Tati Beauty Is Launching A New Product!

Say hello to the Blendiful!

The second product that Tati Beauty will launch, Tati Westbrook announced yesterday on Twitter that something new was coming. But the speculation only grew from there, with a photo the only clue as to what the product was!

Now, we have a full launch video, explaining it all.

This is what Tati had to say about the new product;

This tool is such a necessary item to create a perfect canvas very quickly, and effectively. It’s great for touchups, its hygenic, you can wash it, it’s so many things. And the design in it is flexible, and plyable, and blendible, and bendy enough, that youre not going to look at it and not know what to do.

Tati also explains her aim with the product was to make it large enough to cover every step of your makeup routine; primer foundation, concealer, powder, contour, and more. Along with a smaller puff for on-the-go. Tati also compared the smoothness of the application to expert cake-icers. We trust her. We believe it.

Photo: Tati Westbrook

The Blendible is priced at $18 for both the large and smaller puff.

We can also expect to see a video soon of Tati applying her whole face using the puff. As if we need it. We’re buying it anyway.

Additionally, Tati said her much sought-after Textured Neutrals Volume 1 palette was restocking tomorrow too! HI, OUR CREDIT CARDS ARE READY. Check out the video above to get the full rundown.

You can buy both products on the Tati Beauty website from 10am PST tomorrow.

Tati Westbrook
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Tati Beauty
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Words: Natasha Fountain | Featured Photo: Marvel

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