Everyone Say “Thank You Very Much, THA!”


It’s time to introduce you to your new favorite band, The Happy Alright (sometimes stylized as THA)! This Texas-based duo/band has been rocking since 2011, but recently they’ve really picked up traction and gained some extra attention, and just in time for their most recent EP release of Thank You Very Much.

With a determination to liven up the music industry and create music that is more authentic and genuinely them, Sterling Gavinski and Mason Steeger went into the studio mid-2018 to begin the process for this record. The idea was to shake-up the world’s perception of THA and the kind of music they create together, which we honestly can say seems successful! Going from hard-hitting hooks and the all-too-familiar angsty lyrics of pop-punk to pop melodies and matching lyrics, soft acoustic singalongs, and the occasional jazz undertone, these guys are really out here proving they’re not some generic pop-punk band that hates their hometown.

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It started in September with a bunch of random, weird little tweets on the band’s account that addressed ‘rumors’ of new music. The general consensus? The Happy Alright fans would not be seeing new music anytime soon. Which really proved to be a bummer to most. But then these cute little pink envelopes started showing up at people’s houses and it seems like maybe something really was going on with them.

October. THA. TYVM.

The month of October brought us the official release of a new single titled “One-Eyed Legend” alongside a fun little video full of grown puppies, which we are so here for. October also brought us the announcement of an EP, a second single titled “Next 2 U” (alongside a video), and finally the release of Thank You Very Much! It’s been a fun road, leading to the release, and it’s nice to see a band not taking things too seriously. The Happy Alright certainly enjoys having a bit of fun with their marketing techniques!

Packed full of millennial slang and references to the internet, TYVM plays as an observation of modern-day relationships. From technology’s impact on long-distance relationships to the confusing occurrences of life, Gavinski and Steeger really have outdone themselves this time. It’s a banger of a record that works for any mood you might be in. We certainly will be spinning it here in the office for months to come. We hope you do the same, and let us know your favorite track! Ours is “Lucky 2 Kno U.”

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Words: Kaiti Fleeger | Featured Photo: Faith Alesia

Julia Nunes New Music Video

Julia Nunes

Pop musician Julia Nunes released her sixth album, UGHWOW which started as a kickstarter project, earlier this year, with the music video for her song “Used to Want” dropping October 11th.

Used to Want starts with a bass line that really gets us in our feelings. The collaboration with dancer / choreographer Ava Gordy was a A+ choice in our books. The visuals and music mesh together well, making for a sleepy rainy day sing your heart out moment. Simple but powerful. Not to mention the music video exclusively focuses around a comfy bed.

“Hell bent on seclusion
Gave myself a problem
Trying to make you the solution”

Other people are great, but nothing beats the comfort of a bed, and other people aren’t going to fix you. Only you can fix you. The decisions we make are what we have to live with. Only you can keep yourself moving forward.

“Thanking God for saving you
From what you used to want
Oh you’re glad you got away
Ok ok ok
You can kick me when I’m down
And I will crawl into the bed I made “

We’ll be okay.

This November Julia will be out on tour with Elizabeth and The Catapult. A Brooklyn, NY based project band along the vein of pop/rock and indie. The perfect escape, so go treat yourself and get a ticket here!

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Words: Dakota Burnsed | Featured Photo: Julia Nunes on Instagram

White Reaper: The Love They Deserve

Calling all indie-loving-garage-punk-rockers! Do we have a band for you! Swinging on in from Louisville, Kentucky we urge you to give White Reaper the love and attention they deserve (which is all of it!)

Starting in 2015 the band consists of Tony Esposito (guitar/vocals), Ryan Hater (keyboard), Sam Wilkerson (bass), Nick Wilkerson (drums), and Hunter Thompson (guitars). And so far they’ve graced the musical world with two EPs and two full length albums. If you haven’t heard of White Reaper yet, that’s cool. Because we’re about to save the day. White Reaper’s sound is absolutely unique, complete with catchy hooks and superb instrumentals that can’t help but make us want to have fun. So put on your party pants, because White Reaper has a new album on the way titled You Deserve Love.

Listen to White Reaper, Because You Deserve it.

If you are an avid alternative radio listener maybe you’ve heard some of the singles from their upcoming album. Maybe you’ve even been lucky enough to catch them on the road, they’ve spent the last year as a support on some similar sounding idols like The Killers and Weezer. Or perhaps you’ve caught them at one of several festival appearances.

While we haven’t been fortunate enough to catch them live yet, we have heard the singles from their upcoming album, You Deserve Love and we are stoked on it. The singles consist of songs “Real Long Time” and the most recent teaser “1F”. As well as our personal favorite (so far) “Might Be Right”. Just as we imagined, these songs make us feel GOOD. Dance around in your underwear (or fully clothed, whatever) GOOD. If you haven’t listened yet, DO IT (insert Shia LeBeouf meme).

The good news is, you won’t have to wait too long for your new favorites to deliver, because the album is dropping October 18th. What a day for music, considering Jimmy Eat World‘s new album drops the same day! While you wait, make sure to explore their entire discography. We’re certain you won’t regret it.

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Words: Danielle King | Featured Photo: White Reaper on Twitter

Halsey Takes Us to a Dream World with “Graveyard” Video


After being awoken at the Devil’s Hour to draw, Halsey takes us into her dream world with her new video for “Graveyard.”

One of the first scenes we see is of Halsey drawing a girl on her sketch pad, before that figure manifests beside her and the drawing of the mysterious girl she sketches comes to life. The girl, played by Sydney Sweeney, transports them into a dream carnival, filled with pretty lights, pastel colors, and complete with two moons.

After riding Ferris Wheels, froclicking around, and dancing in the completely empty carnival grounds, they step into the entrance of what seems like a funhouse before Halsey skips along leaving her mysterious partner outside.

This funhouse actually turns into the aquarium from her recent “Clementine” video for a few moments before Halsey passes out and appears swimming underwater as she floats back up into the carnival.

Realizing she is alone, she wanders through a now bleak, black and white carnival ground, completely opposite from the scenes before. The video ends with Hasley sitting back in her bedroom, which has now taken on the bleakness of the carnival.

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We love the mystery and hidden messages throughout the whole video, Halsey has not let us down yet with these visuals for her upcoming album, Manic! We can’t wait to see how the other videos and tracks intertwine with each other as her recent ones have.

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Words: Mar Maldonado | Featured Photo: Graveyard Artwork

Niall Horan Reintroduces Himself with “Nice To Meet Ya”

Niall Horan is back after 2 years of fans anxiously anticipating his second album, and from the looks of his first single from the new era, “Nice To Meet Ya,” this album is going to be a good one!

The song has a little more rockish vibes than his many acoustic-like tracks from his debut album, Flicker, and we can certainly tell that he is branching out with fun catchy lyrics like, “nice to meet ya / where ya been? / let me treat ya.”

The video for “Nice to Meet Ya” fits the song to a T, beginning with Horan watching as a ‘hookup’ walks out of his home before it rewinds us to the start of his day leading up to that moment.

We get amazing slow-motion shots of Niall Horan walking through the streets as he charms almost every woman he passes, looking for the girl of his dreams that was dressed as an angel when he stepped out of his house that morning.

This is a more mature theme for the entertainer, and after he finds his way into a suit tailor to get jazzed up for a night out, we even see him party it up in a bar with some friends. It’s there he finally finds the girl of his dreams from the beginning of the video at the bar counter, before she slides him her number on a napkin and slips away as quickly as she appeared.

Horan powers up all the charm in this video, although we’re sure it’s not too hard for him… because he’s Niall Horan, and we are loving all of it! It’s amazing to see how he has progressed and grown as a solo artist after his days in One Direction and we can’t wait to hear more of his new sound this era!

Niall Horan
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Words: Mar Maldonado | Featured Photo: Niall Horan on Instagram

Halsey Gives Us a Video Sweet as a “Clementine”

Halsey recently put out a new single for her 25th birthday, and it’s a lot different from her usual sound, but we LOVE it! This is her third single off her new album, Manic, which is set to release in early 2020, following “Graveyard” and “Nightmare.”

The song is one with a sweet comforting tone, as it has an acoustic type feel and kid like echos featured throughout it. Accompanied by a simple piano melody, and soft percussion in the background, Halsey seems to give us the meaning of her new album Manic, as the song is a cryptic one full of contradicting lines. Just take a look at the mainline in the chorus, “I don’t need anyone / I just need everyone and then some.”

The video was something we hadn’t seen from the performer before and she even tagged-team in her family to help out on this production! The visuals for “Clementine” feature both Halsey and her brother Sevian Frangipane dancing through a dimly lit aquarium.

This adorable, compilation of shots has the siblings doing interactive choreography as they frolic throughout the empty aquarium, which makes the perfect backdrop for the cutest video of the year. The choreography for the video was done by Dani Vital who also co-directed the video, and it fits the song’s vibes perfectly!

Sevian even got a tattoo in honor of his sister’s new single!

With all the variations of songs we’ve received these last few singles, we cannot wait to see what Halsey gives us next!

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Words: Mar Maldonado | Featured Photo: Halsey on Instagram

Lewis Capaldi Week – Bruises EP, Tinder and more…

This week has been full of surprises from Lewis Capaldi! (aka – the Scottish Beyoncé, America’s sweetheart, Sam Fender‘s #1 fan). And as Lewis‘s biggest high velocity air circulators, (fans – as he calls us), we’re absolutely living for it.

Officially now called Lewis Capaldi week – we’ve had an Ireland tour announcement, a new EP Bruises, and a chance to match with Lewis on Tinder!

Ireland Tour

He’s headed to Ireland! 3 dates have been added, and they’re Lewis‘s biggest ever headline shows! Tickets for the mini tour in June 2020 went on sale today, with all 60,000 tickets selling out in seconds!

Bruises EP

Finally, new music! We’ve been streaming his last album Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent so much, Spotify is about to put out a billboard saying “To the user who has listened to Lewis Capaldi‘s album on repeat or the last 150 days straight, are you ok?” (and it hasn’t even been out 150 days).

Bruises EP ties in perfectly to his song of the same name “Bruises” from his last album, the song that started his breakthrough back in 2017.

The EP features the original track “Bruises”, also newly released as a single, along with 3 new versions of the track – a live orchestral version, an acoustic version and a remixed version by Steve Void.

The acoustic guitar version is a powerful rendition of the original track, with Lewis belting out strong notes as usual, but in a slightly more natural, unfiltered way, with varying tones compared to the original.

With an orchestra to back him up, the orchestral rendition is more powerful than the acoustic, a highlight of the EP. Emotion is more evident in this version, with the lyrics sung in a strong, emotional tone. A video for the orchestral version was released today, featuring a dark room, drawing attention to Lewis and the power in his vocals.

Rounding out the EP, Steve Void‘s remix plays at a slightly sped up pace to match its party vibe. We’d dance like usual to the original track, but this one would probably get us into a dance battle we’d be going so hard.

Click here to check out the EP.


Lewis Capaldi is officially on Tinder. Now we’re not saying we downloaded the app just to find him… but we basically downloaded the app just to find him.

Billboards of his profile are popping up around the UK, and fans who are lucky enough to match with him, could win tickets to one of his shows on his upcoming tour, or a trip for two to New York.

And his anthem is his own song “Bruises”. We have no choice but to stan.

We super-liked him 2 days ago and we still haven’t had a match. Lewis if you’re reading this, how many sunglasses do we need to bribe you with for you to swipe on us?

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Words: Natasha Fountain | Featured Photo: Lewis Capaldi on Twitter

SHAED X ZAYN “Trampoline” Out Now!

We’ve all been wondering what Zayn Malik’s been up to, and we couldn’t have more exciting news! Get yourself familiar with SHAED, because they have landed on the map with their debut single “Trampoline.” If you haven’t graced your ears with this single, get on that shit. It rules. And what a better way to make it absolutely top-tier quality than having Zayn bless it with his vocals.

Maybe you’re not quite familiar with this DC trio yet, but we can pretty much assume that you have heard at least a snippet of the single. Making it’s debut on Apple’s Macbook Air Ad was only the beginning for the success of “Trampoline”. It continued to make airwaves with big names including USA Today, Billboard, and Vouge. It also landed SHAED on some of the best festivals of 2019 including Lollapolozza, Summerfest, and Firefly (shout out DELAWARE).

Shaed Band
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Match Made In Vocal Heaven

Whether you’ll admit it to yourself or not, you know more about One Direction than you ever should. However, that’s not the only reason you should be familiar with the original zaddy himself, Zayn Malik (yup, I said zaddy). We aren’t the only ones who loved his track “Pillowtalk”, as SHAED’s own Chelsea Lee calls it “One of her all-time favorite songs”. YES GIRL, WE SUPPORT IT. So SHEAD’s team reached out to Zayn’s and magic was made. Listening to this collaboration you can’t help but believe that Lee and Malik’s voices were a match made in vocal heaven. It’s so magical it makes us want to cry.

The single off the band’s second EP MELT released last September has already been certified gold in the US. It’s clear that they have no plans of slowing down, especially with a partnership as absolutely lovely as this. “Trampoline” featuring Zayn is available NOW, so be sure to give it a spin (or 12). Best believe we’ll be catching SHAED on their headlining tour that starts at the end of the month, and we think you should too!

trampoline shaed and zayn
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Words by: Danielle King | Featured Photo: Trampoline Single Cover