Halsey Takes Us to a Dream World with “Graveyard” Video


After being awoken at the Devil’s Hour to draw, Halsey takes us into her dream world with her new video for “Graveyard.”

One of the first scenes we see is of Halsey drawing a girl on her sketch pad, before that figure manifests beside her and the drawing of the mysterious girl she sketches comes to life. The girl, played by Sydney Sweeney, transports them into a dream carnival, filled with pretty lights, pastel colors, and complete with two moons.

After riding Ferris Wheels, froclicking around, and dancing in the completely empty carnival grounds, they step into the entrance of what seems like a funhouse before Halsey skips along leaving her mysterious partner outside.

This funhouse actually turns into the aquarium from her recent “Clementine” video for a few moments before Halsey passes out and appears swimming underwater as she floats back up into the carnival.

Realizing she is alone, she wanders through a now bleak, black and white carnival ground, completely opposite from the scenes before. The video ends with Hasley sitting back in her bedroom, which has now taken on the bleakness of the carnival.

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We love the mystery and hidden messages throughout the whole video, Halsey has not let us down yet with these visuals for her upcoming album, Manic! We can’t wait to see how the other videos and tracks intertwine with each other as her recent ones have.

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Words: Mar Maldonado | Featured Photo: Graveyard Artwork

Come With us as We Follow Halsey to the Graveyard

Halsey - Graveyard

On September 13th Halsey released her second single, “Graveyard” from her upcoming album Manic. Fans had patiently (well, as patient as fans can be) been waiting for a new single since “Nightmare” was released in May. A summer without a Halsey tour or a new single? We didn’t ask for that kind of summer.

Graveyard” is very different from the rough and tough vibes we got from “Nightmare.” Not that it’s surprising coming from Halsey. Because honestly, what can’t she do? This time the angry sound was put aside as “Graveyard” opens up with the calming sounds of an acoustic guitar. The strumming slowly fades into a softer pop melody. The lyrics, staying true to herself, aren’t as soft and calm. Halsey always keeps it real with her lyrics.

With this song, she takes us on an emotional journey through an abusive relationship with someone you love. That sometimes the ‘butterflies’ you are feeling are really a warning sign to run the opposite direction. To get out before you dig yourself too deep and follow someone “all the way to the graveyard.”

Along with this beautiful reminder to not let yourself get pulled in by the darkness surrounding someone else, we also FINALLY have a release date for Manic. The day before the song dropped, Halsey tweeted a link to manicthealbum.com with a time that signified when a livestream of her painting started. It went on for hours and fans watched in anticipation as she painted the album artwork for Manic. Now, the website is live and you can presave and preorder the album which will be released on January 17th!

Listen to “Graveyard” and watch a time-lapse video of Halsey painting the Manic artwork below!

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Words: Anna Grillo | Featured Photo: Graveyard Artwork

Halsey Buries Us With Graveyard Announcement


Our favorite Queen of Pop, Halsey, announced her new single, “Graveyard,” today. And we are so ready. This is the singers first single after her smash hit “Nightmare.”

Hmmm. “Nightmare”…”Graveyard”… We see a theme here. These songs will be featured on her upcoming album Manic, which has yet to be given a release day. From the titles given, we know that this album will be killer.

As always, her passionate and die hard fans were quick to express their feelings on the announcement.

MDRN MAG cannot wait to see what this Queen brings to the table. We already know that it will be spooky and perfect and we SO are here for it.

We’re ready for her to bury us all, then revive us with her amazing voice, but then slay us with this album.

“Graveyard” is released 13/9 but you can pre-order it here.

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Words: Jace Chiappetta | Featured Image: Halsey on Twitter