Secret Santa: Amazon Gifts For Your Favorite and Least Favorite Co-Workers

Secret Santa: Amazon Gifts For Your Favorite and Least Favorite Co-Workers

Secret Santa is the best time of year. You can show someone how much you love them, and passively tell someone how much you don’t, too. We all know ‘secret’ Santa never stays secret.

So we’ve lined up our best recommendations for the people you love, and the people you don’t, all under $15.

For Your Favorite Co-Workers…

Friendship Candle

For the friend who loves candles like Californians love Avocado. You should probably get another gift too, but this is a good start.

$5.99 | Click Here

Pina Colada Italian Chocolate Truffles

Its chocolate. Inside a plastic cocktail shaker. Enough said.

$9.99 | Click Here

Amazon Echo Input

Adds Alexa to their own speaker, comes with 4 months free of Amazon Music Unlimited. You’ll basically be the best gift giver, ever.

$9.99 | Click Here

For Your Least Favorite Co-Workers…

5 Succulents

A present they’ll get no joy from, and will have to make effort to look after. Ah, it’s just so perfect.

$13.50 | Click Here

Disentanglement Puzzle

Watch them struggle for hours to try and solve this one. It’s not mean, it’s fun.

$13.99 | Click Here

Slogan Mug

For the co-worker who never does any work. So you can make it obvious absoloutely everybody knows about it.

$14.94 | Click Here

We hope you found the perfect Christmas present on Amazon for the co-workers you like. And for the ones you don’t, we hope they hate their gift. You’re welcome.

Words: Natasha Fountain | Featured Photo: Amazon

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