David Bowie: Forever A Legend

David Bowie
Today would have been the late singer’s 73rd birthday.

73 years ago, a baby boy was born by the name of David Robert Jones. Little did the world know then that a showman, a legend, an icon was born.

David Bowie is easily one of the most influential artists not just in the 20th century…but ever. He was someone who was so effortlessly themself and never let anyone tell them otherwise.

In both music and movies, Bowie showed a creative force that no one could ever close to replicating. With his own unique style, which often was androgynous, Bowie opened doors for others who were far from normal, in the best way.

Bowie was such a performer in his time, bringing costume and theatrics to the stage, which wasn’t very common then. His videos often included him in make-up which, while many were put off by it, helped shape the music, film and fashion we know today.

The Showman

From his first album, Hunky Dory, to his last, Blackstar, Bowie has tons of hits under his belt. With him constantly reinventing his stage personas, fans were always eager to see who and what David would do next. Here are some of his personas.

David Bowie: Though this is his regualr standard self, he did give himself a new last name. From Jones to Bowie. He named himself after American pioneer and creator of the Bowie knife, James Bowie.

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Ziggy Stardust: A bisexual demigod in red boots. This was character that gave Bowie the breakthrough he needed. The album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars  is now considered one of the greatest albums of all time and his songs provide a critical note on matters like politics, drugs and sexual orientation.

Aladdin Sane: “A lad insane” is said to be Bowie’s “half brother Terry who has schizophrenia.” Aladdin came to light when Bowie killed off Ziggy Stardust onstage at a London gig, introducing his new era. The Aladdin Sane album which features the self titled track and the hit “The Jean Genie.”

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The Thin White Duke: This persona happened during David Bowie’s “dark years.” He was struggling with a heavy hard drug addiction and stress. From here came the album, Station to Station. This alter ego is a troubled man, who sings of romance but is completely numb to feelings. The Duke had platinum blond hair and was usually dressed in a white shirt, black trousers and a waistcoat. It is his most controversial persona and the Thin White Duke has been called a psychopathic aristocrat and an immortal zombie.

The Blind Prophet: His last and most heartbreaking character. The Blind Prophet came from the Blackstar album. In the video Lazarus, he is a blind prophet telling himself of his own death. This whole album is a goodbye message to his adoring fans. Knowing he was dying and wouldn’t be around much longer, he wanted to give one last gift. It even features the lyrics “look up here, I’m in heaven,” hoping to give fans a slight ease.

The Actor

Bowie’s film and television career are almost if not equally as impressive and inspiring as his music career. He held leading roles in several feature films, including The Man Who Fell to Earth, Just a GigoloMerry Christmas, Mr. LawrenceThe HungerThe Linguini Incident, and arguably his biggest film Labyrinth.

David Bowie
David Bowie as Jareth in Labyrinth/ Lucasfilm Ltd. LLC 

You can’t forget the endless amounts of documentaries made!

The Influencer

David Bowie has influenced some of the greatest artists of today. Most notably, Harry Styles as of recent. Harry Styles, we can wholeheartedly say, is the David Bowie of the recent generation. Pushing gender boundaries and being openly fluid. Bowie influences can be heard in Harry’s self-titled album and his recent album, Fine Line. Let’s not forget the fashion!

Another popular artist that takes direct influence from David is Lady Gaga. From Gaga’s first big hit, “Just Dance,” which featured her rocking a lightning bolt over her eye. Gaga has always expressed her love and admiration for the late singer. She even sports a portrait tattoo on her ribs of him.

Splash News

When Bowie passed, at the Grammy Awards that year, Lady Gaga honored him by performing a stunning performance of a Bowie medley. Starting with “Space Oddity” she performed variations of his biggest hits like “Changes,” “Suffragette City,” “Fashion,” “Let’s Dance,” and “Heroes.” While, of course, she nailed the vocals, she even dedicated her look that night to him, complete with the campy outfits, orange hair, and dramatic outfit changes. You can watch the full performance here.

A Legend Forever

Though he is now gone, David Bowie lives on forever through his movies, music, and family. A biopic movie is said to be in the works, however, it is also said that David’s family refuses to hand over the rights to his music.

David was a legend in music and film for his unique style and creativity, but he was so much more than that. He was unapologetically himself which was so rare for him on time. Wearing makeup, dresses and being openly bisexual were things that he did way before they were deemed “okay.” He has opened the door for not only musicians but people who just want to be themselves.

Bowie will forever be one of the greatest icons to ever grace the world.

Forever a legend.

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Words: Jace Chiappetta | Featured Photo: David Bowie/VEVO

Jared Leto Turns 48 Today.

There’s people that when you see how old they’re turning you’re just like “Oh okay”. There are some people you’ll say “Ooh damn they’re that young… They look old af…”. And then you have people like Jared Leto…. Where you’re like “WTF WHERE IS YOUR YOUTH FOUNTAIN YOU YOUNG BEAUTIFUL PERSON YOU!?”

Jared turns 48 today and we just don’t understand how this man is pushing 50….

 Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

Like, excuse me sir…. Where? Is he drinking the water from Tuck Everlasting or something.

In case you wanted to see what young Jared looked like… Here’s a personal attack.

Photo: ABC Studios / My So-Called Life

Yeah… We know… My So-Called Life was a show that aired in 1994 that Jared played the swoon-worthy Jordan Catalano… You’ve probably heard that name from your mom. The show only lasted one season… We were barely alive and we’re not over the fact that we were cheated out of more Jordan.

Jared has certainly made a name for himself over the past 48 (still not over that) years that he has existed. From his highly successful music career with his band, 30 Seconds to Mars, to his praised acting career and all of his philanthropic work in between. Jared is a force to be reckoned with.

We don’t care what you think or say about his Joker. We’d do absolutely anything to see those hours of cut footage because… Damn boi.

Jared has been in notorious movies such as Fight Club, American Psycho, Panic Room, Dallas Buyers Club, Blade Runner, and many many more.

In fact, Jared has a very big and important movie coming up and is set to release in 2020. He’ll be playing Dr. Michael Morbius in the movie Morbius.

Now if you don’t know who or what that is, let us explain. Jared Leto will be playing a Spider-Man antihero that is… Ready for this one… A VAMPIRE. Kind of fits his brand, huh? We just know that we need Jared Leto, Tom Hardy, and Tom Holland all in the same movie. And we could possibly get it. WE ARE CROSSING EVERYTHING!

Now before we go we just wanted to leave you with a special treat- uh- behind the scenes picture of Morbius.

Again… He’s 48 years old.

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Words: Jace Chiappetta | Featured Photo: Jared Leto on Twitter

Beyoncé’s ‘B-Day’ is here, and so is a quiz!

Wednesday is not only Hump Day, but this week it’s also the day Beyoncé turns 38! Queen Bee has been slaying for good 38 years, making history along the way. She has accomplished a lot throughout her life, and we’re so proud of her hard work as a mother and an artist! To celebrate this special day, we’re here to test your knowledge of her music! Can you finish off these verses found in some of her most popular songs? If you want to see how well you know Beyoncé, go ahead and take the quiz!

Photo: Kevin Winter / Getty Images

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If you did not get all the answers right, don’t sweat it! Take it again, or share it with a friend to see if they get a higher score than you!

Stream Beyoncé‘s new album The Lion King: The Gift on all platforms! Listen on Apple Music here.

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Keanu Reeves Birthday: Vampire and Meme King

keanu reeves birthday

It’s Keanu Reeves 55th birthday today! And it just further proves that he’s a vampire! Like does that man age at all? What’s his secret? We need it ASAP!

But he’s not only a vampire he’s the king of memes! He literally just shows up everywhere, out of nowhere, completely unannounced. Making him totally meme worthy.

So in honor of King Keanu Reeves birthday we put together our favourite memes and gifs! Yeah, you’re welcome!

keanu reeves birthday
keanu reeves birthday
keanu reeves birthday
keanu reeves birthday
keanu reeves birthday
keanu reeves birthday
keanu reeves

keanu reeves birthday

We’re pretty sure we just made your whole day. Well, Keanu makes our whole life worth living so we’re just paying it forward! Be sure to spam him with birthday love!

Yeah, he doesn’t have any social media… But he’s Keanu F’n Reeves. He sees everything.

Keep a look out for him in any upcoming movies! Bill & Ted 3 is currently in production, but you know him. He just shows up!

You can also check him out in the new Cyberpunk 2077 video game that’s set to release April 16th, 2020! You can pre-order the game here. (We told you he’s everywhere.)

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Mila’s How Old?

Mila Kunis

Happy 36th Mila Kunis! … if that is your real age.

In 1998, Mila Kunis told a fib to score her role as Jackie Burkhart in the iconic sitcom That 70s Show. She was only 14 when she auditioned, when she should have been 18. She now turns 36 on August 14, and she’s probably more than likely glad not to be turning 40 (not that anyone would believe it anyway.)

While Mila‘s still young, her success suggests otherwise. The wide eyed beauty has become widely recognized in numerous beloved films and become a household name for many. Her work draws a wide variety of audiences too.

Picture a twenty-something stoner male. He’s cackling to the less than attractive Meg on Family Guy, while elsewhere in the world, a worn-down first time mom finds comic relief with Bad Moms, a personal favorite. Mila has also played Lily in Black Swan, where she’d reportedly had to lose 20 pounds in five months, and made audiences jealous as Jamie in the movie Friends With Benefits. But even her more spicy scenes with Justin Timberlake can’t compare to her real life marriage.

It’s hard not to swoon over a TV love-turned reality. That of Mila, and 41 year old Ashton Kutcher is to die for. Together, they have two children, a four year old daughter, Wyatt Isabelle and a two year old son, Dimitri Portwood.

Is 2019 the Year of the Pig? Or the Divorce?

Despite recent rumors by In Touch magazine, suggesting the couple’s relationship may be in potential turmoil, the two shut down these allegations. Kutcher took to Instagram to post a sassy video in response, late June. In the video, the couple can be seen riding in a car, with Mila reading the In Touch article on her phone. Mila states “It’s over between us” and “I took the kids,” with a seemingly surprised Ashton playing along.

Mila likes to fly under the radar online, but luckily we’ve got her hubs to post the occasional photo! After all, she’s got more important things to do! She’s got some super cute kids to take care of, and finger’s crossed, hopefully planning her next role.

Words by: MDRN MAG | Featured Photo: Greg Skidmore

I Don’t Know About You, but Kylie’s Feelin’ 22!

It’s a big day for Kylie Jenner and the rest of the family as her 22nd birthday approaches. She has accomplished a lot throughout the year, and we’re here to celebrate her new year and all of her success from the 2018-2019 year! 2019 has been a long year for her so far, and we’re hoping for nothing but the best for her, Stormi, and her boo Travis Scott.

Photo: Ian West

On March 22, Kylie has been declared the youngest self-made billionaire ever by Forbes. According to Business Insider, her brand Kylie Cosmetics has a value of over $900 million, surpassing other big cosmetics brands – such as Anastasia Beverly Hills and Kim Kardashian West. Acheiving such big goals as a young woman not only inspires her fanbase, but it inspires younger girls who have a passion for cosmetics. This for sure marked the highlight of her career and of her year!

In celebration of her birthday, Kylie is dropping her annual Birthday Collection around 12PM eastern time! She has been dropping sneak peeks for a while now, and it is clear that her fans are eager for the collection drop!

Remember that the collection is limited edition, so check out the collection while it lasts! You can check out her 2018 Birthday Collection here.

But wait! There’s more!

Kylie also reveals on her social media that a special announcement will be released on Ellen‘s season 17 premiere! We are very curious as to what it could be– watch out on September 9th to find out! You can check out the details here. We wonder what her other plans consist of for the big day; in the meantime, we have a SERIOUS quiz for you! Check below and take our quiz on what Kylie Lip Kit fits your personality best!

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YUNGBLUD – Sing It Or Tweet It?

YUNGBLUD isle of wight

In honor of our favorite YUNGBLUD’s 22nd Birthday, we put together a fun little quiz!

YUNGBLUD is known for saying some wild, deep, and meaningful things. His tweets and lyrics are nothing short of inspirational and will never fail to make you feel like you’re not alone.

Do you think you will be able to tell the difference between his lyrics or tweets? Test your knowledge here!

[wp_quiz id=”5293″]

YUNGBLUD kicks off his North American tour this fall! Catch him in a city near you.

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Words: Jace Chiappetta | Featured Photo: Sarah Louise Bennette

Which Sprouse Twin is This?


We do believe a massive “Happy Birthday” is in order today! Childhood stars, Dylan and Cole Sprouse, are turning 27 this year, so we must celebrate and we’d love for you to join in on some of the fun!

If you’re anything like us, you grew up watching these two star in Zack & Cody on Disney Channel every single afternoon when you got home from school. So we’re curious to find out… were all those years of Suite Life enough to familiarize you with their individual faces? Have you spent enough time binging Riverdale to recognize all of Cole‘s physical features? Can you identify Dylan without his long, luscious locks?

Are you finally able to tell Dylan and Cole apart?

We’re not 100% sure that we can! They are identical, after all!

Take this quiz to find out how well you know the twins and let us know how you did!

[wp_quiz id=”5067″]

While Cole is busy continuing his acting career, playing Jughead in Riverdale, Dylan has grown into a businessman and opened his very own meadery. You can keep up with them both via Instagram and Twitter!

Dylan Sprouse
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Cole Sprouse
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All-Wise Meadery
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Words: Kaiti Fleeger | Featured Photo: Dylan & Cole Sprouse on Instagram