Christmas Cocktails To Help Get You Through The Season

Christmas Cocktails To Help Get You Through The Season

Now this one is for our older readers. For those readers that are of legal drinking age in whatever part of the world you may be.

We’re here to put the RUM in “pa-rum-pumpumpum“, and make these spirits bright for your next holiday party! So hold on to your Reinbeers, here are some of our favorite cocktails…

Christmas Cocktails

Pear & Orange Champagne Punch

Mix all ingredients in punch bowl! Throw slices of pears and oranges in for freshness!

(750-ml.) Bottle Chilled Sparkling Wine/Champagne

Chilled Pear Nectar 2tbsp. 

Orange Bitters

Slices of Pears & Oranges

Christmas Cocktail

Jack Frost

Coat rim in Coconut shavings. Blend all ingredients in blender. Pour to serve.

8 Cups of Ice

1 Cup Pineapple Juice

1/2 Cup Blue Curacao

1/2 Cup Vodka or Light Rum

1/2 Cup of Coconut Cream

Christmas Cocktails

Driven Snow Cocktail

Coat rim in crushed candy cane. Mix all ingredients together, shake and pour.

White Chocolate Liqueur 1oz. 

Blackstrap Rum 1/2oz. 

Ginger Liqueur



Christmas Cocktails


Coat shot glass rim in red sugar crystals than layer the following:

½ ounces cranberry juice, chilled

1 ½ ounces black vodka, chilled

1 cherry, for garnish

We hope this helps you both celebrate and get through your holiday season! tweet us your Christmas cocktails!

Please remember that MDRN MAG does not condone underage or reckless drinking. Always stay safe and make sure you have a ride home!

Words: Jace Chiappetta | Featured Photo: Frank P Wartenberg / Getty Images

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