Kingdom Hearts III DLC Trailer Set for September 9

Kingdom Hearts III is set to have a new trailer for the downloadable content “Re:Mind.” Square Enix will release the trailer on September 9 at 11AM EST / 8AM PST. “Re:Mind” is due out this winter, and if you missed the official trailer for it back in June you can watch it here.

There’s not too much known about the upcoming DLC, other than that we’ll finally be able to play as Roxas again. The official Twitter for Kingdom Hearts shared that a new trailer will release next week. What it could contain… we’re not really sure. What we ARE hoping for is some clarity, or maybe just a voiceover so it looks like Square put in any kind of effort. At the very least, we really want a release date.

It’s extremely likely that a release date will be given only because it’s supposed to launch sometime this year and we’re running out of days. The DLC was revealed earlier this year, the trailer in June, and that’s all we know about “Re:Mind” so far. Fans have a theory that Square Enix will show off the Kingdom Hearts III DLC at Tokyo Game Show 2019.

Kingdom Hearts III is available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The upcoming DLC is set to release at some point this winter. For PlayStation users, you can pick up a copy of Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far at any local store that carries video games if you wanna keep up with all the action. Xbox users, we’re so sorry.

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Words: Shae Arabella | Featured Photo: Square Enix

Kingdom Hearts 3 and the Colorful Gay Agenda

No, this isn’t about Soriku. If you’re a big fan of Kingdom Hearts, you’ve probably already seen this feature. Within the realm of the Toy Box world, based on Disney and Pixar’s Toy Story, you can find Andy‘s bedroom. Specifically, you can find colorful wooden letter blocks.

After meeting Woody, Buzz, Rex, and friends, the rag-tag trio of Sora, Donald, and Goofy can explore the world. Fans – who frankly have too much time on their hands – have realized that they can move the letter blocks.

You know when people say “a picture speaks a thousand words,” well this is one of those times.

Photo: Reddit r/gaming

Since finding this out, players have recreated the picture themselves. Courtesy of Square Enix throwing in the new selfie feature on Soras gummi phone, we’ve been blessed with all of this content. (But we still wanna know who taught Sora how to selfie. Also, if he taught Riku?)

While this may seem like an easy task to some, others have expressed their difficulties. Despite ‘gay’ being a three-letter word, it can be a time consuming task. This is mainly due to Donald and Goofy knocking down the blocks as you work as Sora to display them. There are an array of tweets from different players expressing how dedicated you have to be to accomplish this, some even taking upwards of an hour to spell the word out.

We don’t think this one counts, since it’s against the door. But we’ll let it slide just this once because gay rights!

Kingdom Hearts 3 is currently available on PS4 and Xbox One.

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Words: Shae Arabella | Featured Photo: Reddit r/gaming