5SOS 4 Is Coming. And We Are Not CALM About It.


5SOS 4 is finally coming with CALM. We are screaming. Nobody talk to us. We need time to process. CALM will be released in 50 days. Yes, we counted. Don’t judge us.

Yesterday, 5 Seconds Of Summer released a trailer for their upcoming album. Happiness can officially be packed into 1 minute 13 seconds.

The tracklisting for CALM will be as follows:

1. Red Desert
2. No Shame
3. Old Me
4. Easier
5. Teeth
6. Wildflower
7. Best Years
8. Not In The Same Way
9. Lover Of Mine
10. Thin White Lies
11. Lonely Heart
12. High

Not only can we get a deluxe version of CALM with vault versions of “Easier“, “Teeth” and “No Shame”, but there are also cassettes, hoodies, signed cards, and everyone’s favorite bucket hat. We’d advise you to get the Box Set Bundle, but we really want to get that ourselves before it sells out. So…

As the only band in chart history to see their first three full-length studio albums enter the Billboard 200 at No. 1, we expect nothing less from our favorite Australians this time around.

For a band to make it to four albums is no small feat in itself but to be reinventing and constantly pushing our songwriting and to come out with music that we’ve never been more proud of makes me so happy to be in 5 Seconds of Summer. CALM speaks on a journey through a young man’s life, for better or for worse. We are all human and all make mistakes, sometimes we hurt the ones we love and inevitably, ourselves in the process. CALM leaves the band in a much happier, unified and calm state of mind to continue making albums for years to come.

Luke Hemmings

Click here to pre-order CALM.

5SOS begin their No Shame tour in the UK in May. Click here to find tickets to the North American leg of the tour, on sale Friday. They’ll also visit the EU and Mexico.

Check out the lyric video for their latest single “No Shame” below, or stream the song here.

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Words: Natasha Fountain | Photo: Andy DeLuca

How Did We End Up Here With This Quiz 8 Years Later

On December 3rd, 2011, one of the greatest most influential bands were born. 5 Seconds of Summer.

It’s no question that us here at MDRN MAG are practically the biggest 5SOS stans like ever. The question is… are you?

Find out here as we take a trip to the past 8 years and wonder how did we en up here?

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Remember to catch the boys in a city near you on their No Shame Tour!

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5SOS Still Sound Just as Good 4 Years Later

5 Seconds of Summer are celebrating the fourth birthday of their sophomore album, Sounds Good, Feels Good. And we’re here to tell you that it still sounds just as good.

5SOS‘ album hit number one in eight countries, making it their first number one album in the UK. This album also solidified their placement on the US charts, being the first band to have their first two full-length albums debut at number one. Rock Sound praised the album, even ranking it 31 on their Top 50 Albums of 2015.

But no chart placement or accolades, nor critical reception could ever compare to what really made this album special; the fans. This album somehow just came out at the right time for just about everyone. For the band, for the fans, for the world. With songs like “Outer Space/Carry On,” “Jet Black Heart,” and “Invisible,” this album touches our souls in different ways. It doesn’t matter which is your go to cry song or which is the one you listen to on repeat when it feels like the world is heavy on your shoulders – Sounds Good Feels Good was a gift to fans all over.

The album came out during a dark time for guitarist, Michael Clifford, who has since been open about his struggle with mental illness. The third single, “Jet Black Heart” has proven to be important to him, and the fans. The music video shows clips of fans from different parts of the world, all of their stories posted to the official 5SOS website.


As we approach the four year anniversary of the album, we look back on some of the best parts of it. Fans are able to reminisce and share their favorite memories through hashtags on Twitter, such as #4YearsofSGFG. They’ve started a trend of sharing their stories and personal struggles with mental health issues, giving insight to what these songs truly mean to them.

So, if you haven’t – give the album a listen. And if you have, then give it another listen. Play it full volume in your car until your speakers break, let the lyrics sink into your brain until you have a headache. Play and replay these songs, let them become the soundtrack to your life.

Don’t forget to tell us what your favorite one was!

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5 Seconds of Summer: Back On Tour & Better Than Ever

5 Seconds of Summer

5 Seconds of Summer started the first night of their co-headlining tour World War Joy with The Chainsmokers last week. The first show took place at the U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio.

5 Seconds
Photo: Jules Bressler

The Wait

The band had dozens of fans camping out overnight to see them at the venue, and I was one of them. I mean, it was the first time they have been to Cincinnati in over three years!

The group of us also got to talk to the drummer of the band, Ashton Irwin, the night before the show. He reminded us to stay safe and to have a good night, is that not the sweetest? And every person in the overnight line were only there for 5SOS (which surprised the locals in the area).

Spending 30+ hours on the street for a band may seem like something only crazy people do… And maybe I am a crazy person… But spending time with the people I have met through this band is one of the most special experiences of my life.

We kept ourselves occupied by playing board games and making random TikTok videos. The security were amazing and wonderfully accommodating which made the entire camping experience so much better. I personally helped run the line for the majority of the time I was camping, and that in itself was no easy task. I had many people tell me the line wasn’t going to work the way we envisioned. But I held out hope that everything the security had told us the day before was still applicable to the situation. 

The Show

After everything was said and done, we were let into the venue a couple of minutes after doors opened. We were given wristbands and our tickets were scanned to walk down to the pit and get to our spots. The minute I finally got barricade for my favorite band, I felt like crying. I’ve waited seven years to be close to my band and I could feel an overwhelming wave of emotions wash over me.

We sat down at the barricade and I realized I was seeing them with my best friends, which made everything a million times better. We made some small talk with the security guard in front of Calum Hood‘s mic (shout out to Jordan from U.S. Bank Arena, you’re a real one) and finally soaked everything up before the band took to the stage.

Lennon Stella started off the show at exactly 7:00pm with her 25-minute set. She is a certified angel and an incredible amazing performer. If you have the chance, definitely get to the venue early to see Lennon perform.

5 Seconds
Photo: Jules Bressler

Although it was the first night of the tour, and her setlist wasn’t well known by the crowd, she had many fans singing the words to her songs and cheering along as she performed. If you’re looking for a reason to listen to her before your World War Joy show, or just an excuse to listen to some new music in general, this is it… She sounds exactly like she does in the studio the minute she hits the stage.  

It’s Time

Before I knew it, the lights went down at 7:50pm, signaling 5SOS were about to start their 50-minute set. I was one amongst 8,000 people in the venue… And alongside thousands of fans watching online through live streams of other fans. I was looking across a sea of people all smiling wide, singing along to every song 5SOS performed for us.

I even planned a fan project for the show, consisting of the first eighty people in line to wear clown noses during their opening song. I thought they might be a little thrown off by a sea of clowns, but they are always unphased by their fans coming together, even to participate in something as silly as wearing foam clown noses. After they finished the first song, it was evident they were excited for the rest of the night and excited to see how the rest of tour would play out.

Photo: Jules Bressler

Overall, 5SOS played a total of seventeen songs within their allotted fifty-minute time slot. They didn’t stop much to talk to the crowd like they would normally do throughout their own shows, but it was understandable given the time crunch they were performing with. Fan favorites like “Why Won’t You Love Me”, “Ghost of You”, “Waste the Night”, “Jet Black Heart” and their latest single, “Teeth”, were all performed at the U.S. Bank Arena Wednesday night.

They had the crowd in the palm of their hand their whole set, and constantly had us dancing or jumping along to their high energy songs. Everyone in the crowd, whether they were on the floor or in a seat, were up on their feet and singing along with 5 Seconds Of Summer for the wonderful set they’d prepared for us. During their last song, “Youngblood” the security guards were even nodding their heads and singing along.

Not every person in that arena may have heard of them before the show, but they definitely all left knowing who they are. And the fans of each artist who walked into that arena knowing every word to every song shed many tears, shared many hugs and wore huge smiles throughout their entire set. 

In my honest and very biased opinion, 5SOS are the best live band of our generation.

The dedication these four men put into their stage presence and production is unmatched by any other artist out there. They continuously blow their fans away with everything they do. They truly love being onstage most nights of their lives, and give back to their fans whenever they can… You’d be hard pressed to find a group of more genuine guys.

5 Seconds Of Summer are going to be around for a really long time, so if you haven’t gone to a show or at least given them a listen… What are you waiting for? I promise you that you will not regret it. Listening to them was the best decision I’ve ever made.

Be sure to check out 5SOS’s latest song “Teeth” on Apple Music and Spotify. And if you get the chance, go see them on tour with The Chainsmokers and Lennon Stella!

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(And if you’re wondering… Calum messed up the lyrics right to “Waste The Night” this show too.)

Video: Jules Bressler

How Well Do You Know the Lyrics to Teeth?


5SOS just released the second single off of their fourth album, and we’re ready to sink our “Teeth” into it. Have you been religiously watching the music video or streaming the song? Do you think you can step out of the vault and put your knowledge to the ultimate test? How well do YOU already know the lyrics to “Teeth”?

(Be careful. Your result will determine if you can be in our cult or not.)

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Find more of our 5SOS themed quizzes here!

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5SOS Get Fans Hype for ‘Teeth’

5SOS are officially dropping the second single off of their fourth album on Aug 21! The single, titled “Teeth,” will also feature on the 13 Reasons Why original soundtrack for season 3.

The band dropped a teaser for the song after changing all of their social media displays. A new era brings lots of change for the band, which have said that they are pushing themselves to try something new and more or less think outside of the box. They’re adamant about creating music for everybody. (You read that right, everybody. So tell your mom, your dog, your grandma, your cousin’s pet goldfish’s girlfriend. – EVERYBODY.)

View this post on Instagram


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The 5SOS accounts now each sport the bright yellow logo, with the Instagram having matching yellow icons for their highlights. The band’s Twitter account has the artwork as their header, with a pinned tweet linking fans to their page – where you can preorder “Teeth.”

This doesn’t mean that we’re saying goodbye to the sweaty vault cult just yet, Ashton Irwin promised fans via Twitter that every single would have a vault version. So we’ll be trapped in there for quite some time, considering this is only the second single off their album. The drummer has confirmed that this single is one of his favorites from the album, and we can rejoice in the fact that it’s only a few days away. Hallelujah.

Don’t forget that you can catch 5SOS on tour with The Chainsmokers this fall! They might be coming to a city near you, so you better hurry up and check before all the tickets sell out. Or all of their teeth fall out.

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5SOS Make Waiting for Their Next Single ‘Easier’

5 Seconds of Summer just dropped a re-imagined version of their most recent single, “Easier,” on all streaming platforms. The version was previously released via YouTube on Jul 5, 2019. It only took the band a month to bring “The Vault” to streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify.

The re-imagined version of “Easier” is more rock-based than the original, and fans are eating it up. This version was originally teased in the sneak peaks of the official music video, but was then opted out for the pop version. Ashton Irwin, drummer, tweeted in reference to the song’s different version.

When the single initially dropped back in May, fans were skeptical that it would sound good in a live rendition. Though the band did play it live during their radio stops and at a couple of festivals; it’s safe to say that we can expect to hear the Vault version played live from now on. — And it won’t end there, either!

“Easier” isn’t the only Vault version we’re going to be hearing from 5SOS. In fact, Irwin mentions that every single will have a re-imagined version. Could this mean we’re getting a Live From the Vault EP? We’re sure hoping so!

And while it’s technically not a new single, it will be enough to hold us over until 5SOS drop their next single on Aug 23. The single, currently titled “Track 1” on iTunes, will be released as part of the 13 Reasons Why season 3 soundtrack. Shortly after the release of the new single, 5SOS will be hitting the road for their co-headlining tour alongside The Chainsmokers. Can September 22 come any faster? We’re all waiting anxiously.

Until then, you can go listen to “Easier (Live From the Vault)” – which is out EVERYWHERE now – here.

Words: Shae Arabella | Photo: 5SOS on YouTube

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Calum Hood and Jack Barakat: a Match Made in Hell?

This just in: Calum Hood and Jack Barakat. On again, off again? Hook up buddies? Is there something serious going on here?!? We’re dying to know!

But first, can we talk ship names? Jalum? Cack? — Jalum? Okay.

jack barakat and calum hood
Jack Barakat | Snapchat

It seems like Calum won’t have to worry about being as single as his fans any longer, not with Jack airing their dirty laundry. Barakat took to Twitter to announce their situationship, though, we’re wondering if we should’ve already known. With flirty tweets that lead back to 2015 — could they have been hiding this from us all along?

News broke of the pair late Tuesday night when Jack Barakat, of All Time Low, tweeted: “Actually I’m fucking him.” This tweet came in response to a fan, Réqu, tweeting pictures of their freshly bleached hair with the caption “am i f*cking Calum Hood or what?!?!”

Simmer down, Jack. There’s plenty of Calum to go around; speaking of going around – you can catch 5 Seconds of Summer on their co-headlining tour with The Chainsmokers. World War Joy kicks off on September 27, 2019 and features Lennon Stella as the opener.

In all seriousness, we’re living for this friendship. Bring on the Jalum content. Color us confused, though, because we definitely thought Jack was more of a Luke girl?

jack barakat and luke hemmings

And, yes, this article was a complete joke. (Unless Jack Barakat is one day reading this, then it wasn’t — and we completely support your relationship. Love you. Bye.)

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Words: Shae Arabella | Featured Photo: KayKay Blaisdell