Fine Line Live: Harry the Showman

Fine Line Live: Harry the Showman

On the 13th, I attended Harry Styles’ Fine Line: One Night Only concert.

The lights went out around 9pm and the crowd erupted into screams and chants of Harry’s name. We all knew what was about to happen next. He started out the night atop a platform placed at the back of the stage, doing the iconic pose featured on the Fine Line album cover, and in the exact outfit. Then as the music increased, he proceeded to start the night with the first song of the album, “Golden,” and it did not disappoint on the album, or live for that matter either. His energy throughout the song, and the entire show was intoxicating, making you wonder how he keeps up the energy for such a long time.

fine line live
Photo: Hélène Pambrun

From “Golden,” he opened up a conversation to the audience with a prolonged “I’m baack,” which caused the whole crowd to erupt with cheers. It was nice seeing him back on stage where he truly belongs. There’s something about Harry that proves that he was born for this life, as he commands attention while on stage.

He continued on the night performing all of his songs on the album, in order, including the three released singles from the album, “Watermelon Sugar”, “Adore You”, and “Lights Up,” saying it would be the only time he would do so.

His energy was high for most of his songs, but when it came to songs like “Cherry,” and “Falling,” there was a shift, the emotion behind the lyrics written plainly on his face. It’s easy to feel his pain in these moments. And as heartfelt as those songs were, he was able to bring the mood right back up again with “To Be So Lonely,” a song that is more uplifting with fun lyrics “I’m just an arrogant son of a bitch,” which the crowd screamed back at him passionately.

During a break after the song, he stopped for a moment to see how the crowd was doing. Unfortunately there was a fan down, but Harry made sure to send security to help the fan using gestures from the fans around the person to find them. During this moment he then proceeded to ask the audience “Why is it, when I call myself an ‘arrogant song of a bitch,’ that you sound the loudest? Did everyone just decide to sing it with their whole chest.” This is a moment that is sure to become a running thing, as iconic as the “Kiwi” pose as well as the new album pose.

There were other moments that I know fans will be able to enjoy on tour as much as we did that night; from the “boop” noises at the end of “Sunflower, Vol. 6,” to the way Harry completely loses himself in his dance moves during “Treat People With Kindness.” His dance moves are something that seem so him, so Harry, that I can’t help but make the comparison between him and Elvis, and the way Elvis’ moves drove fans nuts back in his day. Harry just has that effect on people, and he doesn’t even have to try.

Fine Line Live
Photo: Hélène Pambrun

Before he ended the show, he took another moment to talk to the crowd. He almost seemed shocked at how fast the time had gone. When we realized this was his last song on the album, we were all shocked too. One hour had gone by, but it had felt like 10 minutes with how much fun we’d all been having.

Because this is Harry, and he knows us, he let us know that more was in store and the night wasn’t over just yet. His last song, before the encore, was, of course, “Fine Line”. The uplifting tone, and the way that he repeats “we’ll be alright,” is the perfect tone that you want to leave a concert feeling. A hopeful excited feeling that makes you realize how much you enjoyed your time.

When he finally returned to the center of the stage, the opening chords of a song we all know and love well began, “Sign of the Times.” It was his first single, one that seemed so bold when he first released it, being that it is 5 minutes and 41 seconds.

When he had finished, he began speaking about someone he admires deeply, and we all immediately knew who was coming. He then proceeded to announce the iconic Stevie Nicks, and this was undoubtedly the loudest the crowd screamed that night, since he had stepped on stage at the beginning of the show. They took center stage together, and performed Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide.” As she left the stage, fans continued to cheer for her and you could see the admiration on Harry’s face as well.

Fine Line Live
Photo: Hélène Pambrun

Now, we’ve all been dying for Harry to give us a Christmas album for years now, even back in his One Direction days, and sadly we’re still waiting. But tonight he gave us a glimpse into what that would be like by performing “Wonderful Christmas Time.” Not only that, but the holiday spirit continued with fake snow falling from the ceiling as the song continued.

As the song ended, we knew our time with Harry was ending as well. Chants began throughout the crowd, from “Kiwi,” to “Medicine,” two well-known songs that Harry performed on his last tour. He began the end of the show with a quick speech. He thanked those that helped him create this album, those who joined him onstage, as well as thanking the fans for continuing to support him, “The album is yours, I am yours.” He told us he had one more song, and the lights on stage faded to a deep red tone. We knew what was coming.

As the opening beats of “Kiwi” began, everyone in the crowd was on their feet, dancing and jumping as Harry raced around, waving at those behind the stage. This is the song that he always sings the loudest, as he would say, with his whole chest.

Fine Line Live
Photo: Hélène Pambrun

This song is just one of those where you really do just want to dance without a care in the world, and Harry does just that. As us fans would say, Harry almost looks possessed when he is dancing to “Kiwi”. It would surprise me if he didn’t have a headache with how hard he shakes his head to the beat of the drums during the song.

As Harry finished the song and gave his final bow, we all felt melancholic. Happy that we were finally able to see him back on stage and in person after it being so long, but sad at the fact that the show was over and we’d have to wait till 2020 to see him once again… To see him back on stage where he truly belongs.

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And remember, always treat people with kindness!

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Words: Brianna Jerina | Featured Photo: Hélène Pambrun

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