Movies To Look Forward To In 2020

2020 is going to be a huge year for the entertainment industry! Music, fashion, TV, and of course, movies! The new year hasn’t even really started yet and we’ve already got an all-star line up of movies that are going to make the next year so memorable!

The Year Of Bad-Ass Women

They said: “Superhero movies but make it bad-ass women.”

Next year it seems we’re getting the dose of Femme Fatal that we crave because our favorite women are back and ready to kick some ass. The first movie to come out of this gorgeous tri-Fecta is Birds Of Prey on February 7th.

Birds Of Prey: And The Fabulous Emancipation of Harley Quinn is set to follow Harley Quinn after her break-up with the Joker, which is where the subtitle comes from. This movie has been getting mixed reviews due to the Harley Quinn studded trailers but either way… We’ll be there for the first screening.

March 27th we get one of the most anticipated Disney live action movies, Mulan. Sure there’s no musical number, Shang, or Mushu. But we get to see a kick-ass woman bring honor to her family. We have high hopes.

Black Widow is next to come out on May 1st, and I think it’s safe to say that this is the movie we’ve been waiting for almost 10 years now. If anyone deserves their own stand alone-movie, it’s Natasha Romanoff. Marvel just wanted to twist the knife one more time. Oh and David Harbour is in it.

Wonder Woman 1984 comes out June 9th and we’re ready to see Gal Gadot in her element. She plays Diana with such elegant, poise, and edge, we cannot wait to see what else she brings. And her together with Chris Pine… *Chef’s Kiss*


Next year we’re getting our spooks in because we’re getting movie after movie. Starting January 3rd with The Grudge.

The Grudge that is set to release is a reboot of the original movies. It stars Harold and Kumar‘s, John Cho. However, this movie will be far from funny. As we can see from the trailer and poster it will feature the iconic shower scene… Which is unsettling enough.

Next, we have The Turning, which comes out January 24th. This movie is a modern take on the book and movie The Turning of The Screw. It stars our generations‘ price of darkness, Finn Wolfhard, along with Mackenzie Davis.

A Quiet Place 2 comes out March 20th, and we’re already holding in our screams. The first movie was a surprise box office smash, so naturally a second one had to be made.

Alas, Halloween Kills is set to release this year. It serves as a direct sequel to the 2018 Halloween movie. Of course, starring queen Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie as she yet again, battles Michael. This time around she gives no fear and is ready to protect her family at all costs. We stan.


There are so many family flicks coming to the big screen next year so get the kiddo’s ready!

RDJ is back in theaters January 17th but this time as Dr. Dolittle. Dolittle takes place in 19th-century England (so he has an accent), having Dolittle and his creature friends on a mission to get a cure for a sickness that the Queen has.

Sonic The Hedgehog is a movie that’s centered around quite the controversy. After being pushed back due to fan backlash to the original design, it’s back and ready for release on Valentines day. Though the new design is 1000% better, people are still hesitant. If you need a reason to go see it, here’s one: Jim Carrey.

Next for release is SCOOB!, which seems to be a quite animation of how Shaggy and Scooby became best friends to them being abducted by aliens. This looks like the cute family film it’s meant to be. We just have one small complaint, and that’s Matthew Lillard isn’t the voice of Shaggy… But we’ll still be there!

Ghostbusters: Afterlife is the next installment in the OG Ghostbusters saga. Featuring (no surprise here) Finn Wolfhard, the amazing Paul Rudd, and up-and-coming star McKenna Grace. July 11th we’ll see Finn and McKenna vs Ghosts. Sign us up!

Action / Adventure

2020 is going to be action packed!

To start the year off right, we get a ‘sequel’ we’ve been waiting for, Bad Boys For Life. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence have the ultimate comedic duo chemistry, which is why the first two films did so well. We’re ready for them to come back better and funnier than ever.

The Gentleman which comes out the 24th of January, features a star-studded cast. Matthew McConaughey, Hugh Jackman, Collin Ferrel, Henry Golding, Hugh Grant, and Charlie Hunnam. It’s the British vs Oklahoma of all places.

No Time To Die is the end of a brilliant saga. This is Daniel Craig‘s last go as 007 himself, James Bond. After 15 years, this James Bond story will be over. There’s already talks about the next 007, but let’s get through this hard break up in April first.

Godzilla VS Kong, another fun action-packed battle between 2 giant-sized monsters! Starring Millie Bobby Brown and Alexander Skarsgård, this film will crush it.


As you can tell from the beginning, this is another year for comics!

Morbius is personally one of our highest anticipated films. Jared Leto as a vampire… Yes, please. July 31st cannot come fast enough. All we can think is what if we get both Toms and Jared in one movie together… Wow… Magic.

Even though there are no details yet, according to IMDB the sequel to Venom is set to come out October 2nd! No plot or casting is confirmed yet, but we’re ready and waiting!

The Eternals. When Disney announced this during D23, it’s safe to say that the internet went crazy. With an all-star cast and highly anticipated characters coming to life… November 6th cannot come fast enough.


What’s a year without laughter! There’s some new movies coming our way and sequels to legendary movies that we’re not ready for.

April 24th Bad Trip hits theaters! This is basically Eric Andre‘s take on the Jackass movies… But not as intense… Unsuspecting public + pranks + hidden cameras can never go wrong.

Free Guy comes out July 3rd and honestly, just by the trailer we can tell we’ll see this movie like 3 times. This movie looks like a live-action GTA game mixed with Tron and Deadpool. That sounds pretty amazing ngl.

Coming to America, Eddie Murphy is back and we’re living. After his hosting gig at SNL and seeing Dolemite Is My Name, we are more than ready for this comeback August 7th!

On August 21st they’re back and more excellent than ever! Bill & Ted Face The Music is the movie we’ve been waiting 29 years for! The last Bill & Ted movie came out in 1991… So it’s safe to say we’re due for some more Keanu.

Which movies are you most excited for in 2020!? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter!

Words & Featured Photo: Jace Chiappetta

Harry On SNL Was …How Do You Say… Perfection


We were blessed by the stan gods Saturday night, because Harry Styles himself pulled double duty on SNL. Meaning he not only performed, but he hosted… Meaning we have lots of Harry content.

Harry Styles Twerk GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

We’re gonna give you a full breakdown of the episode. Everything from the hair, the accents, and the shade. *sips tea*

Let’s start with the Monologue

Our first look at our golden boy, and wow he was serving looks. During his monologue for SNL he decided to “play the piano” while drinking a martini at the same time. What a talented king. During this monologue, he teased us with the idea of One Direction being there but quickly shooting it down. Definitly giving us classic Harry “Or is ittttttttt” vibes. During this small One Direction moment, Harry shades a certain ex-member of the band. Saying they’re his brothers “Niall, Liam, Louis... and uh… Ringo

In addition to the 1D teasing, he also took a couple shots at himself and all his “serious relationships” that only last “one incredible night together”. Hey… We’ll take what we can get.

Lunch Run – Sketch

This one was especially special for us Harries because to us, Intern Rob from the UK looks exactly like another spacial person we know…

Yeah… It’s safe to say we all cried a little bit.

In this sketch we have Intern Rob going to get lunch for everyone, and he thinks that going to Popeyes to get 15 chicken sandwiches in a very different part of town is okay… Keenan Thompson, Ego Nwadim, and Chris Redd are heavily advising him against it. But Rob claims he is the intern and it’s what he has to do. Ending it to show “Jordan Peele presents: White Get Out. Starring Harry Styles

Joan Song – Digital Short

This was probably the one thing we didn’t know we needed in our life. In this digital musical number we see Joan singing about how her 12lb Chihuahua is her boyfriend and how she would like to imagine what her dog would say to her. Cue the dog transforming into Harry Styles. Trust us… Watch it. You won’t be disappointed.

Airline Pilots – Sketch

In this sketch we have two horny airline pilots and a broken intercom. A perfect set up for all of the concerned passengers aboard. We don’t know what is funnier… The passengers reaction to the pilots crude-ish comments, their reaction to the pilots talking about how old the plane is… Or maybe just maybe (and it is for us) it’s Harry‘s southern accent.

That’s The Game – Digital Short

Okay, so this one sent all of our Harry Styles AU fanfic dreams into hyperdrive. Here we have Quan (Redd) trying to take over the gang and be the “king” and Dante (Thompson), who is the actual head of the gang, confront him. Quan thinks he has everything under control with his two goons by his side, one of them being our man Harry.

Yes ladies and gents! We got our gang member Harry, complete with face tattoos and long braided pigtails. We’re just gonna look past the 21 Jump Street “My names Jeff” accent he pulls in this one. We also got Harry saying “Bruhhhhh” and yes, we’ve been sending that to everyone we know.

Childbirth Class – Sketch

To say that we were -how you say?- DYING during this sketch is an understatement. A couple from Iceland takes a child birthing class and is experiencing a whole different pregnancy than the other couples. While the other couples are tired, sick, and sore, our boy and his wife are feeling “sexy as hell”. Also did we mention… BLONDE HARRY STYLES!

Sara Lee – Sketch

It’s safe to say that this was easily the best sketch of the night. Dylan (Harry) is in charge of Sara Lee‘s Instagram, and he’s been getting his personal account mixed up with the work account. Dylan has made some very interesting comments and captions that we’re not even going to tell you… You have to watch for yourself. And then we encourage you to go check out the real Sara Lee Instagram page and read the comments…

Baby Faye and Her Newsboys – Sketch

This sketch doubles as a musical number! Who are we to say no to Harry Styles singing!? Here we see a broadway musical that has just been going on for way too long. This musical has had the same cast for almost 40 years, and we see them ache and break.

Funeral DJ’s – Sketch

We just need you to watch this one on your own. It’s too perfect to explain. Just know that we expect this exact thing to happen at our funerals. This EXACT thing… Like Harry Styles need to actually be there.

Jason – Digital Short (Cut for Time)

This is another Harry song or should I say rap we were blessed with. Here we have Jason (Harry) as the popular jock and his big brother as the school nerd, who feels left out. Jason decides to rap to him how much he loves his big brother… And sex.

Lights Up

Harry gave us a stripped down version of “Light’s Up” that some how we cried even more at than the studio version.

Watermelon Sugar

Harry served us a fresh plate of perfection with his debut of “Watermelon Sugar“. And we are not okay. We’re on a (watermelon sugar) high from this performance.

You can watch the full episode of Harry on SNL here.

What did you think of his SNL performance? Let us know in the comments and on Twitter!

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Mean Girls Quiz: Who Said It?

mean girls

Do you think you to the groolest movie of all time? Do you know all the clap-backs and quotes in Mean Girls?

Well, take this super fetch (we made it happen) quiz to find out!

[onionbuzz quizid=22][/onionbuzz]

We hope you did good… or else you totally cannot sit with us.

Mean Girls
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Villains Brings A Whole New Meaning To Chemistry


Villains is a fun, face-paced, horror-esque comedy that leaves us happy.

We know. That doesn’t sound quite right. It’s definitely a ‘you have to see it, to get it movie.’

Sure, it’s funny. Sure, there are jump scares. But for us what really stands out is the crazy chemistry between Jules (Maika Monroe) and Mickey (Bill Skarsgård).

This movie focuses on a couple that is on the run trying to create a life together, while robbing gas stations. After their car breaks down, they break into a house to steal another car only to find a little girl trapped in the basement.

When the owners of the house come home we learn that they are in fact the villains in the story. They kidnapped the little girl and have… weird… tactics. The story turns into a villains vs villains, cat and mouse story. And ultimately we’re rooting for the robbers.

What is so amazing about this movie is the chemistry. We learn little to no backstory about Mickey and Jules. We just know that they want to make a seashell business in Florida, Jules was in foster care, and they are so madly in love.

The movie has to heavily rely on natural chemistry between the two actors because like we said, that’s really all you know about them; their undying love for each other. It’s the kind of relationship that you find yourself subconsciously smiling at. Those are the ones that are hard to create on-screen. But writer-directors Dan Berk and Robert Olsen nailed it on the head.

Not only is the chemistry between Mikey and Jules electric but the whole cast as well. With just a small cast of 5, they really bring it to the table and give ensemble’s a run for their money.

This movie is definitely a must see. The film is only playing in select theaters in select cities so be sure to look for your local showtimes!

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The Net-Flicks You Didn’t Know You Needed


Now-a-days everyone has Netflix, whether you pay for it yourself or your ex forgot to change the password, you’re up half the night binge watching. 

Netflix is known for mega hits like Stranger Things, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, Queer Eye and literally many many more. Sure, that’s what’s trending, but there are so many hidden gems that I’m sure you didn’t even know about. 

Don’t worry! As always, Jace is on the case, and I’ve put together a list of Netflix’s best kept secrets.

Beyond Stranger Things

Photo: Netflix

I’m starting off easy for you. I don’t even have to ask if you like Stranger Things because I already know the answer. You do. And if you’re like me, you want more. I introduce to you, Beyond Stranger Things. This is a 7 episode BTS look of the making of season 2 featuring interviews, never before seen footage, and a look into how things were created.

Frankenstein’s Monster’s Monster, Frankenstein

Photo: Netflix

So we’re still riding the Stranger Things train with this one because this small 30 minute beauty is staring no other than David Harbour. Or you may know him as Hawkins finest Chief of Police, Hopper. This small gem is meant to be as bad as it is. In this short, David finds old footage of his ‘Dad’ acting in television plays and shares it with us. Basically if you love David Harbour, you should watch this.

The Toys That Made Us

Photo: Netflix

Want a take a nostalgia filled trip down memory lane, this show is for you. This show tells you the history and production of all the toys you forgot you had sitting in your toy chest. From Barbie to LEGO’s…They cover it all.

Schitt’s Creek

Photo: Pop TV

Holy Schitt’s Creek! This is a show that needs to be talked about more because it is that amazing. Schitt’s Creek is actually aired on television (Pop TV) but is always available to binge watch on Netflix. Here you will see a disgustingly rich family lose everything they have and have to figure out small-town life. If that’s not enough to convince you maybe then maybe their 4 Emmy nominations will.

Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond

Photo: Netflix

Anybody that knows Jim Carrey, knows that he will forever go down as one of the greats. In this film we see a different side to our favorite comedian. This is a documentary that lets us see the transition from Jim Carrey to Andy Kauffman that was done for Man on the Moon. When filming Jim stayed in character the whole time on and off set. Due to the intensity of Andy, Jim had the tapes hidden in order to protect his image. Until now. 

Nailed It

Photo: Netflix

Are you like me when watching baking shows and tell anyone who will listen “I could totally do that.” Then when you attempt (attempt being the key word) it kind of comes out slightly right. Only to the point where you can say you tried. Well that’s what this show is. Hosted by Girl Code’s, Nicole Byer, this will make you laugh, hungry and want to bake all at the same time.

Someone Great

Photo: Netflix

This movie is such a feel-good empowerment movie. The film follows Jenny Young after her break-up with a long term boyfriend. We see her struggling with the idea of moving on physically and emotionally without him. We expect her to get back with him in the end, like all romantic movies, but instead she chooses herself and her career. The way it should be.

Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back

Photo: Miramax Films

Who doesn’t love a good best friend stoner comedy movie? I know I do. Jay & Silent Bob are probably one of the best duos there are. With lots of cameos in Kevin Smith’s older movies like Clerks and Chasing Amy, Mall Rats this is the duo’s first stand alone movie. It doesn’t disappoint. The long awaited sequel is set to come out this fall. You can watch the trailer for it here.

Sydney White

Photo: Universal Pictures

Remember your early pre-teen phase when Amanda Bynes movies just kind of showed up out of nowhere. This is one of them. One of the lesser known ones. Much like her other movies, Amanda Bynes plays the female outcast who is quirky beyond belief, falls in love with the cute guy, and lives happily ever after. Yeah it’s been done. But…think of it as a guilty pleasure.

Just Friends

Photo: New Line Cinema

Do I need to say anything other than young Ryan Reynolds? I rest my case.

What do you think of our list? Are there hidden gems we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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Words: Jace Chiappetta | Photo: Netflix