The Best Of “I’m gonna tell my kids…”

gonna tell

This one was a bit too soon.

We’re not laughing at all…


This one is just too close to the truth.

Legends being legends.

*Cue spit take*

We believe it.

Get us right in the feels, why don’t ya.

But they’re not lying…

Probably the most accurate one we’ve seen.

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We’re On A Watermelon Sugar High, Blame Harry Styles

Watermelon Sugar

We finally got her ladies and gents. She’s here and she’s a bop! “Watermelon Sugar” is serving us summer in winter in the most Harry Styles fashion.

“Watermelon Sugar” gives us a very specific vibe. Now, imagine this:

It’s summer break, end of June specifically and you and your friends went on a week long vacation to Miami/Jamaica or somewhere along those lines. You meet this mysterious guy that you can’t help but swoon for, but you’re scared to really do anything because you’re only there for a week. He’s trying to win you over, to prove it’ll be worth it. He begs you to go on just one date and you agree. It’s sunset and he takes you dancing to this place only locals know of. You realize you cannot resist his charm and after slight resistance you dance with him as “Watermelon Sugar” starts playing. From there you have your dance montage signifying that despite your resistance you’re falling for him. Ending the dance with a twirl into his arms ending in an almost kiss with intense eyeing each other.

Okay so now that our small fanfic AU moment is over…
Watermelon Sugar

Right before his double duty debut on SNL last night, Harry Styles dropped “Watermelon Sugar” and well… You know the deal. Twitter. Blew. Up.

We knew we were going to hear the song no matter what last night, becasue he was set to perform it live for one of his two performances. What we didn’t expect was the studio version dropping literally right before SNL went live.

Let’s let Twitter sum up some of our feelings.

Listen to “Watermelon Sugar” here.

Watch “Watermelon Sugar” performed live on SNL here.

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Harry Styles & Fan Reactions To New Music Rumors

Harry Styles


Rumors of new Harry music has been around since the Rolling Stones article, and since then the littlest things have only fueled the fans more. But earlier this week the rumor has turned into more of a… IT’S FINALLY HERE, AND NOT A RUMOR.

It started with a simple tweet…

Then in cities like LA, New York, and London, posters that say “Do You Know Who You Are” with the Treat People With Kindness logo have been spotted.

It’s safe to say that twitter has been going crazy.

When will the new music actually drop? Friday October 11 is National Coming Out Day. And Styles being such an avid supporter of the LGBTQ+, would make this the perfect day for him to drop something big.

There’s not much official information. But what is official is that we need this now. And that we’ll probably die. And that we really really love Harry Styles.

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