Crisis On Infinite Earths Is Just What We Need

Crisis On Infinite Earths

DC fans unite! We’re getting another star-studded Arrowverse crossover event, the 6th to be specific. And this one is pulling out all the stops. Literally. Crisis On Infinite Earths will be everything that Justice League should have and could have been.

There are so many amazing casting choices already! And by casting we mean bringing specific characters in to make this the best thing to happen in our lifetime. We know… We sound exaggerated… But let us just tell you who you can expect to see on the screen.

First, let us explain what Crisis On Infinite Earths is. It will be a 5 episode event that will take place over 5 different DC shows. The shows featuring the event are Supergirl, Batwoman, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow in that respective order.

The event plot is said to follow the Elseworlds crossover event that aired last year, which then was only a 3 part event. But with the new (old) characters coming into play and two new shows in the mix, the two extra parts will be needed.

So who can you expect? Here is the confirmed casting.

Melissa Benoist as Kara Zor-El / Kara Danvers / Supergirl, Chyler Leigh as Alex Danvers, Tyler Hoechlin as Clark Kent / Superman

The Flash
Grant Gustin as Barry Allen / The Flash, Candice Patton as Iris West-Allen, Hartley Sawyer as Ralph Dibney / Elongated Man, Tom Cavanaugh as Harrison Wells, Pariah, Eobard Thawne / Reverse Flash

Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen / Green Arrow / Other versions of Oliver Queen, David Ramsey as John Diggle / Spartan

Ruby Rose as Kate Kane / Batwoman

Legends of Tomorrow
Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer / Atom

Some extra special confirmed guest spots

LaMonica Garrett as Mar Novu / Monitor / Anti-Monitor.

Tom Welling reprising his role as Clark Kent from Smallville.

John Wesley Shipp, who played The Flash in his own series in 1990-1991, will be playing an undisclosed role.

Brandon Routh, though he plays Atom he will also be playing a Kingdom Come version of Superman. This is especially special because Routh played Clark in the 2001 film Superman Returns.

Kevin Conroy, who voiced Bruce in Batman: The Animated Series, will be making a special appearance as an old Bruce Wayne.

Cress Williams will be making an appearance as his role as Black Lightning.

Ashley Scott, who played Huntress in the 2002 show Birds of Prey, will be reprising her role.

Rumored Appearances

Tom EllisLucifer Morningstar as seen in his show Lucifer.

Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne, as seen in the 1989 Batman movie.

Dean Cain, who played “Clark Kent” in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, as another “Superman” or reprising his role as Kara’s adoptive father.

The cast of DC Universe‘s Titans may be making an appearance, as well.

Mark Hamill who voices the legendary Joker in practically every animated short, show, and movie. (We’d give our right arm to make this one happen).

When to watch

You can catch the Crisis On Infinite Earths event on The CW with the following schedule.

SUPERGIRL – Sunday, December 8, 2019 (8:00pm EST)

BATWOMAN – Monday, December 9, 2019 (8:00pm EST)

THE FLASH – Tuesday, December 10, 2019 (8:00pm EST)

ARROW – Tuesday, January 14, 2020 (8:00pm EST)

DC’S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW – Tuesday, January 14, 2020 (9:00pm EST)

Talk about Happy Holidays!

So what are you predictions? What do you think is going to go down with this cosmic sized event? Will they stick to the comics story or go their own way? Let us know in the comments!

Words: Jace Chiappetta | Featured Photo: Brandon Routh on Instagram

Horror Movies You Didn’t Know Were Real

Horror Movies You Didn't Know Were Real

Here at MDRN MAG, we love scary movies. We crave the chills of a good horror movie. But you know what puts us on the edge of our seat even more… When those horror movies are based on true events. And we guarantee there are many horror movies you didn’t know were real.

So it is our pleasure to aid you in not sleeping on them, because the following films are all based on true events… You’re welcome.


A family in Long Island started experiencing some paranormal activity, starting with an invisible force liftinf every bottle in the kitchen into the air and popping their caps. As time went on the activity became more frequent and violent. This spirit is said to be so violent that when filming the movie, unexplainable things would happen on set. Including the death of two young cast members in the six years between the releases of the first and third films. Thank U, Next.

Horror Movies You Didn't Know Were Real

Amityville Horror

All of the movie versions (even Ryan Reynold‘s version) stem from a book based on a family’s experience after moving into an EXTREMELY haunted house. This house is still standing in Amityville, New York.

Horror Movies You Didn't Know Were Real

The Conjuring Series

These movies are based on the (and we say this loosely) real-life of paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren. The possessed mother, the nun, and Annabelle… all are said to be real. Have fun sleeping!

Horror Movies You Didn't Know Were Real

The Haunting in Connecticut

So this one is not apart of The Conjuring series but is based on a case from Ed and Lorraine. A sick boy and his family moved into a former funeral home where the staff did… things… to the bodies. Thus, making all the spirits very mad. Yeah, no thank you.

Horror Movies You Didn't Know Were Real

The Blob

Yes. We know how crazy this sounds… but just hear (read) us out. On September 26th 1950, Philadelphia officers reported seeing a purple blob fall from the sky. And when investigating the purple thing that fell from the sky, it was surrounded by mist and left a weird sticky residue when touched. And that’s literally as far as the reports go. We don’t know what happened next.

Horror Movies You Didn't Know Were Real

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

We love our pal dear olLeatherface! But we bet you didn’t know that he was based on the infamous serial killer Ed Gein who reportedly wore masks made of the human skin of his victims. What an accessory…

Horror Movies You Didn't Know Were Real

The Silence of The Lambs

Like Leatherface, in Silence of the Lambs Buffalo Bill is also based on Ed Gein. Robbing graves, skinning people, wearing skin as masks and repeat.


Alfred Hitchcock‘s Psycho (and the show Bates Motel) is also loosely based on… Ed Gein! Wow… it’s almost like he did this a lot… (he did).

Nightmare On Elm Street

One…two… Freddy’s coming for you! Nightmare on Elm Street was based on a group of Laotian refugees who had died in violent nightmares. Get this… The coroner report shows that there was no sign of violence or struggle… They were all physically fine… Nine… Ten… Never sleep again!

So, are you ready for a good night’s sleep? Just keep one eye open… And maybe make a salt circle around your bed for good measure.

Words: Jace Chiappetta | Featured Photo: Sarah Szabo

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AHS 1984: All The WTF Moments From Episode 3

American Horror Story

Episode 3 of American Horror Story: 1984 aired on Wednesday and we have a whole lot to say about it. The main thing being “What. The. F*ck.” Ryan Murphy went from what was already an 80 to like 10,000 real fast.

There’s so much that went down in this episode that we don’t really know where to start. So let’s just start at the begining.

The episode opens with Ray, Chet, Brooke, and “Rita” all hiding in a cabin as The Night Stalker is trying to break in. But when he reaches the window and is almost inside, Ray has the greatest plan of all time. No really, it’s great. His plan is… To split up… Because we’ve seen that work so many times.

While this is going down, over in another cabin Montana, Xavier, and Trevor are hiding from Mr. Jingles. Or so they thought. It turns out that it’s actually ‘Jingles Night’, where on the anniversary of the Camp Redwood massacre, kids dress up as Mr. Jingles, complete with a mask, and terrorize people. Major season 1 vibes. But of course the real Mr. Jingles shows up and offs his imposters.

Back to the great splitting up plan – Brooke and Rita, Chet and Ray. We see the boys fall into a ditch while running, filled with spikes at the bottom. Spikes that impale Chet‘s shoulder. Ouch.

As Chet goes unconscious and they’re seemingly stuck in the ditch, Ray confesses to accidental murder. He obviously hasn’t seen any horror flicks before because you always, ALWAYS, check for a pulse. Y’know, before you try to stage a death, just for them to come back to life and you end up actually killing them anyway.

Elsewhere in a flashback, we see Fake Rita hiding in the back of Real Rita‘s car after she follows her up the mountain towards Camp Redwood. We find out her real identity is a serial-killer-obsessed-psychologist, Donna Chambers. She’d helped to plan Mr Jingles‘s escape so she could ‘study’ him in his ‘natural habitat’… (sounds legit)… she seems more like an obsessed fangirl to us.

Hey, Fake Rita, next time you’re going to knock somebody out to assume their identity, there’s no need for that creepy smile. Just knock them out. You’ll never be Pennywise… stop trying.

It’s such a shame Mr. Jingles finds Real Rita after she escapes being tied up. She didn’t need to die. We were really rooting for her and her great hair.

Next, Montana, Xavier, and Trevor run into Ray in the forest (after he leaves Chet in the spike pit – rude), and Montana and Ray make a break for Trevor‘s motorbike to escape the camp and call for help. But after Montana is cornered by The Night Stalker, in true Ray fashion, he leaves on the bike alone thinking ‘everyone for themselves.’ But, he doesnt even make it out of camp before he’s decapitated by Mr Jingles, armed with an axe. Oh karma, we love you.

But, probably the biggest shock so far… girl code didn’t exist in the 80s. When Montana and The Night Stalker are left alone, it’s revealed they’re allies after they kiss. And now the biggest question: Who was Montana talking about when she said “Why the hell haven’t you killed her yet?“. The obvious answer is Brooke, it’s who The Night Stalker has been targeting since LA. But we really wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out to be Chef Bertie. Ryan Murphy loves to f*ck with us.

Who do you think Montana is talking about? Tweet us @MDRNMAG and let us know what you thought of Episode 3, and who you think is going to die next? And also, what’s going to happen to Brooke? She just has the worst luck.

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Words: Jace Chiappetta | Featured Photo: American Horror Story / FX

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Spider-Man Is Back And Home Safe!


After months of negotiations, Disney and Sony have finally reached a new deal!

We have whiplash from all the back and forth with Spider-Man and his place in the MCU. But you know what, that’s okay. Because in the end… We won, Mr. Stark.

Kevin Feige, President of Marvel, released an official statement stating;

I am thrilled that Spidey’s journey in the MCU will continue, and I and all of us at Marvel Studios are very excited that we get to keep working on it. Spider-Man is a powerful icon and hero whose story crosses all ages and audiences around the globe. He also happens to be the only hero with the superpower to cross cinematic universes, so as Sony continues to develop their own Spidey-verse you never know what surprises the future might hold.

Kevin Feige

So basically he’s saying Spidey is back, safe in our arms where he belongs. And that we get to see him with another British Tom H that plays a superhero (Tom Hardy as Venom) and that we may possibly see Venom in the MCU. YES PLEASE!

And of course, as Stan Twitter does best, they supplied us with the best memes and tweets in reaction to this news. And what monsters would we be if we didn’t share some with you?

Then, the web slinger himself took to Instagram to weigh in.

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Tom Holland (@tomholland2013) on

Oh! We forgot to mention the best part… The third Spider-Man movie is slated to be released on July 16th 2021.

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Words: Jace Chiappetta | Featured Photo: Sony Pictures

All The Celebrities Between Two Ferns

Between Two Ferns

Everyone knows and loves the Funny Or Die web series Between Two Ferns. And if you don’t… do you live under a rock?

If you somehow don’t know what Between Two Ferns is, it’s a web show where Zach Galifinakis ‘interviews’ celebrities. And by interview we mean he totally roasts them and makes them uncomfortable af. And we love it.

Between Two Ferns

Each episode is between 3 and 6 minutes long, and there are 22 episodes spanning over the shows 10-year run. And with the last episode airing over a year ago… we were due for a new one.

And Netflix being the amazing thing that it is… created Between Two Ferns: The Movie.

In the movie, we meet a fictional Zach Galifinakis, who is filming a documentary of himself for some reason and is given an ultimatum to give Will Ferrell (the actual founder of Funny Or Die) 10 episodes of Between Two Ferns in three weeks. If he does he gets his dream gig of being a talk show host. So, Zach takes his team out on the road and finds celebs with their impeccable tracking skills. But not without his two ferns.

From then on, the film gives cameo after cameo. You might have even missed some, so we’re gonna break all of the celeb cameos seen in the movie!

Matthew McConaughey

Alright, Alright, Alright. The movie literally opens with this gem. Sure he ‘died’ but we got a wet Matthew McConaughey.

Keanu Reeves

Let’s be honest, are we even surprised by this cameo? Keanu Reeves just shows up in things and we go “Yup, makes sense.” Because…he’s Keanu.

Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell was a guest on the show many years ago, and he actually is the co-founder of Funny Or Die in real life. They also fictionalize this fact in the movie, while still playing himself (kind of).

Chance The Rapper

This interview birthed one of the best lines in the film. When told that Chance has a brother who is also a rapper Zach counters with, “What is his name? Community Chest The Rapper?” It’s safe to say we died of laughter.

Rashida Jones

Anneeeeeeeee Perkins! Rashida makes a brief ‘pre-interview’ cameo, but it’s nothing short of funny!

Adam Scott

Between Two Ferns

Another Parks & Rec Alum shows up and gets quite the insult. But we’re living for it.

John Cho

Between Two Ferns

John Cho from Harold and Kumar makes a brief appearance in a quick montage of Boom Boom (Jiavani Linayao) turning down celebrities.

Jason Schwatrzman

Another brief yet beautiful moment in Boom Boom’s montage.

Brie Larson

Between Two Ferns

We see a wide-eyed and uncomfortable Brie Larson between two ferns. With Zach taking stabs at Captain Marvel and her personal life… how can we not laugh at the awkwardness.

Dave Letterman

Between Two Ferns

David is the first interview on Zach’s road trip journey, and they have a hilarious back and forth moment by taking shots at each others shows name.

Paul Rudd

Between Two Ferns

We just like really love Paul Rudd here. Everyone knows that Paul is quick-witted and hilarious, and he definitely brings that and his ‘perfected’ Jewish-ness to the ferns.

Chrissy Teigan

Between Two Ferns

We stan this woman and absolutely everything she does. Even her hitting on Zach Galifinakis. Because it’s funny… She also claims to be the reason for Mr. Rogers‘s death.

John Legend

between two ferns

Going to get revenge on Zach sleeping with his wife, John plays the sickly sweet part in the interview, only to maize Zach at the end.

Jon Hamm

Between Two Ferns

In real life, Jon Hamm was actually in the third episode ever on Between Two Ferns, making this a cute little easter egg for long fans of the show. Here he makes a stab at Bradley Cooper, and fans of the show will also get the reference too because Bradley and Zach would always fight. Making us laugh. Hard.

Hailee Steinfeld

Between Two Ferns

With Hailee, Zach jokes about her movies and her former relationship with Niall Horan. She wasn’t having it.


Between Two Ferns

Hilarious and awkward (see what we did there).

Tiffany Haddish

Between Two Ferns

Hi. Yes. We love Tiffany Haddish. Zach may not, but we do.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Between Two Ferns

The third Marvel hero to appear in the movie, Benedict, takes some name botching at the hands of Galifinakis. Along with being slammed for ‘selling out’ in the MCU.

Tessa Thompson

Between Two Ferns

The Queen of Asgard! (you should have seen Endgame already so we’re not sorry) This film is just packed with our favorite heroes, huh? She certainly is a hero without a cape in this interview when telling it like it is.

Peter Dinklage

This is possibly the best interview of the whole film. And yes, part of it has to do with the fact that it’s Peter Dinklage. But…it’s Peter Dinklage. While in the interview, the crew is stealing his expensive Faberge eggs so that they can get money for the rest of the trip. And it’s so so so so funny.

Gal Gadot

Between Two Ferns

After fulfilling Ferrell‘s ultimatum, Zach got his talk show “Ferns” whose first guest is no other than Gal Gadot! How is she even real? We need her skincare routine ASAP.

Well, that’s it! That’s all the celebrity cameos in Between Two Ferns! These interviews are somewhat scripted and fake. It’s mainly improv on Zach’s part which causes many many many blooper takes. And we’re blessed enough to see them as the credits are rolling!

Let us know what your favorite cameo was on Twitter!

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Words: Jace Chiappetta | Featured Photos: Funny Or Die

Villains Brings A Whole New Meaning To Chemistry


Villains is a fun, face-paced, horror-esque comedy that leaves us happy.

We know. That doesn’t sound quite right. It’s definitely a ‘you have to see it, to get it movie.’

Sure, it’s funny. Sure, there are jump scares. But for us what really stands out is the crazy chemistry between Jules (Maika Monroe) and Mickey (Bill Skarsgård).

This movie focuses on a couple that is on the run trying to create a life together, while robbing gas stations. After their car breaks down, they break into a house to steal another car only to find a little girl trapped in the basement.

When the owners of the house come home we learn that they are in fact the villains in the story. They kidnapped the little girl and have… weird… tactics. The story turns into a villains vs villains, cat and mouse story. And ultimately we’re rooting for the robbers.

What is so amazing about this movie is the chemistry. We learn little to no backstory about Mickey and Jules. We just know that they want to make a seashell business in Florida, Jules was in foster care, and they are so madly in love.

The movie has to heavily rely on natural chemistry between the two actors because like we said, that’s really all you know about them; their undying love for each other. It’s the kind of relationship that you find yourself subconsciously smiling at. Those are the ones that are hard to create on-screen. But writer-directors Dan Berk and Robert Olsen nailed it on the head.

Not only is the chemistry between Mikey and Jules electric but the whole cast as well. With just a small cast of 5, they really bring it to the table and give ensemble’s a run for their money.

This movie is definitely a must see. The film is only playing in select theaters in select cities so be sure to look for your local showtimes!

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Words: Jace Chiappetta | Featured Photo: Villains

25 Years Of Friends And The 25 Best Moments


Today, Sunday 22nd 2019, officially marks 25 years since the premiere of everyone’s favorite American sitcom, Friends!

To celebrate 25 years, we’ve listed the 25 best things from the show…


Ross, there’s not enough pivoting in the world that would make that couch get up those stairs that way. We tried it ourselves, here’s the proof…

2. Smelly Cat

Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat, What are they feeding you? Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat, It’s not your fault!

3. Joey finds out about Monica and Chandler

4. “They don’t know we know they know we know”

Now that Joey, Phoebe, and Rachel all know about Chandler and Monica, the three decide to have some fun and see if Phoebe can flirt with Chandler enough he admits to them his feelings for Monica. Plot twist: Monica and Chandler find out what they’re doing and decide Chandler should flirt back so Phoebe cracks first. Watch a recap of all the flirty scenes below…

5. Phoebe and Rachel running in Central Park

Phoebe‘s running style is iconic. It’s also the same way we run when we hear an ice cream truck outside.

6. Janice’s laugh

And if you’ve been waiting your whole life for 41 continuous seconds of the laugh, look no further. You’re welcome.

7. Monica, Rachel and Phoebe showing us where we’ll probably be in 10 years

8. Phoebe showing us all how its done

9. Gunther

Just Gunther in general. We love that guy.

10. The boy’s win the girls’ apartment

In a shock twist, Chandler and Joey manage to win Monica and Rachel’s apartment when the girls fail to name what Chandler does for a living in a game of who knows who better. (Hint: he’s not a ‘transpondster’). If you want to re-watch the episode, it’s season four’s ‘The One with the Embryos’.

11. Joey + Chandler = BFF Goals

12. This iconic dance

13. Rachel’s Trifle

We all know Rachel was a terrible cook, but out of curiosity, we decided to see if her trifle really did taste of feet like Ross said. We can confirm… feet. If you want to try this monstrosity (which we strongly advise you do not), the bowl from bottom to top should contain; ladyfingers, jam, custard, raspberries, ladyfingers, beef sautéed with peas and onions, custard, bananas, whipped cream. Don’t say we didn’t warn you..

14. Ross and Monica telling on each other

15. Joey is literally us…

Those are our top 15 moments! Here are out top 10 quotes to round out 25 things…

16. “Joey doesn’t share food!” – Joey

17. “”All right, look if you absolutely have to tell her the truth, at least wait until the timing’s right. And that’s what deathbeds are for” – Chandler

18. The camera adds ten pounds!” – Monica, “So how many cameras are actually on you?” – Chandler

19. “Oh look, ugly naked guy is decorating his Christmas tree! Wow, you should see the size of his Christmas balls!” – Pheobe

20. “I’m glad we’re having a rehearsal dinner. I rarely practice my meals before I eat” – Chandler

21. “Why is it inside out?!” – Ross (Reacting to Rachel’s new Sphynx cat)

22. “No Uterus, no opinion” – Rachel

23. “I’m not great at the advice, can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?” – Chandler

24. “He’s so pretty, I want to cry” – Rachel

25. “Go tell him he’s cute. What’s the worst that could happen?” – Rachel, He could hear me” – Monica

Did we miss any of your favorite moments or quotes? Tweet us @mdrnmag to let us know your favorite moment from the show!

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Words: Natasha Fountain | Featured Photo: Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Best Episodes of HIMYM


You’re living under a rock if you don’t know the show How I Met Your Mother. It’s possibly the greatest show ever. We’ve counted down our top 5 favorite HIMYM episodes from the series and they’re….


Slap Bet

The slap bet is one of the on-going jokes throughout the show. It starts as a bet to see what Robin is hiding from her past (Spoiler: Robin Sparkles), and it turns into a 6 season long slap-a-thon giving us beautiful episodes such as Slapsgiving.


Blonde Ted

The gang tricks Ted into going blonde. Do we need another reason?


Girls VS Suits

Its the musical episode (and the 100th episode)! Neil Patrick Harris singing and dancing! Do we need to ask for more? But also Marshall singing gives us life.


Bad News

Though this episode is absolutely heartbreaking, from a production standpoint it is genius. Throughout the episode there is a subtle countdown to Lily telling Marshall about his father’s death.


Something New

This is the first time in the shows history that we actually see the mother’s face. The last episode of season 8 we see Tracy in all her beauty, and we get such a sense of satisfaction that after 8 years, she’s finally here!

This show certainly deserves the highest of fives. The jokes, the continuity, the love and the laughter has never stopped in the shows 9 year run. HIMYM is a timely classic and like nothing else.

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