M3F Festival’s Lineup is Out Of This World


Nothing creates better memories than those nights with close friends, cold beer and loud music. That’s the appeal of the modern music festival – a joining of minds towards a single cause. The celebration of sound, good times, and maybe a little mayhem along the way. Ten years from now, you may not remember who spilled their drink on your favorite shirt, but you WILL remember the way you felt, the people you were with, and the way you felt as you swayed in time to the throbbing rhythm of the bass.

That, my friends, is the M3F Festival. It’s more than a festival. It’s the memories that come from going, it’s knowing that the festival is all about giving back to the community. But, if that’s not enough to convince you, let’s outline here what you’re missing if you don’t attend.

Photo: SilkyShots

M3F Festival started back in 2004 when a construction company got the brilliant idea to put on a music festival to give back to their community. Since 2004, M3F Festival has raised over $2 Million for charity. Charities including the Phoenix Children’s Hospital, The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Teach for America and Habitat for Humanity of Northern Arizona.

Photo: SilkyShots

Not only is this a festival with a huge heart behind it, but it’s also a festival with a KILLER line up each year. M3F has hosted killer acts such as, Odesza, Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real, Empire of the Sun, Griz, Flume, Beck, Kid Cudi, Chromeo, Father John Misty, Grouplove, The Avett Brothers, The Revivalists, The Roots, The Shins, Slightly Stoopid, and many others. And 2020 is going to be no different, this line up is definitely one to remember.

Courtesy of M3F Festival

You’re probably sitting there saying “what an AMAZING line-up!” Because that is EXACTLY what I said. The moment I saw that I went straight to buy tickets and I’m sure you’re wanting to do the same thing.

So, you can check out the specific set times here, and you can buy your tickets here! You can purchase tickets for a single day, or for the full event. (Why wouldn’t you want to go the entire weekend, though? You saw the line-up, right? The video is right there!).

M3F Festival
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Words: Celine Martinez | Featured Photo: Jsiegel

Coachella 2020: Rage Against the Machine, Travis Scott and Frank Ocean Headline


Even though the full lineup was just announced, Weekend 1 of this year’s Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is already sold out, and if you see the line-up, you’ll understand exactly why. Taking over Coachella Valley April 10th – 12th and April 17th – 19th, the infamous music festival looks like it will be another hit and the line up this year is legendary! Not only are Rage Against the Machine, Travis Scott and Frank Ocean headlining both weekends, but the list of artists spans almost every genre.

Other artists include Calvin Harris, Megan Thee Stallion, 21 Savage, Lewis Capaldi, Disclosure, YUNGBLUD, Lana Del Ray, and Lil Nas X.

Presale for weekend 2 of the festival starts Monday and tickets range from $429 + Fees to $999 + Fees, and for this all-star lineup, it’s definitely worth it. Did any of your favorite artists make the lineup this year? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @MDRNMAG!

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Words: Mar Maldonado | Featured Photo: Coachella

Area 51 Raid Essentials

area 51

Unless you live in outer-space or under a rock, you know that tomorrow is a very important day. Tomorrow is the infamous “Storm Area 51” day.

Area 51

Now, while this was made as a joke event, the government is taking this very serious. Because… ya know, some people just don’t get the joke.

However, if you are one of those people that will be attending… MDRN MAG has a list of essentials that you should bring with you. Just to keep you safe.

Your Phone

Area 51

No, this is not for recording and taking pictures… This is for you to phone home to have your mama pick you up from jail when you get arrested for trespassing.

A Tin Foil Hat

Area 51

If you know anything about surviving aliens, it’s that a tin foil hat will always help you from them getting inside your head. Works every time. Like a charm. And doesn’t look stupid at all.

A Metal Face Mask

Area 51

Okay we know this one sounds crazy but hear us out. In Alien remember when the alien attached itself to Kane‘s mouth… then that iconic chestbusting scene happened… Yeah well we’re trying to prevent that from happening to you. You’re welcome.

A Reinforced Truck or Tank

Area 51

Not only is it a sweet ride but you can essentially protect yourself from aliens, zombies, and people in general. We can’t promise results. But we can promise you will look cool.

Tickets to Alienstock

So regular people who know that this was a joke event decided to capitalize and create an actual music festival for the event. This is something that people will actually be going to. So once you’re released from jail, if there’s time or you get cold feet, you can attend the free event. It’s said to have a classified line-up out of this world.

So, what to you think? Are you going to raid Area 51? If you do, we really hope you take our advice with these essentials.

Let us know how you make out on Twitter.

Words: Jace Chiappetta | Featured Photo: Bud Light

Alienstock: A Music Festival for True Believers

Alienstock Festival

Get your Naruto run ready, nothing is going to stop an alien enthusiast from storming Alienstock Festival. Facebook could shut down the event page “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All Of Us”, but that doesn’t mean it would stop the two million Facebook users who said they’re going. It’s definitely not going to stop Matty Roberts, the creator of the Facebook event, and The Hidden Sound, an event producer, from storming the surrounding area.

The event page quickly became a viral meme. It claimed that the government couldn’t stop everyone if they all “Naruto ran” straight into Area 51 on September 20th. Although most people who said they were attending the event were most likely joking, there are plenty of people out there who are curious what is hiding in Area 51. Hopefully, curious enough to attend an alien themed music festival.

Roberts and The Hidden Sound wanted to celebrate the viral Facebook meme. They went to Rachel, NV (the closet town to Area 51), to ask if they could hold the festival. And to give all the true believers a place they could gather and discuss theories. Then these two spoke with industry-leaders of the music festival world to come up with a plan to organize the chaos this event created. Luckily for alien and music lovers alike, the small town with a population of 50 people welcomed the opportunity to turn their home into a festival.

Currently there isn’t any word on who will be performing here. However, it’s confirmed that it will be held on September 19th-22nd. The most information we have now is the promise of live music, arts, and camping under the stars.

Attending Alienstock Festival?

The event is free to attend, you don’t even need an alien to get in! Check out the website for information on parking/camping. You will also find directions, as well as a place to donate money to the festival. As well as any other details you may be curious about before attending.


Words: Anna Grillo | Featured Photo: Alienstock Festival

Forever Warped


The encore to an amazing 25 year show that no one wants to leave.

I couldn’t wait for summer and the Warped Tour

Blink-182 ‘The Rock Show’

Blink-182 got those lyrics right for the millions of people who have attended Warped Tour for the past 25 years. So you could imagine that this weekend was especially special and emotional for many. As someone who has been attending Warped since she was 12, it was definitely a hard goodbye.

Warped Tour was always the best part of the summer. 20+ bands across multiple stages along, a crowd of people who just enjoy music, and some light moshing and crowd surfing. That’s Warped. So what do you do for the very last one? You make it bigger.

The bands weren’t the only thing warped had to offer this year. Warped Tour went back to the basics from years ago and had a skateboard ramp, motor cross track, wrestling ring, and a Warped Tour Museum.

This weekend was the last time the east coast will ever see Warped. Across Atlantic City beach with 4 stages, 60,000 people traveled from up and down the east coast to attend the 2-day event.


Photo by Vans Warped Tour
The first day was a little rough. It was obvious that the security and vendors didn’t know exactly what was about to happen, so things got a bit messy. You had to stand in line for food for about 40 minutes. There were only 2 hydration stations where you could fill your water bottles and that alone was about a 45 minute wait. The security by the stages were having a lot of fun playing catch and release with amount of crowd surfers that there were.

That night around 5pm, in the middle of Atmosphere‘s set, Warped Tour had to call an emergency evacuation because of a storm that was coming. The evacuation only lasted an hour until everyone was allowed back in and the party resumed, thankfully.

The highlight of my day one was seeing Simple Plan and Good Charlotte for the first time! These bands were the staple of my childhood and the fact that I saw both from front row was so surreal to me.

Simple Plan easily blew the crowd away with their set. It was pop-Punk perfection. Opening with “I’d do anything” and closing with “Perfect” and smash hits in-between, it was non-stop beautiful chaos.

Good Charlotte‘s set was a little rough around the edges but that is what made it all the better. They came on after the evacuation of the beach. So as we were filing back in, they were setting back up. This caused some technical difficulties. Joel was having some troubles with his microphone and Benji’s mic just wasn’t working at all. Their performance was overall too low compared to how loud the others were.

Did these setbacks prevent the crowd from having the time of their lives? No! They had the crowd jumping, surfing, and screaming despite the troubles. They didn’t let a little rain slow down their last Warped Tour performance.

Following Good Charlotte was Bad Religion, 311, and A Day To Remember. As the night went on, the crowd got crazier. More and more crowd surfers and mosh pits. But hey, that’s Warped Tour!

Day 1 was a total success… Stay tuned for Day 2!

  • travie-mccoy-warped-tour-25-years
  • simple-plan-warped-tour-25-years
  • good-charlotte-warped-tour-25-years
  • good-charlotte-warped-tour-25-years

Photos: Jace Chiappetta

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Words: Jace Chiappetta | Featured Photo: Vans Warped Tour

Warped Tour: Summer Camp Goes to the Beach

Warped Tour

Most kids spend their summer vacation at camp making crafts, playing games, and running around having the time of their life. Growing up by the beach meant I always had a place to run around and play, so I never spent weeks hanging out in a cabin or swimming in a lake. That is, until I was 14 years old and my parents FINALLY let me go to the only summer camp I have ever wanted to attend: The Vans Warped Tour. It was the ultimate punk rock summer camp that came to a town near you one day every summer with it’s loud music and kids running around wearing black skinny jeans on the hottest day of summer leaving a trail of rubber wristbands and stickers over the entire venue.

Each year you would wait to see which of your favorite bands would be on the Warped Tour lineup, and it was always a bunch of them. That meant being prepared for a day packed full of your favorite music, lots of meet and greets, and running from one stage to another that is ALL the way at the other end of the venue. And planning it out the night before? Think again. You and everyone else were running into that venue right to the inflatable schedule that told you who played where at what time, and that changed for every single city they stopped at. Every band played a 30 minute set, whether they opened the local stage or closed main stage. But the time has come to end such an important era, and after 25 years Warped Tour finally called a quits.

“Couldn’t wait for the summer and the Warped Tour
– Blink-182

Photo: Daniel Rojas

Such a staple in the current punk/rock music scene couldn’t end without one last hoorah. Warped Tour planned to celebrate 25 years with two mini festivals, each spanning an entire weekend, on the beach in Atlantic City, NJ and Mountain View, CA – with a show in Cleveland, Ohio to celebrate their exhibit in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I was lucky enough to be one of those 60,000 people this weekend who ran onto the beach to the inflatable schedule to see when I would be seeing some of my favorite bands play Warped Tour for the last time.

In true Warped Tour fashion, the days were long and the water lines were even longer. The land breeze on the beach made the days hotter than they should’ve been and there was sand in places sand should never be, but I wouldn’t change even a second of the weekend. I watched bands play that I first saw and fell in love with at Warped Tour and I saw bands that I never, in my wildest dreams, thought I’d ever see playing this tour.

We will never grow out of this feeling that Warped Tour gives us.

I love that they took their normal setup and planted it on the beach. All of the bands had their merch tents and a bunch of organizations were there to grab your attention to support a good cause. They kept the standard of having multiple stages, leaving the dreaded and all too familiar realization that two of your favorite bands may have overlapping set times or are playing back to back. Do you have time to run from Main Stage to Full Sail University Stage? Or should I hear the first half of one set to make it to the end of another? It definitely can cause a stressful day, but it’s a type of stress that we’ve learned to strive on.

There was a halfpipe for skateboarders, people riding motocross, a lot of people wrestling (in an actual ring, not in a pit), and a guy shot himself out of a cannon. It was exactly what you would expect when you hear Vans was part of a punk rock music festival. The 25th anniversary not only kept the spirit of Warped Tour alive, but it gave an entirely new memory to people who have been going to this beloved festival year after year. Never before could I be floating in the ocean while hearing my favorite band play live.

Every summer camp has to come to an end

Attending my last Warped Tour was a bittersweet moment. The first time I went I didn’t think I would make it out alive. I finally got to tag along with my big sister to this punk rock show. I was still new to the scene and my main focus was to see my favorite band at the time. My sister kept telling me how I could meet them at this show. So we left early in hopes that I would be the first in line. But, five minutes from our house one of our car tires completely flew off. We had to call for help, wait for our mom to show up, and switch cars just so we could go. Of course when we got there we were late, the m&g was at capacity, and my 14 year old self was nearly in tears in a parking lot.

My sister calmed me down but after seeing my favorite band I wanted to go. I was hot, exhaustion was setting in and I couldn’t afford to buy a water bottle because I spent too much money on merch. Luckily, my sister said we couldn’t leave. She came to see Yellowcard and we weren’t leaving until they played. They just happened to be the last band to play the main stage that day. I waited as the sun started to set and everyone piled into the amphitheater to hear the last band of the day play.

There’s just no one that gets me like you do, Warped Tour

Photo: The Artist Spotlight circa 2012

I remember, in the middle of the set, complaining to my sister that I couldn’t see, that there were so many people and I was too short. She helped me stand up on the arm rests of the seats, quickly doing the same, right as they started playing “Only One”. Happy that I could see and that it finally cooled down, I sang along as loud as I possibly could but I couldn’t even hear myself, everyone was singing every word as loud as possible and it was in that moment that I knew surrounded by all these people, with this music playing, this is where I will always belong.

Thank you to all the big sisters and brothers, parents, friends, and cousins who have taken someone to their first punk rock summer camp. It may be coming to an end, but so many memories were created over the past 25 years on one tour. But most importantly, thank you Kevin Lyman and The Vans Warped Tour for giving me a place that I knew I would always fit in. It may be over, but we will always be Forever Warped.

Vans Warped Tour
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Words: Anna Grillo | Feature Image: Vans Warped Tour

Festival Essentials: What You DO and DON’T Need

Going to a festival soon, and not sure what to bring? We’ve got you covered. Keep reading for a breakdown of all your festival essentials.


Your ticket: DUH

Money (cash and cards): Because capitalism is still a thing and nothing is free.

A tent: Weather is a thing that exists.

A sleeping bag: Hypothermia is not a myth.

A roll mat: You’re worth it. And they’re lighter than an air bed.

A blanket: To cover up while you make a quick dash for the bathroom in the middle of the night. Could also double as a cape if you decide to have a fashion show.

Re-useable water bottle: Save the planet. And carry out alcohol at the same time.

Phone: How else are you going to get photos of you doing drunk stuff to post on Instagram later?

Portable charger (or 5): How else are you going to keep your phone charged, so you can get photos of you doing drunk stuff to post to Instagram later?

Torch: I promise you when you’re trying to find your tent in the dark at 3am, they WILL all look the same. A head-torch would also be useful so you can have your phone for selfies in one hand, and alcohol in the other.

Bin bags: Who wants to pack their muddy clothes and raincoats in with everything else.

A guitar: Everyone needs an instrument for a campfire sing along.


Wellies: When the heavens open up and rain down from above, you don’t want to find yourself dredging though a sea of mud, running a pair of trainers you bought because you thought they would look ‘cute on Instagram’.

Welly Socks: Pack more of these than packs of glitter. Welly rub is not your friend. And you can be sure it’ll be even worse if it rains. Cover a distance higher than your wellies – and you can dance all night long.

Underwear: Heres hoping I don’t need to explain why…

Clothes to wear: Again hoping I don’t need to explain why…

Waterproof Coat: WITH a hood. Otherwise its just a cute jacket.

Sunglasses: If the sun does decide to grace you with its presence, its helpful to be able to see in front of you. If you’re squinting, you might face plant the mud in front of you.

Hat: The quirkier the better, its easier for your friends to find you when you inevitably get lost if your hat is a bit silly.

Ear Plugs: There’s always someone who snores louder than you thought was possible.

Eye-Mask: If you’re at a festival in the summer, it starts to get light at a ridiculous hour, and if you’re ready to go to sleep before that, you’re not living your best festival life.


Coffee: “But first, coffee”.

Alcohol: Because festival alcohol is expensive. And probably not available at 6am.

Food: Because £/$12 for a burger is daylight robbery. Pot noodles are cheap if you have cooking facilities you can take (BBQ, gas fire).


Toilet-Roll: DUH.

Deodorant: Smelling good is better than smelling bad.

Hand sanitiser: You’ll regret it if you don’t.

Sunscreen: Sunburn is not a myth.

Towel: How else are you going to dry off after a shower or a morning sink wash?

Toothbrush and Toothpaste: Nothing is worse than your friend having to tell you that you have bad breath.

Dry Shampoo: There’s only so much greasy hair you can cover with glitter.


Medication: You may want to check with the festival before hand on what their medication policy is. Be prepared to bring proof with you for your bag check.

Others: Plasters, after-sun cream, antiseptic cream, burn stuff, condoms.


Many items are prohibited, and these can vary festival by festival. Do your research before hand so you don’t get stuck with a gazebo or gas fire you can’t dispose of. Later equipment, animals (unless guide dogs), speakers, fireworks, professional filming equipment, drones, and more may also be prohibited. Check with the festival before you travel, and be prepared to be searched on arrival.

Words: Natasha Fountain | Featured Photo: Isle Of Wight Festival

YUNGBLUD Is A ‘Riot’ At Isle Of Wight Festival

By far the best of the entire weekend.

After having his passport stolen only 5 days prior, Dominic Harrison, better known as YUNGBLUD, was forced to cancel two shows on his upcoming tour (Vancouver, Portland) and postpone another (Seattle).

Unfortunately now stranded in the UK, Isle Of Wight Festival attendees were informed of the news two days later, with just 3 days notice, of his addition to the Saturday lineup. Already stranded, why not play a show?

Appearing for a modest 50 minutes on the sheltered big top stage, YUNGBLUD‘s performance at the Isle Of Wight Festival was phenomenal start to finish. The high energy performance included fan favourites “Tin Pan Boy“, 21st Century Liability“, “Anarchist‘, “Loner“, and newly released track “Parents“. Inclusive to this, unreleased track “Ice Cream Man” was showcased in his typical punk rock style, partying just as they did for popular released tracks.

Noted on the leg of his red jumpsuit paired with his trademark pink socks, his performance was a ‘riot’. The crowd jumped in a unified frenzy to the punk rock tracks, whilst YUNGBLUD himself ran the stage end-to-end, with multiple high leg kicks, and seductive dancing; playing up to the cameras recording his set – later released on youtube in consequence of changes to the American leg of his current tour.

The crowd acted as instructed, jumping when commanded in a mosh-pit fashion. YUNGBLUD‘s energy was felt all across the tent, not just through the middle mosh section. Even passerby’s were pulled into the tent to witness the anarchy unfold. If they didn’t know who he was before, they do now.

Grab a ticket to see YUNGBLUD on his upcoming UK, Europe and American tour, or at one of his festival appearances here.

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Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube

Words: Natasha Fountain | Photo: Isle Of Wight Festival