Why Buddy The Elf Is The Boyfriend You Need

When people watch Elf, do they actually watch it? Do they really pay attention to what’s going on? Or do they just laugh at Buddy the entire time? He’s actually the PERFECT boyfriend.

Here at MDRN Mag, we feel that Buddy doesn’t get the recognition he deserves. Just think about it… He’s so considerate and funny… And Will Ferrell. But that part is beside the point. We have watched this movie about a million times. and each time it becomes more and more clear that we need a Buddy by our side.

He’s open about his feelings.

He’s great at planning dates.

He’s invested in conversation and wants to actually talk to you.

He’s a gentleman and will never swear around you.


He’s literally so supportive.


He really wants to know everything about you.


He tells you the important things.


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Words: Jace Chiappetta | Featured Photo: New Line Cinema

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