Harry On SNL Was …How Do You Say… Perfection

We were blessed by the stan gods Saturday night, because Harry Styles himself pulled double duty on SNL. Meaning he not only performed, but he hosted… Meaning we have lots of Harry content.

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We’re gonna give you a full breakdown of the episode. Everything from the hair, the accents, and the shade. *sips tea*

Let’s start with the Monologue

Our first look at our golden boy, and wow he was serving looks. During his monologue for SNL he decided to “play the piano” while drinking a martini at the same time. What a talented king. During this monologue, he teased us with the idea of One Direction being there but quickly shooting it down. Definitly giving us classic Harry “Or is ittttttttt” vibes. During this small One Direction moment, Harry shades a certain ex-member of the band. Saying they’re his brothers “Niall, Liam, Louis... and uh… Ringo

In addition to the 1D teasing, he also took a couple shots at himself and all his “serious relationships” that only last “one incredible night together”. Hey… We’ll take what we can get.

Lunch Run – Sketch

This one was especially special for us Harries because to us, Intern Rob from the UK looks exactly like another spacial person we know…

Yeah… It’s safe to say we all cried a little bit.

In this sketch we have Intern Rob going to get lunch for everyone, and he thinks that going to Popeyes to get 15 chicken sandwiches in a very different part of town is okay… Keenan Thompson, Ego Nwadim, and Chris Redd are heavily advising him against it. But Rob claims he is the intern and it’s what he has to do. Ending it to show “Jordan Peele presents: White Get Out. Starring Harry Styles

Joan Song – Digital Short

This was probably the one thing we didn’t know we needed in our life. In this digital musical number we see Joan singing about how her 12lb Chihuahua is her boyfriend and how she would like to imagine what her dog would say to her. Cue the dog transforming into Harry Styles. Trust us… Watch it. You won’t be disappointed.

Airline Pilots – Sketch

In this sketch we have two horny airline pilots and a broken intercom. A perfect set up for all of the concerned passengers aboard. We don’t know what is funnier… The passengers reaction to the pilots crude-ish comments, their reaction to the pilots talking about how old the plane is… Or maybe just maybe (and it is for us) it’s Harry‘s southern accent.

That’s The Game – Digital Short

Okay, so this one sent all of our Harry Styles AU fanfic dreams into hyperdrive. Here we have Quan (Redd) trying to take over the gang and be the “king” and Dante (Thompson), who is the actual head of the gang, confront him. Quan thinks he has everything under control with his two goons by his side, one of them being our man Harry.

Yes ladies and gents! We got our gang member Harry, complete with face tattoos and long braided pigtails. We’re just gonna look past the 21 Jump Street “My names Jeff” accent he pulls in this one. We also got Harry saying “Bruhhhhh” and yes, we’ve been sending that to everyone we know.

Childbirth Class – Sketch

To say that we were -how you say?- DYING during this sketch is an understatement. A couple from Iceland takes a child birthing class and is experiencing a whole different pregnancy than the other couples. While the other couples are tired, sick, and sore, our boy and his wife are feeling “sexy as hell”. Also did we mention… BLONDE HARRY STYLES!

Sara Lee – Sketch

It’s safe to say that this was easily the best sketch of the night. Dylan (Harry) is in charge of Sara Lee‘s Instagram, and he’s been getting his personal account mixed up with the work account. Dylan has made some very interesting comments and captions that we’re not even going to tell you… You have to watch for yourself. And then we encourage you to go check out the real Sara Lee Instagram page and read the comments…

Baby Faye and Her Newsboys – Sketch

This sketch doubles as a musical number! Who are we to say no to Harry Styles singing!? Here we see a broadway musical that has just been going on for way too long. This musical has had the same cast for almost 40 years, and we see them ache and break.

Funeral DJ’s – Sketch

We just need you to watch this one on your own. It’s too perfect to explain. Just know that we expect this exact thing to happen at our funerals. This EXACT thing… Like Harry Styles need to actually be there.

Jason – Digital Short (Cut for Time)

This is another Harry song or should I say rap we were blessed with. Here we have Jason (Harry) as the popular jock and his big brother as the school nerd, who feels left out. Jason decides to rap to him how much he loves his big brother… And sex.

Lights Up

Harry gave us a stripped down version of “Light’s Up” that some how we cried even more at than the studio version.

Watermelon Sugar

Harry served us a fresh plate of perfection with his debut of “Watermelon Sugar“. And we are not okay. We’re on a (watermelon sugar) high from this performance.

You can watch the full episode of Harry on SNL here.

What did you think of his SNL performance? Let us know in the comments and on Twitter!

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