Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, Demogorgons of all ages! MDRN Mag can proudly say that Hopper is alive! He’s alive! And breathing! And not dead! Now I’m not saying I single handedly saved Hopper but…

There are more but some are a bit more on the aggressive side… They were worried i’ll kick their butts Eleven style. Which I totally would have if they didn’t bring Hopper back.

How do we know this? Well the people of Stranger Things decided to give the world the greatest Valentines Day gift ever!

Boom! So while you couples are out there enjoying your chocolates, roses and romantic dates, we’ll be over here binge watching Stranger Things because our man is alive!

Yes, they cut off his gorgeous locks of hair BUT a bald Hop is better than no Hop.

There’s no news yet of exactly when season 4 will drop… But we’re wishing, hoping and praying that it’s soon! We need it ASAP. Like tomorrow…today would be great too..ANYWAY

In light of this amazing news… There is only one gif to sum it all up.

Stranger Things Dancing GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Stranger Things
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Words: Jace Chiappetta | Featured Photo: Stranger Things/ Netflix

Fine Line Live: Harry the Showman

Fine Line Live

On the 13th, I attended Harry Styles’ Fine Line: One Night Only concert.

The lights went out around 9pm and the crowd erupted into screams and chants of Harry’s name. We all knew what was about to happen next. He started out the night atop a platform placed at the back of the stage, doing the iconic pose featured on the Fine Line album cover, and in the exact outfit. Then as the music increased, he proceeded to start the night with the first song of the album, “Golden,” and it did not disappoint on the album, or live for that matter either. His energy throughout the song, and the entire show was intoxicating, making you wonder how he keeps up the energy for such a long time.

fine line live
Photo: Hélène Pambrun

From “Golden,” he opened up a conversation to the audience with a prolonged “I’m baack,” which caused the whole crowd to erupt with cheers. It was nice seeing him back on stage where he truly belongs. There’s something about Harry that proves that he was born for this life, as he commands attention while on stage.

He continued on the night performing all of his songs on the album, in order, including the three released singles from the album, “Watermelon Sugar”, “Adore You”, and “Lights Up,” saying it would be the only time he would do so.

His energy was high for most of his songs, but when it came to songs like “Cherry,” and “Falling,” there was a shift, the emotion behind the lyrics written plainly on his face. It’s easy to feel his pain in these moments. And as heartfelt as those songs were, he was able to bring the mood right back up again with “To Be So Lonely,” a song that is more uplifting with fun lyrics “I’m just an arrogant son of a bitch,” which the crowd screamed back at him passionately.

During a break after the song, he stopped for a moment to see how the crowd was doing. Unfortunately there was a fan down, but Harry made sure to send security to help the fan using gestures from the fans around the person to find them. During this moment he then proceeded to ask the audience “Why is it, when I call myself an ‘arrogant song of a bitch,’ that you sound the loudest? Did everyone just decide to sing it with their whole chest.” This is a moment that is sure to become a running thing, as iconic as the “Kiwi” pose as well as the new album pose.

There were other moments that I know fans will be able to enjoy on tour as much as we did that night; from the “boop” noises at the end of “Sunflower, Vol. 6,” to the way Harry completely loses himself in his dance moves during “Treat People With Kindness.” His dance moves are something that seem so him, so Harry, that I can’t help but make the comparison between him and Elvis, and the way Elvis’ moves drove fans nuts back in his day. Harry just has that effect on people, and he doesn’t even have to try.

Fine Line Live
Photo: Hélène Pambrun

Before he ended the show, he took another moment to talk to the crowd. He almost seemed shocked at how fast the time had gone. When we realized this was his last song on the album, we were all shocked too. One hour had gone by, but it had felt like 10 minutes with how much fun we’d all been having.

Because this is Harry, and he knows us, he let us know that more was in store and the night wasn’t over just yet. His last song, before the encore, was, of course, “Fine Line”. The uplifting tone, and the way that he repeats “we’ll be alright,” is the perfect tone that you want to leave a concert feeling. A hopeful excited feeling that makes you realize how much you enjoyed your time.

When he finally returned to the center of the stage, the opening chords of a song we all know and love well began, “Sign of the Times.” It was his first single, one that seemed so bold when he first released it, being that it is 5 minutes and 41 seconds.

When he had finished, he began speaking about someone he admires deeply, and we all immediately knew who was coming. He then proceeded to announce the iconic Stevie Nicks, and this was undoubtedly the loudest the crowd screamed that night, since he had stepped on stage at the beginning of the show. They took center stage together, and performed Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide.” As she left the stage, fans continued to cheer for her and you could see the admiration on Harry’s face as well.

Fine Line Live
Photo: Hélène Pambrun

Now, we’ve all been dying for Harry to give us a Christmas album for years now, even back in his One Direction days, and sadly we’re still waiting. But tonight he gave us a glimpse into what that would be like by performing “Wonderful Christmas Time.” Not only that, but the holiday spirit continued with fake snow falling from the ceiling as the song continued.

As the song ended, we knew our time with Harry was ending as well. Chants began throughout the crowd, from “Kiwi,” to “Medicine,” two well-known songs that Harry performed on his last tour. He began the end of the show with a quick speech. He thanked those that helped him create this album, those who joined him onstage, as well as thanking the fans for continuing to support him, “The album is yours, I am yours.” He told us he had one more song, and the lights on stage faded to a deep red tone. We knew what was coming.

As the opening beats of “Kiwi” began, everyone in the crowd was on their feet, dancing and jumping as Harry raced around, waving at those behind the stage. This is the song that he always sings the loudest, as he would say, with his whole chest.

Fine Line Live
Photo: Hélène Pambrun

This song is just one of those where you really do just want to dance without a care in the world, and Harry does just that. As us fans would say, Harry almost looks possessed when he is dancing to “Kiwi”. It would surprise me if he didn’t have a headache with how hard he shakes his head to the beat of the drums during the song.

As Harry finished the song and gave his final bow, we all felt melancholic. Happy that we were finally able to see him back on stage and in person after it being so long, but sad at the fact that the show was over and we’d have to wait till 2020 to see him once again… To see him back on stage where he truly belongs.

Click here to catch Harry on tour in a city near you with Love on Tour!

And remember, always treat people with kindness!

Harry Styles
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Words: Brianna Jerina | Featured Photo: Hélène Pambrun

Beyoncé’s ‘B-Day’ is here, and so is a quiz!

Wednesday is not only Hump Day, but this week it’s also the day Beyoncé turns 38! Queen Bee has been slaying for good 38 years, making history along the way. She has accomplished a lot throughout her life, and we’re so proud of her hard work as a mother and an artist! To celebrate this special day, we’re here to test your knowledge of her music! Can you finish off these verses found in some of her most popular songs? If you want to see how well you know Beyoncé, go ahead and take the quiz!

Photo: Kevin Winter / Getty Images

[wp_quiz id=”8744″]

If you did not get all the answers right, don’t sweat it! Take it again, or share it with a friend to see if they get a higher score than you!

Stream Beyoncé‘s new album The Lion King: The Gift on all platforms! Listen on Apple Music here.

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Words: MDRN MAG | Featured Photo: Mason Poole

Camila Cabello Announces New Album!

Camila Cabello has announced the release date of her sophomore album Romance! On August 31, Camila had posted visuals to tease fans of her upcoming album. Based on the message behind it, fans have taken the hint that a new project is in the works.

Similarly, Camila has just tweeted another video to her Twitter. The visual announces the drop of her sophomore album Romance. The 20-second clip gives the viewers the official release date and title of her album.

Despite the lack of context behind the video, the fans figured it out, and they have many positive things to say!

With her romance with Shawn Mendes and the passion shown in her teaser, we are sure that September 5th will be an emotional day for all of us! (In a good way, though.) Is it also possible that Shawn could be a motivation behind the album as well? Nevertheless, we are hoping to hear another Shawmila collab on the project!

While you are waiting for the release, you can watch Camila‘s new visual titled “What Do I Know About Love?” below! It will be helpful so you can understand the aesthetic and the possible meaning behind the album!

Camila Cabello
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Words: MDRN MAG | Featured Photo: Richard Bord / Gettys

MDRN MAG – Artist Introductions – August 30th


It’s that time again and boy do we have some great songs for you this week! To hype everyone up for the start of a new school year, or as we head into the busiest season of the year for most businesses, our featured artists playlist is bringing you the perfect collection of pop music.

Featured Artists

Walk Off The Earth

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Words: Dakota Burnsed

Photo: Courtesy of Walk Off The Earth

Walk Off The Earth, a classic choice off the YouTube artist list. The band consists of Gianni Nicassio, Ryan Marshall, Joel Cassady, and Sarah Blackwood using everything from ukulele to theremin. They’ve been fairly quiet lately, so to see this in the line-up we jumped at the chance to listen and let’s just say … wow. We can’t wait for the album to drop on October 25th.

The music is uplifting and laid back. It really shows what the band itself needs after going through such a rough year. If you need a soft hug and a pick me up this is the song for you. They’ll be there for you!
So if you’re wanting to check them out in the flesh they’re touring August through November, and their newest single is available to stream on all platforms: HERE

Featured Artists

Cairo Gold

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Words: Gabby Fox

Photo: Courtesy of Cairo Gold

Cairo Gold’s “Type of Woman” is a track that is different, uplifting, and gives any woman the confidence they need. Here, we’re all for woman empowerment and working hard, and Gold successfully delivers the message while bringing gorgeous vocals, confidence, and slight sex appeal. 
Independence also plays a role in her single, stating “If you’re with her, it’s not because she needs you, it’s because she wants you.” The type of woman she described in her statement with Billboard is a type that all women strive to be, and it will help inspire them even more. PERIOD! This song is a must-have for your girl power playlist – we all need a compilation of our motivational music, am I right? Her newest single is available for stringing on every platform, which you can access: HERE

Featured Artists

New Dialogue

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Words: Dakota Burnsed

Photo: Courtesy of New Dialogue

New Dialogue coming at you! With light blending vocals from Ela Kitapci and Taylor Morrow complimented by their bandmates Jason Rodriguez, Michael Sevilla, and Jeff Badagilacca playing these songs will be sure to soothe. The perfect coffee shop soundtrack we invite you to sit down, have a cup and give them a listen.

Dreamy visuals or taking simplistic to a new minimum, “Fake Smile” brings with it mellow tunes coupled with lyrics that ache. The video only adds on with the muted tones, low purple accent light, and warehouse set up.
This group is bringing their melancholy vibrations to you all through September with their last show happening in October. They will be touring with Meg&Dia the first half finishing off the tour with lovelytheband. And if you can’t make it just give their EP a listen: HERE.

Featured Artists

The Statistics

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Words: Jamie ‘Jace’ Chiappetta

Photo: Courtesy of The Statistics

“Maryanne” makes us want to jump in our car, roll down the window, and just drive on the backcountry roads for as long as we can. Giving us indie-rock vibes but also a sound of their own Darby and Erin are sure to be a force to be reckoned with.

Featured Artists

Cris Cab

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Words: Jamie ‘Jace’ Chiappetta

Photo: Courtesy of Cris Cabb

Blending classic Latin sounds with urban rhythms, Cris Cabs Diamonds EP makes you want to get up and dance! With summer winding down, songs like “Diamonds,” “Rush,” and “Laurent Perrier” all give us that extension of summer feels that we all crave. Fans got a taste of Cris with his big hit “Just Wanna Love You,” and now fans will be craving a full-length album after this. MDRN MAG gives this a big 5 Carats! Check it out: here.

Are you a fan of up-and-coming musicians? Do you like to support the small guy in the corner? Keep an eye out for our Artist Introductions playlist every Friday!

Check out more of our favorite playlists here!

If you’re an up-and-coming artist with recently released music, or you know someone who is, don’t hesitate to reach out for a potential Featured Artists listing in future weeks.

Words and Featured Photo: MDRN MAG

Jake Miller sends his “LAST TEXT”

Jake Miller's "LAST TEXT"

Singer, songwriter, and producer Jake Miller has delivered on his promise of a new single every two weeks this summer (and we can’t thank him enough). So far, Jake released “OCEAN AWAY” and “NERVOUS” (read all about it here). Jake has just bestowed his next gift on humanity: “LAST TEXT”. Thankfully for us, Jake Miller‘s “LAST TEXT” is another bop.

So here’s the lowdown (because we know you kinda want it): Jake Miller’s “LAST TEXT” is the third of five songs to be released this summer. The single is written by Jake with help from Slavo, Spencer Sutherland, and Scott Pelsang. The track is produced by Jake, Slavo, and Scott. Okay, enough with the facts. Let’s get to what we’re all truly interested in: the opinions (and Jake‘s hotness because we can’t and won’t get over that).

Jake Miller's "LAST TEXT"
Photo: Courtesy of Red Music

Jake is hot and so is this song.

Did you really think we could go a whole article without referencing Jake‘s superior genes at least once? “LAST TEXT” is best described in the words of Taylor: “a nightmare dressed like a daydream“. The vocals are amazing (pretty sure that’s Jake‘s M.O.) but we have to listen to his smooth, sweet voice BREAK UP WITH US.

A slight exaggeration.

Okay, not with us, but we’re still heartbroken. The problem, or rather, lack thereof, with “LAST TEXT”, is that it’s such a bop. We can’t live in a world (real or otherwise) in which Jake sends his last text to us. The song is amazing and gives us the strength to do so which really highlights the power of Jake Miller, folks. Do you need a hype up song to send your last text to that soul sucking gremlin in your life? Don’t lie. We know you just pictured someone as you read that. This is the song for you.

Jake Miller
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Words: Lexy Baumann | Featured Photo: Derrick Freske

Taylor Helps Fund School with New Album “Lover!”


Taylor Swift has just released her new album Lover on August 23rd. Not only does she impact the listeners, but she also impacts the community around her. We expect nothing less from our angel!

Photo: Valheria Rocha

On one of her tracks, Taylor uses a sample from music students from the Regent Park School of Music. The choir from the school helped her out with the vocals in her track “It’s Nice to Have a Friend.” This opportunity is huge for the children (because it’s Taylor Swift!) and for the school as well. Taylor is known for giving back, and that’s exactly what she decided to do– all of the proceedings made from the sampling goes straight to music school in Toronto.

There is so much praise among fans and other adults for her pure actions. Here are our favorite reactions from Twitter!

With that being said, make sure to STREAM “It’s Nice to Have a Friend!” You’ll be giving future prodigies a higher chance of reaching their dreams and full potential! You can stream Lover on all platforms which will be linked below.

On the day before the album release, Taylor also releases her music video for her single “Lover.” Not only does the song have a sweet, romantic tone, but the music video matches the mood and her personality. We guarantee you it’ll make your heart melt– maybe even cry. Or both. Check it out down below while you’re still here!

You can stream Lover on Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora and Tidal.

Taylor Swift
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Words: MDRN MAG | Featured Photo: Getty Images

Every Movie From Disney’s D23 Expo.

Disney gives fans an idea of what to expect through 2020 and Beyond.

Today in Anaheim, California at the D23 Expo, Disney gave fans a peek of all of their upcoming movies. While they didn’t show anything from their Fox slate of films, there was still plenty to see.

Star Wars – The Rise of Skywalker

Poster: LucasFilm / Disney

Disney started by bringing up Kathleen Kennedy and JJ Abrams. They talked about the film “Being a wrap up to a saga that began over 40 years ago.” From there they brought the rest of the cast, including, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Billy Dee Williams, Anthony Daniels, the droids of course, and newcomer to the Star Wars franchise Keri Russell.

Keri Russell described her character as “Shady. Kind of a criminal. And sort of this old friend of Poe’s.”

Anthony Daniels tells the fans that he can’t believe the Skywalker Saga is Ending, “But what an ending. I can’t wait for you to all see what we’ve been working on. You’ll love it.”

Photo: Disney

Next, the crowd saw the poster for the upcoming film. It highlights Rey and Kylo battling on what appears to be a part of a ship, behind them the face of Emperor Palpatine.

According to Twitter the footage was something special.

According to many sources, we should expect to see the footage shown at D23 this coming Monday. We will have to sit back and wait, because I cannot wait!

Star Wars – The Rise Of Skywalker will release December 20th, 2019.

Black Panther II

Photo: Disney

Ryan Coogler came on stage with Kevin Feige, who has had a bit of a rough week, to officially announce Black Panther II. Two things have been confirmed from the announcements. The first treatment of the script has been completed. The official title has not yet been finalized. It is probably safe to assume that Chadwick Boseman will return to star. The film is set to release May 6, 2022.

The Eternals

Photo: Disney

Next up Marvel brought out the cast of The Eternals, the next movie on the cosmic side of the MCU.

They officially announced Gemma Chan to be playing Sersi, another member of the Eternals. Sersi has been a member of the Avengers in the comics. This isn’t Gemma’s first time in the MCU. She previously played Minn-Erva in Captain Marvel.

They also announced that Kit Harrington famous for his role as Jon Snow (or was it Aegon Targaryen?) will be playing Dane Whitman who is also known as the Black Knight. Barry Keoghan who was previously seen in Dunkirk, and is about to star in Y: The Last Man on FX as Yorick Brown was also announced to be playing Druig.

The Eternals will also Star Richard Madden, Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Brian Tyree Henry, Kumail Nanjiani, Lia McHugh, Lauren Ridloff and Dong-seok Ma. The Eternals is set to release November 6, 2020.

Black Widow

Photo: Disney

Scarlett Johansson, David Harbour, and Florence Pugh were unable to attend the expo as they are busy filming the movie, however, they did send a video from the set. They showed the San Diego Comic-Con footage again but showed a couple of new bits as well. The most notable is a short scene between Florence Pugh‘s Yelena and Johansson‘s Natasha.

Jungle Cruise

jungle cruise d23 stage
Photo: Disney

Dwayne Johnson made his entrance on a full-sized Jungle Cruise boat in order to show some footage of the new movie. Of course, there is a reference to the backside of water. Nothing has been officially released yet, but Dwayne Johnson explained the movie by saying “Big action, big comedy, big romance, but most of all… it has me!” and that it is inspired by films like Indiana Jones and Romancing the Stone.

Emily Blunt also came out, this time in an old-timey car, and showed another cut of the trailer with her character as the main hero. While neither is the final trailer, fan reactions seem to be positive.

Jungle Cruise releases on July 24, 2020.

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

Photo: Disney

Angelina Jolie came on stage again with Elle Fanning, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Chiwetel Ejiofor to show some footage from the upcoming movie. A small clip of a conversation between Pfeiffers and Jolie’s character was shown. The movie releases soon, so its possible Disney didn’t want to share too much.

The film will release on October 18, 2019.


mulan d23
Poster: Disney

Director Niki Caro came on stage to show some new footage from the film. A couple of snippets from different scenes were shown.

We’ll see how the non-musical remake turns out when it releases on March 27, 2020.


cruella d23
Photo: Disney

We got our first look at Emma Stone as Cruella De Vil from the upcoming film. A video from set was sent in and not too much information was shared. The film was described as ‘Punk Rock’ and seems to be set in the 1970’s London. The Film will also star Emma Thompson, Pual Walter Hauser, and Joel Fry. It will release on May 28, 2021.

Pixar’s Soul

Photo: Disney

A new film was announced coming from Pixar named Soul. Pete Docter introduced the film by asking “Why am I here? where did I come from? And what am I here for?”

The footage shown shows the main character Joe played by Jamie Foxx getting his chance at his dream gig, playing at the Club of Dreams. From there, he falls into an open manhole and possibly dies? His Soul then goes through a ‘Soul Seminar’ where souls are trained. The film is about Joe getting back to earth to play his jazz set.

Jon Batiste is writing original jazz songs, and Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross are producing the score.

The film also stars Questlove, Phylicia Rashad, Daveed Diggs, and Tina Fey.

Photo: Disney
soul d23
Photo: Disney

Soul will release on June 19, 2020 (Juneteenth!)

Pixar’s Onward

Photo: Disney

Pixar’s other movie in 2020 Onward was shown next. Stars Chris Pratt, Tom Holland, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus showed 8 minutes of new footage from the movie.

The plot is definitely a bit different than what we’ve seen from Pixar in the past. Reportedly, its about the two elf brothers Ian and Barley resurrecting their deceased father for a day with a magic spell. However, only the bottom half is resurrected. They then go on an adventure to find a gem to bring him back fully.

You can watch the previously released teaser trailer below.

Onward Teaser Trailer Disney/Pixar

Tom Holland also addressed the Spider-Man controversy to the crowd after the footage.

Listen guys, it’s been a crazy week, but I want to let you know I’m grateful from the bottom of my heart. I love you 3000!” Dont worry, we’re already over here crying.

Onward will release on March 6, 2020.

Raya and the Last Dragon

Photo: Disney

Walt Disney Animation Studios came out to close the show and debuted a new film.

Raya is a mix between classic Disney animation and Hong Kong action films according to writer Adele Lim. It takes from Southeast Asian culture and folk tales. The film is set in a realm called Lumandra, described as “a reimagined earth inhabited by an ancient civilization.” Five clans form the land of the dragon, and Raya is determined to find the last dragon.

Cassie Steele will voice the lead character Raya, and Akwafina voices Sisu, the Dragon in the movie. An official logo and concept art have been released and can be seen below. The film will release in November, 2020.

d23 stage raya
Photo: Disney

Frozen II

frozen d23
Photo: Disney

To finish out the show, clips of Frozen II was shown. Sterling K. Brown as Lieutenant Matthias and Evan Rachel Wood as Queen Iduna were announced to join the cast.

The film was described as a completion of the story from the first. Director Chris Buck said

Why does Elsa have powers. Why does Anna NOT have powers? Where were their parents going when their ship went down? And is there such a thing as Happily Ever After?

Chris Buck at D23

Footage of Queen Iduna singing a lullaby to young Anna and Elsa was shown in a flashback.

Photo: Disney

Footage of one of Elsa’s new song which seems to be called “Into the Unknown” was shown as well. A moment was shown of Kristoff unsuccessfully attempting to propose to Anna because of her being distracted worrying about Elsa.

After the footage was shown, Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, Josh Gad, and Jonathan Groff (With a Sven Plush) came out to sing a new song from the film together live on stage.

d23 stage
Photo: Disney

We don’t have to wait too long to see the next installment in the Frozen story, the film releases November 22, 2019.

frozen 23
Photo: Disney

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Words: Garry Hormann | Featured Photo: Disney Studios