-and-off again boyfriend/partner/husband, Liam Hemsworth, she is in a state of acceptance.

The video shows her in parties unable to get into the fun, she numb watching everyone around her. Not to mention that GORGEOUS gold chain dress she is wearing.

Miley Cyrus Slide Away Video
Photo: Miley Cyrus VEVO

One thing that really sticks out to us, in particular, is a shot of a 10 of hearts card, with a hole in it, at the bottom of the pool. This signifies Miley and Liam for their 10-year relationship. There’s now a hole in her heart. And normally cards float. Relationships should stay afloat, but both have holes now and both have sunk.

We love the realness that Cyrus has been serving us between “Slide Away” and “Mother’s Daughter.” All we know is that we are here to support and love her forever and ever. We stan a queen.

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Words: Jace Chiappetta | Featured Photo: Miley Cyrus VEVO

Billie Eilish Starts Spooky Season

Billie Eilish

Our favorite eerie pop princess, Billie Eilish has done it yet again! The young singer released a video for fan-favorite song “all the good girls go to hell.”

This video directly follows her even spookier video “bury a friend,” picking up right where it left off.

We see Eilish grow feathers, fall down to what seems like hell, land in oil, and catch on fire. What a journey!

Billie is never one to disappoint with her videos. She lives for her visions and we love it. Each is eerie and beautiful. She shows the beauty in the darkness, which is refreshing to see.

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Words: Jace Chiappetta | Featured Image: Billie Eilish on Twitter

Dressed Up in Baby Blue With Grayscale

Earlier this morning, the music video for “Baby Blue” premiered over on Rocksound and it’s probably one of our favorites from this era so far.

Matching the jukebox jam vibes of the song, the guys from Grayscale are all dressed in baby blue (jokes?) suits while Collin sings into a retro microphone. The video takes place in a hospital, with each of the guys performing in different rooms. The viewer gets to watch as the typical hospital scenes unfold around the band.

With harsh hospital lighting and a blue hue to match our on-going color theme, everything feels perfectly chaotic and appropriate for this particular track.

The video ends by the band coming together to jam out the final chorus, with the older man waking up from his hospital bed and joining the older woman to dance. Meanwhile, all the other patients and doctors file into the room and it’s one big hospital party, complete with a sparkling disco ball.

Original Story

Our favorite Philly band, Grayscale, is taking us on a trip through the rainbow as they drop another brand new single that features a color as its title. “Baby Blue” is track two from their upcoming album Nella Vita, which comes out in just two weeks! Here at Pop Sundae, we can confirm that this track is a certified jam.

And maybe, just maybe we have some exclusive intel that tells us this track is one of the ones the entire band is most excited for fans to hear.

After a few songs that display a newer sound for the band, “Baby Blue” finds itself a little more comfortable within the Grayscale we have all come to know and love. However, this doesn’t come without a twist and a slight play on their typical sound. The bridge features new instruments, as well as some more electronic sounds mixed into their production.

It’s an overall fun, upbeat track that tells us the story of a relationship falling apart and being uncertain about any remaining feelings. Lead vocalist, Collin Walsh‘s voice carries all of the regret and somberness that’s laced throughout the lyrics.

If you listen carefully, you may even recognize the bridge of “Baby Blue.” Back before Grayscale announced their new album, they were posting cryptic videos, some of which featured vocalizations layered over the video. Those vocals came from track two!

I’m so sorry we fell in love

Don’t wanna feel this pain anymore

Safe to say I’m my mother’s son

”Baby Blue” has us excited for the album, we can’t wait to see how these tracks all work together and form a cohesive story. We can already see it piecing together with the four songs we’ve heard.

We’re excited for the album release and set with our pre-orders! Are you?

Get tickets to the Nella Vita Tour now!

09/03 — Asbury Park, NJ @ House of Independents
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09/14 — West Hollywood, CA @ The Roxy Theatre
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09/17 — Anaheim, CA @ Chain Reaction
09/18 — San Francisco, CA @ Bottom of the Hill
09/20 — Portland, OR @ Paris Theatre
09/21 — Seattle, WA @  Chop Suey
09/23 — Salt Lake City, UT @ Kilby Court
09/24 — Denver, CO @ Marquis Theater
09/25 — Kansas City, MO @ The Rino
09/27 — Burnsville, MN @ The Garage
09/28 — Chicago, IL @ Bottom Lounge
09/29 — Detroit, MI @ The Shelter
09/30 — Lakewood, OH @ Mahall’s 

10/02 — Allston, MA @ Brighton Music Hall
10/03 — New York, NY @ Gramercy Tavern
10/04 — Hartford, CT @ Webster Underground
10/05 — Philadelphia, PA @ Theatre of Living Arts
10/06 — Pittsburgh, PA @ Highmark Stadium

10/17 — Mud Row, UK @ Thekla
10/18 — London, UK @ The Electric Ballroom
10/20 — Birmingham, UK @ O2 Academy Birmingham
10/21 — Nottingham, UK @ Rescue Rooms
10/22 — Leeds, UK @ Stylus
10/23 — Glasgow, UK @ King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut
10/25 — Manchester, UK @ Manchester Club Academy
10/26 — Southampton, UK @ The Loft
10/28 — Hamburg, Germany @ Headcrash
10/29 — Leipzig-Thekla, Germany @ Moritzbastei
10/31 — Munchen, Germany @ Feierwerk e.V.

11/01 — Köln, Germany @ Club Volta
11/02 — Brussels, Belgium @ AB Club
11/03 — Eindhoven, Netherlands @ Dynamo

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Everbody Wins with New Music From WhoHurtYou

On July, 16 2019 WhoHurtYou, the dark pop duo made up of Jack Barakat and Kevin Fisher, released their second single “Nobody Wins”. A few days ago the band started teasing the new release. On Monday they posted a promo photo, Barakat stating that we were about to get a song about guilt. Fisher told us how important this song was to his love of songwriting. Both of these captions had us sitting on the edge of our seats, not so patiently waiting for the expected release on Friday.

It didn’t stop there. They continued to dangle the new single in front of us, just out of reach. On Wednesday WhoHurtYou took to social media again. Both Barakat and Fisher posted written apologizes for the guilt they were feeling. Stating that if you are holding on to any sort of feelings that are overwhelming to “write it down and set yourself free from the past.”

Finally, the day is here and we got what we’ve been waiting for. “Nobody Wins” is a lot more mellow than the previous single from WhoHurtYou. “Wish We Never Met” had you dancing away all your hurt with the upbeat rhythm and relatable lyrics. “Nobody Wins” is just as relatable with lyrics. The song speaks about hurt and guilt when dealing with a breakup. That most times during a breakup, everyone gets hurt – even the person causing most of the hurting. The song is filled with emotion, but it puts it pretty simple. When a relationship ends, nobody wins.

Not only did we get a new single from WhoHurtYou, but they also dropped a music video as well. The video shows both Barakat and Fisher driving around the desert, both with a girl seeming like they are happy and having a great time. But with just one listen to the song, you’ll be able to tell that the music video won’t end so happy for those involved.

Check out the debut single “Wish We Never Met” from WhoHurtYou here!

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