Which Pitch Perfect Riff-Off are you?

Pitch Perfect

Aca’scuse me? Has it really been 7 years since the premiere of Pitch Perfect? You read it right – 7 whole years since we all got to see our favorite fictional acapella groups embrace their musical spirit at regional and national singing competitions.

The movie turned out to be so iconic that it became a trilogy, introducing us to amazing new covers, hilarious new moments and inspiring new characters.

It feels like only yesterday when we were reciting iconic lines of the film and familiarised ourselves with all of the witty, shameless inside jokes coming from our favorite acapella stars. From the puns of putting “aca” at the start of every word to learning every line of every riff off. From all three films. And speaking of, here’s a quiz to find out which riff off you are.

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Words: Dionysia Sonia | Featured Photo: Universal Pictures