The Best Reunions In Music History

Nothing hurts worse than our favorite band/group breaking up (1D we’re looking at you). But the feeling of seeing them get back together is unlike anything else. The reunion of a group brings happiness, nostalgia, and usually a lot of money draining out of your bank account.

But worth it!

We’ve seen the greatest bands break up, and then for the rest of our lives, we twiddle our thumbs until they get back together and we feel whole again.

Here are some bands/groups that decided to break-up but then realized it was a bad idea.

7. New Kids On The Block


A popular boyband in the mid-’80s decided to call it quits in 1994 when they felt they were getting too old. Then in 2007 they secretly got together to record a new album and BAM! NKOTB was back… NKOTB because we can’t call 40-year-old men kids… They are still together and touring.

6. Spice Girls


Another on and off group is the Spice Girls. With the original break-up happening in 2000, there have been 4 reunions, including the 2012 Olympics. The most recent being their UK 2019 Spice World Tour.

5. The Jonas Brothers


The hearts that were crushed around the world back in 2013 when the JoBro‘s announced their break-up were all mended this year when we got “Sucker” and a new tour and album. We were all 13 again.

4. Fleetwood Mac


Fleetwood Mac has been on and off throughout the years, but when the 2013 tour was announced, fans went crazy. Currently, Lindsey Buckingham isn’t in the picture but honestly as long as we have Stevie Nicks we’re okay.

3. Fall Out Boy


We know… It’s hard to think of a time without Fall Out Boy, but there was a chunk of the 2000s that they were on ‘hiatus’ (we hate that word). The band took a break in 2009 but came back swinging in 2013 with “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark” and it kind of made up for those 4 years.


Okay… So this one is kind of a halfsies. At the 2013 MTV VMA’s we were blessed with a quick 30-second reunion for Justin‘s Video Vanguard performance. Then again earlier this year at Coachella the band minus Timberlake accompanied Ariana Grande for a song.

1. My Chemical Romance

This one came out of nowhere… But we’re not complaining. We may have cried a lot. Back in 2013, we had to endure the horrible disbanding, but just this past Halloween our broken hearts were mended. Though it’s only a single show announced… We hope a tour is to follow. MCR forever.

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Words & Featured Photo: Jace Chiappetta

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