Linkin Park Is ‘Talking” And We Are ALL Ears

Linkin Park has mentioned some “talk” of new music since the untimely passing of Chester Bennington.

This is exciting news. FOR ALL OF US. Cuz’ no matter what type of genre you cling to the most, everybody can appreciate Linkin Park for everything they are.

An American-rock-nu-metal sensation, Linkin Park started their trek into the music scene in 1996. Founding and current members included Mike Shinoda (vocalist/rhythm guitarist), Brad Delson (lead guitarist), Dave Farrell (bassist), John Hahn (DJ/Keyboardist), and Rob Bourdon (drummer). Reaching almost immediate international fame with their debut album Hybrid Theory, This group coined radio-friendly genre-breaking music.

Chester Bennington Memorial
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Linkin Park: Best Selling Band of the 21st Century

Referred to as the Best Selling Band of the 21st century, Linkin Park holds Grammy Awards, American Music Awards, and MTV Video Music Awards. All of which, we understand, considering they have such a unique sound, and a wide variation of music.

The last time we heard new music from Linkin Park was “One More Light”. The band’s seventh studio album, released in May 2017. The world, shaken by the death of co-frontman Chester Bennington, who tragically took his own life two months after the release. After a constant battle with depression. Ultimately, his death, sent the band into hiatus, canceling their tour, and allowing them to mourn the loss of Chester.

In December of the same year, the band released live recordings of their final tour with Bennington. The last of the new music we would hear for quite some time. The group took time to focus on family, friends, mental health, and music. All the things they love.

Linkin Park
Photo: Linkin Park on Twitter

During this time, the band continued to be a support system for one another. Enjoying each other’s company and working on side projects. In June 2018, Mike Shinoda even went on to release a debut solo album.

The good news is that the first time since Bennington‘s tragic departure, Linkin Park has actually confirmed the idea of recording new music. In a recent interview with Yonhap (a South Korean newspaper), Joe Hahn said that the band has considered the possibility of creating together again.

What’s To Come?

We don’t want you to lose your mind quiet yet. Considering that Shinoda said that although the band loves to hang out, be around each other, and make music, that they don’t want to put pressure on it. They want it to happen naturally. So, this music could come in the time frame from a week to a decade. And as painstakingly hard as it is, we will be patient and let it happen in its own time.

The band has made it clear that though there is the possibility of a new singer alongside Shinoda, that their intention is never to replace Chester. Both because they never want to, and they know they never could. Chester provided Linkin Park with emotion-evoking power vocals paired with death screams that were untouchable. Though Tobi Duncan of Trash Boat did our boy proud in his rendition of “Given Upfor the compilation Songs That Saved My Life. A compilation album by Hopeless Records to honor suicide prevention. Such a fitting ode to Bennington.

We can’t imagine a Linkin Park without Chester, but we are certainly hopeful for what’s to come. The future is bright, and we know that Linkin Park will make all of us and, most importantly, Chester proud. Stay tuned for any new news on Linkin Park breaking ground in the studio.

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Words: Danielle King | Featured Photo: Photo: Linkin Park on Twitter

KITTEN Music Video and EP


KITTEN is an alt rock band straight out of LA, California currently based in New York. Their lead is Chloe Chaidez along with guitarist Dave Stagno and Parker Silzer IV with Max Tsiring on keyboard. The rhythm section is made up of Blu DeTiger on bass and drummer Rex DeTiger. The band has been going since 2009 so if you haven’t checked them out we think now is probably the time.

“Memphis” was released back in August of this year but it is still a hit clocking 71k plus views. The light-hearted images are a stark contrast to the lyrics on hand. The bright lighting and color palette all seem light and reminiscent of good times. There is a subtle hint of a past calling, but Chloe doesn’t pick up.

What’s that stereo?
Ooh la la, bet you didn’t have one in Memphis
Where’s your heart? Play your favorite record
And maybe we can relate more

EP and “Me”

The newest EP Goodbye Honeymoon Phase was released on October 18th 2019 with the music video for the track “Me”. The band has been described as having an 80s/90s-esque feel. With a total of five songs “Me” clocks in at number two with previously named “Memphis” being number one.

In the music video for “Me” it gets a bit meta with a reality TV show setting which makes total sense to us with these lyrics. Most celebrities probably find themselves thinking people don’t really know what it’s like to be them. If you want to know what we mean, well, you’ll just have to give it a watch won’t you?

It’s easy to act for the cameras or make a scene but what does it all really mean. Once again KITTEN takes some deep topics and sums them up in brightly lit fun videos. They really seem to be about juxtaposition. That hot n’ cold, happy n’ sad. We really enjoyed this band and we hope you do too! So give them a peep.

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Words: Dakota Burnsed | Featured Photo: Little Indie