You Can Text These Celebs! No, We’re Not Kidding.

Move over Twitter, there’s a new way to try and contact your favorite celeb! Community is a new service that offers a safe and secure bridge for people to connect with a mass audience. Through text!

Halsey, Ian Somerhalder, and even Sir. Paul McCartney are some of the few celebs that have already joined the ranks of Community.

Now we understand that this may seem unbelievable, and a scam, but we promise it’s not. Basically, you text the number provided for the specific person, and you receive an automatic text in order to be subscribed to their “contacts.” Now some texts are automatic to send out updates, kind of like a tweet. But they also actually respond!

We took the liberty of doing some research and created a fancy table. As we find more we promise to update the table!

Amy Schumar(917) 970-9333
Ashton Kutcher(319) 519-0576
Brennan Taylor(323) 405-9940
Diddy(917) 746-1444
Dove Cameron(310) 340-0878
Halsey(818) 423-5778
Ian Somerhader(310) 953-3314
Jake Paul(310) 870-3349
Jennifer Lopez(305) 690-0379
Jonas Brothers(323) 880-0945
Lennon Stella(615) 697-4990
Marshmellow(505) 596-3556
Quest Love(215) 515-8031
Sir. Paul McCartney(212) 313-9547
The Chainsmokers(212) 969-8427

Tweet us if a celeb has responded to you through these numbers!

Words & Featured Photo: Jace Chiappetta

Donnie Wahlberg Tips IHOP Server $2,020 On New Years


On January 1st, 2020 actor / musician, Donnie Wahlberg dined with his wife, actress Jenny McCarthy, at an IHOP in St. Charles, Illinois.

Sure, serving two of the biggest stars in Hollywood would come as a surprise, but an even bigger surprise is the tip that Donnie left.

He also wrote “Happy New Year” and “2020 tip challenge” on the receipt. The tweet has been flooded with replies of people condoning his generosity!

We love seeing people do good! Pay it forward and Treat People With Kindness!

Donnie Wahlberg
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Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg
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Harry Styles and James Corden Perform For Traffic in LA

harry styles

In typical James Corden fashion, once again he’s up to no good. Along with Harry Styles, they performed a free concert in LA for those sitting at a red light, whilst fliming for The Late Late Show.


Along with James in a yellow jumpsuit with wings… Harry performed his most recent release “Watermelon Sugar“, along with favorites “Lights Up” and “Kiwi”. He also performed “Sign Of The Times”, and Harry flying around on a cable during trafic is absoloutely killing us.

Name a more iconic duo than Harry Styles and James Corden. We’ll wait.

James Corden
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Harry Styles
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The Late Late Show
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YUNGBLUD Got Some New Ink… Or Did He?


Our favorite British boy has added some more ink to his small collection.

YUNGBLUD, or Dom, only had two tattoos before this. He had black heart and a broken black heart on each middle finger. Today he adds another to the group.

On the musicians Instagram story he posted a video of himself getting a tattoo… on his face! When revealed it seems to be another broken heart! Which definitely goes with his vibe. But here’s the catch.

It’s all a joke… It’s a Tik Tok! He quickly jumped back onto his Instagram story “Guys, of course I didn’t get a face tattoo… Come on!”

So basically we made you read this post just so we could say… Stan YUNGBLUD and steam his new song “Original Me” ft Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons!

Get tickets to catch him live in a city near you, here!

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Words: Jace Chiappetta | Featured Photo: YUNGBLUD on Instagram

Are you a YUNGBLUD stan? Think you know the difference between his lyrics or tweets? Click here to test your knowledge!

Salvatore Brothers Bourbon? Sign Us Up!


So, if you’re like us, you will never be over the Salvatore Brothers. You will never recover from watching our beautiful Knight in Vampiric Armor, Stefan Salvatore, dying. And you will never be over Damon… well just being Damon (which is a synonym for perfect btw).

But even though we had to say goodbye to our boys then, we get one last hoorah with them!

Ian Smoulderholder -uh, we mean- Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore) and Paul -please marry us- Wesley (Stefan Salvatore) are creating their own brand of bourbon!

View this post on Instagram

Doing some of my favorite things: drinking/savoring my OWN bourbon, editing photos and working with the team from a @wheelsup8760 King Air 350i on my way to China. Yup, meaning OUR own bourbon… Can you imagine if the Salvatore brothers had their OWN bourbon? Well, it’s coming! @paulwesley and I have been working our asses off with our incredible team to make this happen. WITH passion, hard work and an uncompromising quest/thirst for quality, we have arrived! We want to share with you something very special and dear to us. You’ve given us so many wonderful years as these characters and we want to bring you something to enjoy that brings back some great memories and some good times to come! It’s going to be fun. We’re going to be traveling the WOLRD meeting so many of you and launching this with some very fun parties I must say! How many of you want a taste!? What do you look for in a bourbon? What does your guy or gal look for in a bourbon? Let me know in the comments- I can’t wait to read them! I’m working tirelessly to create and build great companies with products that mean something to you and the world. To generate revenue through business and in turn use those resources for good. Part of our company mission and ethos is to invest profits into helping our world through regenerative agriculture and farming practices. It’s the surest and quickest way to slow climate change by sequestering carbon and producing oxygen. This in turn protects and regenerates our precious water sources paving a way to a healthy future. This is about helping our communities, our farms and our farmers that work so hard to feed us all giving us life. It’s the best way to preserve life for us all and future the generations. I’m proud of the work we’re doing and I can’t wait to hear from you. I’m not there yet, I’m still going to need help with @isfofficial but I’m confident that this will be so successful that I can stop asking you for help and put some substantial projects together for a brighter and healthier present and future! We can’t wait to share this experience with you! Let’s do this! Who’s in??? Cheers! 🥃 Love, Damon and Stefan

A post shared by iansomerhalder (@iansomerhalder) on

Now if you are asking yourself “why?” and thinking that this is random… It’s clear that you have never seen a single episode of The Vampire Diaries. Which is illegal.

In practically every single episode of TVD one of the boys (mainly Damon) is drinking bourbon. Bourbon is said to help the subside the craving for blood. Tbh same.

  • Salvatore

So if you read Ian‘s post correctly you may have caught something that literally has our hearts bursting out of our chest with excitement. Ian said that “We’re going to be traveling the WOLRD meeting so many of you and launching this with some very fun parties I must say!”

Um… Is this a dream? Are we stuck on the other side? And if so, is Kai here and can you point us in his direction? But seriously, this is the biggest news ever for us TVD super fans.

Ain’t no party like a Salvatore Party!

Ian Somerhalder
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Paul Wesley
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The Vampire Diaries
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Lewis Capaldi Week – Bruises EP, Tinder and more…

This week has been full of surprises from Lewis Capaldi! (aka – the Scottish Beyoncé, America’s sweetheart, Sam Fender‘s #1 fan). And as Lewis‘s biggest high velocity air circulators, (fans – as he calls us), we’re absolutely living for it.

Officially now called Lewis Capaldi week – we’ve had an Ireland tour announcement, a new EP Bruises, and a chance to match with Lewis on Tinder!

Ireland Tour

He’s headed to Ireland! 3 dates have been added, and they’re Lewis‘s biggest ever headline shows! Tickets for the mini tour in June 2020 went on sale today, with all 60,000 tickets selling out in seconds!

Bruises EP

Finally, new music! We’ve been streaming his last album Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent so much, Spotify is about to put out a billboard saying “To the user who has listened to Lewis Capaldi‘s album on repeat or the last 150 days straight, are you ok?” (and it hasn’t even been out 150 days).

Bruises EP ties in perfectly to his song of the same name “Bruises” from his last album, the song that started his breakthrough back in 2017.

The EP features the original track “Bruises”, also newly released as a single, along with 3 new versions of the track – a live orchestral version, an acoustic version and a remixed version by Steve Void.

The acoustic guitar version is a powerful rendition of the original track, with Lewis belting out strong notes as usual, but in a slightly more natural, unfiltered way, with varying tones compared to the original.

With an orchestra to back him up, the orchestral rendition is more powerful than the acoustic, a highlight of the EP. Emotion is more evident in this version, with the lyrics sung in a strong, emotional tone. A video for the orchestral version was released today, featuring a dark room, drawing attention to Lewis and the power in his vocals.

Rounding out the EP, Steve Void‘s remix plays at a slightly sped up pace to match its party vibe. We’d dance like usual to the original track, but this one would probably get us into a dance battle we’d be going so hard.

Click here to check out the EP.


Lewis Capaldi is officially on Tinder. Now we’re not saying we downloaded the app just to find him… but we basically downloaded the app just to find him.

Billboards of his profile are popping up around the UK, and fans who are lucky enough to match with him, could win tickets to one of his shows on his upcoming tour, or a trip for two to New York.

And his anthem is his own song “Bruises”. We have no choice but to stan.

We super-liked him 2 days ago and we still haven’t had a match. Lewis if you’re reading this, how many sunglasses do we need to bribe you with for you to swipe on us?

Lewis Capaldi
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Words: Natasha Fountain | Featured Photo: Lewis Capaldi on Twitter

Mission Find Lewis Capaldi On Tinder.

Lewis Capaldi Tinder

Lewis Capaldi is on Tinder, and we basically signed up just to find him.

Billboards of Lewis‘s Tinder Profile have started popping up, and it’s now been revealed he’ll be awarding free tickets to his upcoming tour for fans who are lucky enough to match with him. A trip for two to see him play in New York is also up for grabs.

I’m very excited to have teamed up with the people at Tinder to give two lucky people the chance to fly out to New York to meet your favorite big lovely handsome celebrity (me). I’m yet to find love and Tinder Gold is the only lifeline I have left before I’m resigned to a lifetime living at home with my mother.

Lewis Capaldi

Photo: Lewis Capaldi on Instagram

His anthem is his own song? We stan one man.

While speaking to NME, Lewis said he wrote his profile to reflect that he’s a “chubby guy, a bit weird looking, who sings songs, they’re all sad.”

He continued to say “well, my Tinder bio for the minute is: ‘BRITs Critics Choice nominee, I almost scored a top bin once on Soccer AM (not televised), I have one dog and I’m very good at fighting’.”

Click here to buy tickets to his upcoming US, UK and Europe tour. Click here to buy his album Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent or listen on Apple Music or Spotify.

Lewis Capaldi
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Words: Natasha Fountain | Featured Photo: Tinder

Nicki Minaj Is Retiring From Music

Nicki Minaj has just announced she is retiring from music to focus on having a family.

Nicki Minaj announced the shocking news on Thursday morning with just a simple tweet, that has now been deleted.

The news comes not long after the release of “Hot Girl Summer” by Megan Thee Stallion, a hit song that the rapper is featured in.

With a trailblazing career, Minaj has been nominated for 10 Grammys, earned a Guinness World Record in 2017 for most Billboard Hot 100 entries by a solo female artist, and has won 5 MTV Video Music Awards.

Now, her instagram name is Ms.Petty. Is this just her getting back at her haters and trolls? Or is she serious about this?

All we know is that if she’s serious… it’s going to be a blue Friday tomorrow.

Nicki Minaj
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