Why Every Horror Fan Should Appreciate Ice Nine Kills

ice nine kills

Ice Nine Kills is a band from Boston, MA that formed in 2002. Some may know them from their Warped Tour days, but others may know them from their love for horror movies.

Frontman, Spencer Charnas, has always been very vocal and open about his absolute love for all things horror. So he did the ultimate thing you could do. Create a whole album based on the best horror movies!

The Silver Scream is the ultimate album to listen to during Halloween, or if your just an avid horror fan. In each song, Charnas has such a creative way of telling the story of the movie; including the littlest moment and facts. It’s actually awe inspiring.

The album came out Halloween of 2018 and since then the band has debuted multiple music videos for different songs that, while they relate to each movie, when put together creates a movie itself. We love that. Let’s take a look at the track listing.

An American Nightmare – A Nightmare On Elm Street

The album kicks off with an homage to none other than Mr. Kruger. The whole idea of the song is about a killer stalking you in your dreams. Ice Nine Kills vocalist, Spencer says, “The entire premise of a killer hunting you in your dreams is so genius because no matter what you do, no-one can escape eventually falling asleep, so your death at the hand (or glove rather) of Mr. Krueger is inevitable.”

Thank God It’s Friday – Friday The 13th

Of course, where there is Freddy, there must be Jason. About a boy drowning because of sex-crazed teens not watching him and a vengeful mother. Spencer says “It’s our own take on important character dialogue from the movie and a campfire singalong that turns from rapidly from a Kumbaya vibe to a machete-slicing breakdown.”

Stabbing In The Dark – Halloween

Stated as a “love letter to the night he came home,” the band drops subtle hints and details in the song about the movie. The song takes you through Michael’s escape from the asylum all the way to Haddonfield where the bloodfest begins.

SAVAGES – Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The song is about an entire cabalistic family and to not mess with them. Do we need to say anything else?

The Jig Is Up – Saw

This song is about the 2004 horror movie that broke molds. Saw was a new take on a blood bath film about a man trying to make his victims not take their life for granted… with interesting methods. This song is about his latest victims from the moment they press play on the recorder. And the song quite literally starts with the sound of a tape recorder. It’s the little things.

A Grave Mistake – The Crow

A tragic love story of a man and his wife murdered the night before their wedding. The Crow gave us an anti-hero that is avenging the death of him and his wife. The song is not only meant to be an homage to the movie, but to Brandon Lee (The Crow) who died while filming on set.

Rocking The Boat – Jaws

Shark. Boat attack. Jaws.

Enjoy Your Slay – The Shining

One of the greatest horror movies of all time deserves a song, right? Right. And Ice Nine Kills delivers. With little hints of the movie like “redrum,” and “Hey danny, come play with us”. What is super cool about this song is that the song is actually in the perspective of the hotel.

Freak Flag Fly – The Devil’s Rejects

Just like the movie The Devils Rejects, the song is raw, insane, and craziness. It definitely embodies the “watch who you fuck with” idea of the movie.

The World In My Hands – Edward Scissorhands

Written about one of the greatest movies of all time, this song captures the innocence of Edward as he’s cursed with weapons for hands. He sees how people are terrified and stand-offing from him and doesn’t understand why, but his light, Kim, is there. It finishes with the lyric “Cause when it snows, It falls to you from me” which captures the ending perfectly.

Merry Axe-Mas – Silent Night, Deadly Night

Silent Night, Deadly Night is a low-budget horror movie from 1984. While at the time not the greatest, it now holds it “cult classic” title. This also gave us the great and punny lyric of “Fa-la-la-la-la, Feliz navi-dead!”

Love Bites – An American Werewolf In London

Like the movie, this song has a ver sharp and sarcastic tone to it. It has comedic lyrics while still painting the gruesome picture that is American Werewolf In London.

IT Is The End – IT

The final chapter of both the album and music video series is “It Is The End”, clever. The movie is obviously about It, with the very clown-like and carnival feel to the vocals and overall song itself. With lyrics like “When I feast on your flesh” and “we all float down here” any fan of the franchise (definitely us) will appreciate this song.

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Words: Jace Chiappetta | Featured Photo: Ice Nine Kills

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Words and Featured Photo: Jace Chiappetta

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