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There are many great ways to celebrate Halloween. MDRN MAG did 31 Days of Halloween, where we touched on all of our favorite spooky things. But YouTube channel “The Nights of Horror” celebrate Halloween all year long. I sat down with the faces of Nights of Horror recently, Anthony and Sam, and we talked all things horror in this exclusive interview!

The Nights of Horror covers one topic, horror. That is such a specific topic to cover, why did you decide to box yourselves into that category?

Anthony: When I originally started the channel, I wanted to cover only Hollywood Horror Nights, but as the off-season came around, it becomes incredibly difficult to stick to that, so I branched out to all things horror to keep with the horror vibe of the overall channel!

What made you decide to start the this YouTube journey?

Anthony: There was a group who are now our friends called the TLEV Media, but they were originally known as The League of Extraordinary Vloggers! They did something similar and I thought what the hell, I have an opinion about the event, might as well start a channel as well. They were the main inspiration behind the channel!

Sam, I know horror isn’t your favorite genre. What made you decide to join the channel knowing you’d have to do things (for example, mazes) that you don’t really enjoy?

Sam: I decided to join the channel because I was a big fan of the channel prior. Tony was doing the channel alone for a while and I thought I would offer to join. Plus I wanted an excuse to hang out with one of my good friends.

What is your favorite thing about the Halloween season?

Anthony: I love all the So-Cal haunts that come around and the overall vibe of it! There’s just something about getting scared I love!
Sam: I think my favorite part of Halloween is how excited people get about it. Many people get to be creative and show a side of them that they often have to reserve. 

YouTube is full of amazing creators, who is your dream person to do a collab with, or interview, on Youtube?

Anthony: For me, I would love to collab with Dead Meat James or do something with Blumhouse Productions! Hell even Crypt TV!

Sam: My dream collaboration would be with Jordan Peele. I love his movies and would love to pick his brain on the podcast.

What are your goals for the channel? Is it more number based (number of subscribers, or views) or, do you have a specific goal in mind?

Anthony: For me it’s just about taking it the next step further. Eventually I would love to make short horror films and submit them to indie horror film festivals. I just love making content and it’s been a learning process as I go! So every time we hit new milestones or create new content, I learn more and more and apply that knowledge to the next project!

What’s your favorite Horror story?

Anthony: I’ve always been fascinated with real-life serial killers and cult leaders. People like Charles Manson and The Night Stalker. To me, real horror stories is what inspired the iconic slashers we see today!

A popular opinion today is that there are no good horror movies anymore? What do you think? Do you prefer the classics or the new wave?

Anthony: I mean when you hit with a question like that, it’s hard to say! The classics are iconic because it’s what brought horror to what it is today. You look at the Classic Universal Monsters and all of them paved the way for icons like Michael Myers, Freddy Kruger, Jason Voorhees just to name a few. However you look at movies like Insidious and the Conjuring and there still is faith of modern day horror being just as scary as the originals. I feel like it’s about the same. I love them both!

What do you look for in a good horror movie? Is it the plot? The gore? The jump scares? The special fx?

Anthony: I mean for starters, the plot has to be good. I feel if there is no story to it and it’s just killing, it kinda gets old and repetitive. Gore is always fun to have but not too much. Jump scares are always a must for most horror movies. Some horror movies don’t even need them because the story is so good. And when you bring special effects to horror, most of the time I’m a sucker for practical effects. I feel like that’s what makes horror right there!

What is your favorite Halloween Costume you’ve done in the past?

Anthony: My all time favorite has to have been the one year I was a psycho clown! Had a lot of fun scaring the trick or treaters that year.
Sam: I was Darth Maul one year when I was younger. The makeup my mom did was super accurate, I think that has to be the coolest costume I’ve done!

One of the biggest topics you cover on your channel is Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood. What were some of your favorite things from the event and biggest disappointments?

Anthony: One of the things I absolutely love about HHN is the fact that they bring some of the most iconic properties to life. 2019 has been my favorite year strictly due to the fact of Killer Klowns From Outer Space! One of my all time favorite movies! The one downside is if they run out of budget, they use a lot of black walls.

If the Nights of Horror Team were to star in a horror movie together, what horror stereotypes would everyone fit into?

I feel like Sam and I would be the people who were smarter than everyone else and know good from wrong in that type of situation, but I always imagined me as the secret killer revealed at the end! Robert would be the jock that everyone hates in the beginning of the movie but towards the end does something to make the audience love him like a sacrifice. You, Celine, on the other hand, I feel would be the one person who would be the secret mastermind behind it all.

Can you help us settle a debate here at MDRN MAG? Nightmare Before Christmas: Halloween movie or Christmas movie?

I would say the first half is Halloween but the second half is Christmas. Ultimately it’s bringing to iconic holidays together and putting a sinister twist on Christmas. More Halloween if you ask me!

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Words: Celine Martinez | Featured Photo: The Nights Of Horror on Instagram

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