NINE Blink 182 New Release Review

We have more than clarified that we are absolute die hard Blink 182 fans. But, In case you forgot, let’s reiterate some comments from our last article about them. We all have equal nostalgia for the good old days; Matt Skiba freaking ROCKS; Mark Hoppus is the dad we always wished we had; and Travis Barker is the best drummer this side of the 2000s. We are also learning to love band’s growth and progression. Yes, even as pop punk snobs.

Now that we have made that clear, let’s talk about the new album! Blink 182’s ninth studio album titled NINE (which we can’t help but believe Hoppus had to be a part of considering it’s obvious dad joke nature.) Released on September 20th 2019 through Columbia Records this album is dope, and we are about to tell you all about it.

Blink 182 Portrait
Photo: Blink 182 on Twitter

Perfect Punk Rock Trio

It’s not easy to pull off a trio as perfectly punk rock as Blink (honorable mention Green Day). We think new era Blink does just that as they provided us with plenty of insight into the new album’s sound. Releasing five unique singles over the past weeks has given us lots to look forward to. Hopefully you’ve read our full review on “I Really Wish I Hated You” and found out the many reasons why we adored it. Maybe you agreed, maybe not, and that’s okay because this album has a sound to satisfy everyone.

Songs like “Darkside” and “No Heart to Speak Of” have a lovely display of our homie Matt Skiba’s angelic, angsty, practically perfect vocals (I’m sweating.) “Happy Days” is classic Mark, a catchy playful pop punk sing along. This album displays that not only has Blink 182 evolved as a whole, but that they are cool with this new direction (YES, OWN THAT SHIT.)  If out of those five you haven’t found a single to bop along to, don’t give up on our boys just yet.

Some parts of this album might even send you into a nostalgic fit. One filled with liberty spikes, checkered vans, and your favorite pair of jnco jeans. But in a cool way, one that is not straying too far away from new age Blink.

Showcase Of Skills

The tour which wraps up today has been absolutely vital to this particular album. Why? Um HELLO, did you forget our favorite faux father-son relationship with Neck Deep? You better not have. Or we’re gonna tell. Plus, we can’t help but think maybe Blink was trying to recruit some fans outside of their normal element when listening to these tunes. Which we believe was a factor in their decision to bring Lil Wayne aboard.

If you were lucky enough to catch this tour than you know how much Blink STILL rips. If you didn’t get to see this tour, well we feel bad for you. Let us tell you, they made sure to give each member of the band an opportunity to showcase their perfected skills. Playing a set list full of oldies to satisfy our cravings for pre-Tom departure memories along with our favorite new jams helped up the ante for our excitement of this album. Because what’s more hyping than knowing first hand how good a song sounds live.

This full track list of killer hits sticks to what they know. So you’re in for an abundance of energy, lyrics that hit home, paired up with tempos that are so sick you better call a doctor (There’s your dad joke, Hoppus.) Plus it’s hella catchy!  

Photo: Dani King

“I Guess This Is Growing Up”

So we are here to say, it’s time to grow up and stop being so pretentious. Give this album a chance. There is a full money back guarantee that you’ll have no choice but to blast at least one (or two, or three, or ALL) of these jams. Whether it be while you’re dancing alone in the shower, power jamming on the guitar, or singing along with all your comrades at your favorite local dive.

Stream it on Spotify, Apple Music, or cop that album in stores. Appreciate the new version of Blink while staying true to your pop-punk roots.

WE SAID this album was going to be dope, and we were right. They are proud of it, and we are too.

Blink 182
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Words: Dani King | Featured Photo: NINE Album Cover

Is It Dangerous To Drive And Listen to Green Day?

green day

Music with a BPM (beats per minute) greater than 120 can have a negative impact on your driving.

South China University of Technology recently conducted a study analyzing driving performances when motorists listened to rock, light music and nothing at all.

Using a driving simulator, subjects were asked to navigate a six-lane motorway for 20 minutes at a time. The study concluded that the number of times a driver changed lanes increased from an average of 70 times per hour to more than 140 times per hour when listening to loud rock.

Additionally, not only did the subjects driving increase in aggressiveness when listening to their favorite albums, but their speed also increased by an average of 5mph, which may lead to traffic violations.

Another recent study also tested drivers when listening to various genres from the most popular rated 96 tracks on Spotify. Once again, heavier genres dominated the list of most dangerous tracks to listen to, and Green Day ranked most dangerous of all…

Most Dangerous

  1. “American Idiot” – Green Day
  2. “Party in The U.S.A” – Miley Cyrus
  3. “Mr Brightside” – The Killers
  4. “Don’t Let Me Down” – The Chainsmokers
  5. “Born to Run” – Bruce Springsteen

Least Dangerous 

  1. “Stairway to Heaven” – Led Zeppelin
  2. “Under the Bridge” – Red Hot Chili Peppers
  3. “God’s Plan” – Drake
  4. “Africa” – Toto
  5. “Location” – Khalid

What do you think of the ranking? Do you agree rock music can be dangerous to listen to when driving? Or do you prefer heavier songs for a road trip? Tweet us @MDRNMAG and let us know your thoughts!

Words: Natasha Fountain | Featured Photo: Pamela Littky

A Hella Mega Announcement

Hella Mega

This could possibly be Hella Mega, the biggest tour announcement in the history of Pop-Punk. Green Day just announced a tour with Weezer and Fall Out Boy today. And we’re not quite sure how to contain ourselves.

The trio dropped many hints throughout the week, with fans allegedly receiving mysterious products in the mail from an anonymous sender….

The announcement was finally made Tuesday afternoon! And what a Hella Mega announcement it is!

In addition to the tour, each band is also releasing a new album. Green Day with Father of All…, Weezer with Van Weezer, and Fall Out Boy with Greatest Hits: Believers Never Die – Volume 2.

So if you’re ready to “Dance, Dance” with your “Basket Case” friends on an “Island In The Sun” this tour will be perfect for you!

Hella Mega Tour
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Green Day
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Fall Out Boy
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Words: Jace Chiappetta | Featured Photo: Hella Mega

A Collection of Albums That Changed Our Lives


Music, as a whole, is a powerful thing. Its very existence has done so much good within our world. Whether it’s being used to score a movie or the musician is trying to make a political statement or its someone’s personal diary of life events; music has a way of majorly impacting us each as individuals and as a society. Here, at MDRN MAG, we’ve been reflecting on which albums had the biggest impact on our so far. From teaching music appreciation to building self-confidence to providing a friend in this big and scary world, music has done a lot for us.

So, here it is.

A collection of albums that changed the lives of the team here at Pop Sundae HQ.

David Bowie
June 27, 1986

Jace: This album and movie are what made me fall in love with music. The music is so magical, fun and captivating. It’s very David Bowie but with this majestical twist. The album has fun upbeat songs like “Magic Dance” and “Underground” as well as ballads such as “As the World Falls Down.” This was what got me into David Bowie, and since then he has been my idol. He has broken gender stereotypes and has NEVER been afraid to be himself. His music is awe-inspiring and beautiful. Only he would be able to write such an amazing album literally on his death bed. He is forever a legend.

American Idiot
Green Day
September 20, 2005

Celine: I remember saving up my allowance money to be able to purchase American Idiot, it was the first album I got with my ‘own’ money. It’s one of those albums I can listen to front to back without skipping any songs. As a kid it was my escape from reality, as an adult I understand the themes of the characters Green Day created. Certain songs just take me back to the careless kid I once was. Others, have helped me in darker times in my life.

March 13, 2007

Maeve: This album changed everything for me. I discovered it when my sister’s music was accidentally downloaded onto my iPod touch. I had grown sick of listening to the same songs over and over again on my way to school so I decided to listen to “That’s What You Get” on a whim. I was instantly hooked. I would soon listen to the album religiously and download all the Paramore songs I could get my hands on.

This album also introduced me to one of my future role models, Hayley Williams. My red hair was something that I didn’t like about myself because it made me different and I was an easy target for bullying. But seeing Hayley rock that red hair in the iconic “Misery Business” music video was the confidence boost my 12-year-old self needed to start accepting herself. Today, both my red hair and Paramore hold a special place in my heart and that’s all thanks to Riot!

Demi Lovato
September 20, 2011

Krista: I was just a kid when the album came out, but listening to it gave me a friend — if that makes sense. And as I got older, experienced and learned more, I’ve kept the album close to my heart. When I need a sad ballad to cry to, or something to dance to, or anything in between, I’ve got options. My sister bought me the album for Christmas the year it came out, and it gave me a connection to my favorite celeb. To this day, Demi’s still one of my favorite artists, and her music helped me through quite a lot. Not to mention, it was a record based on her recovery, and that’s always been important to me, too.

Mayday Parade
Mayday Parade
October 4, 2011

Kaiti: I accidentally happened upon this album years ago when “Stay” auto-played on YouTube. The video and the song had me in tears. I needed to hear more, so I looked up the band and album the song came from. Which led me to Mayday Parade’s self-titled album. This was my first real introduction to the pop-punk scene. For so long, for whatever reason, bands and people from within that world freaked me out. (Hello, 100% teeny bopper Disney boyband fan.) Upon discovering self-titled, I full-on submerged myself into MP’s music and began working my way through any band they worked with. I also added their Pandora station to my phone, which introduced me to a whole slew of new poppunk bands.

This genre of music became a home for me. It gave me friends and experiences and a life that I don’t think I could have had without it. I’m forever grateful that YouTube randomly played “Stay” for me all those years ago. And, to this day, it’s still my favorite Mayday Parade song.

Take Me Home
One Direction
November 9, 2012

Leeanna: The Take Me Home album by 1D changed my life in a positive way. I think it opened my eyes to appreciate music a little more. The album is full of bops and it definitely kicked my boyband obsession into full force. If One Direction can change my life in a positive way, then it can do the same to you. If you haven’t listened to this, I highly recommend you give it a listen. It’ll make you think more, make you dance more. And most importantly it would leave you feeling better than ever!

The Summer Set
April 16, 2013

Anna: Music has always been a huge part of my life, a way to escape when I didn’t want to be present in my own life. However, it wasn’t until February 27, 2014 that I realized music was more than an escape, it was a place that I fit in and was accepted. I was seeing The Summer Set play their new album Legendary in full in a venue that held 200 people. The venue was small and packed, but that’s the fun of an intimate. Right before they played the song “Rescue,” lead singer Brian Dales told everyone to look to their right and to their left, to put their arm around a stranger and welcome them into our family.

Five years later, that random stranger I put my arm around is my best friend. I learned that music is more than a rescue, it’s the place to turn to when you are in desperate need of a friend in the eye of a storm. If it wasn’t for Legendary, I wouldn’t have learned that the strongest friendships are the people who share the same love of music as you do.

5 Seconds of Summer
5 Seconds of Summer
June 27, 2014

Ashley: At the time I was dealing with a lot of bullying, I was feeling down a lot and when this album came out it was like it told me it’s ok to not be ok, that it’s cool to not fit in. I was at my lowest of lows. So when this album released I’d have my headphones on for my walk to work. Of course, I’d be singing loudly. That band has kept me out of the very dark place I used to be in. I’ll forever be appreciative of that.

Sounds Good, Feels Good
5 Seconds of Summer
August 23, 2015

Susie: This album had songs that helped me realize other people felt the same genuine pain that I did. These songs were, and still are, important to me because they are mature and understanding and unique songs that showed me these people, who are touring the world and doing what they love, they feel the way I feel sometimes. My pain, my brokenness, isn’t just mine, it’s theirs too, and they can overcome it. It’s possible that I can too.

J Cole
April 20, 2018

Gabby: I was going through a pretty dark time during this time, and I felt that most of the music on here spoke to me. He’s always known for rapping about social issues and dark things people go through, and I could relate to it (No I don’t mean the drugs, but the other messages within the album).

June 2, 2018

Justine: It was the first time I really listened to this group & they became such a positive impact on my life where I can hear any of their songs & instantly have a smile on my face.

There you have it!

These are the albums that changed our lives, but which ones changed yours the most? Feel free to share with us and let’s send out some recognition to the wonderful musicians who created these amazing pieces of work. It’s difficult to think where we’d all be without them and their contributions to the music industry.

Words: Kaiti Fleeger | Featured Photo: Vinyl Radar

My Oh My, It’s 2005


So we think that we’ve discovered time-travel and woken up in 2005.

Remember 2005, when it was pop punk mania? When all you thought about was teen angst, running away, and pizza. 2005 was the year of Green Day, Blink-182, Sum 41, All-American Rejects, and of course the supreme of them all, My Chemical Romance.

What if we told you that all of those bands, are releasing new music? THIS YEAR. Allegedly. You’d probably wonder what year it is, much like we am. So let’s walk through this together.

Green Day


According to Kerrang! radio host Sophie K, Green Day is set to release new music July 19th at 5pm. There are no exact details yet, but we’re sure hoping. Green Day last released music back in 2016 with album Revolution Radio. Hear Sophie talk about new Green Day music here.

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Blink-182 have a jam packed 2019. After already headlining the last Warped Tour and starting their own tour with Lil Wayne, Blink has an album set to release later this summer as well as a separate EP following the albums release. You can buy tickets to see Blink in a city near you here.

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Sum 41


Back in April, Sum 41 announced their new album Order in Decline, which is set to release July 19th. Since then they have released four new singles from that record; “Out for Blood”, “A Death in the Family”, “Never There”, and “45”. You can pre-order Sum 41‘s new album here.

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The All-American Rejects


Alas! After a teaser back in 2017, The All-American Rejects have announced that they are dropping an EP next week, on July 16th. Check out the announcement tweet here.

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My Chemical Romance


Now, this is probably as true as my tinder bio but…. Joe Jonas stated in an interview that when rehearsing for his upcoming tour MCR was “apparently rehearsing next to us.” Now like I said, this is all he said she said stuff. Each member is working on their own stuff at the moment, but who’s to say they can’t take a break from that too. The band has been playing with our emotions since the break-up back in 2013. I think it’s safe to say that all we deserve and want in life is an MCR reunion.

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Words: Jace Chiappetta | Featured Photo: New Found Glory