Gordon Ramsay: The King Of Shade

You’re lying to yourself if you say you don’t enjoy watching Gordon Ramsay shade and diss… well everyone. It’s literally the greatest thing on the Food Network Channel.

Watching Gordon scream and yell at people is a sort of outlet for us. We snap our fingers, clap, and scream “Yas King.” He says all the things we wish we could in everyday life.

So in honor of our King of shade, disses, and food, here are Gordon‘s top shady moments.

#8 Easy there, Hannibal Lecter

#7 King of Sass

Gordon Ramsey

#6 This is kind of just a lot a bit, hilarious.

Gordon Ramsey

#5 He really has a way with words.

Gordon Ramsey

#4 Ouch…

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#3 But is he making waffles?

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#2 Alright, let’s not bring the wine into this.

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#1 Possibly the greatest moment in Ramsay history.

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Don’t let this post make you thing he’s just mean and sassy. He has a completely different side when it involves kids in Master Chef Junior. It’s actually the cutest thing ever.

Gordan Ramsay
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Words: Jace Chiappetta| Featured Photo: Netflix

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