A Scrooge’s Guide To Surviving Christmas

A Scrooge’s Guide To Surviving Christmas

Bah humbug! If you’re anything like me (Jace), Christmas is not your cup of eggnog.

It’s just not the most wonderful time of the year for us… It’s the exact opposite. The music starts WAY TOO EARLY. The decorations go up way too soon, and the smell – well, actually I find the smells quite pleasant – BUT THAT’S IT!

So if you just are not a Christmas person like me… Then here’s a Scrooge’s guide to surviving this festive season.


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I cannot stress this one enough… This is actually probably the most important rule to surviving out there. You may ask yourself, “Well why headphones, Jace?” TO DROWN OUT THE CHRISTMAS MUSIC. Nothing is more annoying than hearing “Rudolph” or “Jingle Bell Rock” ever 5 minutes no matter where you go. So… You’re welcome.


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There’s no real reason for this other than it is to cold to go outside and do festivities with others. Stay at home, in your pajamas, and enjoy your non-Christmasy time.

Scary Movies

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Nothing says anti-Christmas then a good scary movie. AND I’M ARE NOT TALKING ABOUT THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS! I’m talking about actual gory slasher flicks. And if you want to be ironic… Throw on Krampus.


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Okay I know I said headphones were the most important thing to survive but this is a real close second… This is needed to get through well… Everything. But mainly being forced to see your entire family. It’ll take the edge off… We even made a list of Christmas Cocktails so you can act like you’re being festive but really it’s just increasing your alcohol intake.

Whelp that’s it really… It’s a short list but I promise those simple 4 things will help you survive this Christmas season… Us Scrooge’s have to stick together.

Words: Jace Chiappetta | Featured Photo: Walt Disney Studios

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