Final Fantasy 14 Developers Plan to Condense Main Storyline

Square Enix is no stranger to sometimes overbearing and overwhelming storylines. The game developers for Final Fantasy 14 are now working on condensing the main quest for 14‘s base game, A Realm Reborn.

The Final Fantasy series is known for certain storylines within games being a bit of a slog, but this one seems to be different. A Realm Reborn left many fans displeased. The developments were announced on Wednesday during a livestream that was shortly after translated from Japanese to English. The livestream was translated by a Square Enix forum community rep.

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The FFXIV team confirmed the main quest will be shortened. This comes after players have been getting multiple content updates, along with expansions that make the main quest longer than any game in the series before it. “We’re working on adjusting the A Realm Reborn main scenario to be more compact, and are aiming for patch 5.3,” the update from Square Enix forums reads. Many believe this is their effort to get people playing Shadowbringers, as patch 5.3 is months away.

In the meantime, here’s what you can look out for in patch 5.1

The first Shadowbringers beast tribe quest line, the extreme version of final Shadowbringers trial, and changes to crafting and gathering systems are among the new update. Along comes part one of the YoRHa Nier alliance raids, and circles; a new feature for community groups that are less restrictive. Developers also took into account what the fans had been asking for, and confirmed that they are already working on some requests. For example, facial hair for male Hyur character, more hairstyles, increased armory space, the ability to preview battle voice options when making characters, and Y’shtola‘s Black Mage outfit as a glamour item.

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Words: Shae Arabella | Featured Photo: Square Enix