How To: Stranger Things Day

Happy Stranger Things Day! Also known as – Hopper fangirl day.

Along with 7-11 (July 11th), when we chug slurpee’s all day in honor of Alexei, today we celebrate all things strange.

And if you don’t watch Stranger Things… Thats illegal. The police are on their way.

Today is the perfect excuse to dress up as your favorite character, and not be judged for it. (Please don’t judge us).

Posted to the Stranger Things Twitter account, here’s all the ways you can celebrate today…

Photo: Stranger Things on Twitter (@Stranger_Things)

And don’t forget to…

  • Head down to your local 7-Eleven and have a cherry slurpee. (Not a strawberry slurpee. There is a difference, Hopper.)
  • Perform your best rendition of “The NeverEnding Story” like Dustin and Susie.
  • Peer pressure the Duffer Brothers into giving us Hopper back in season 4.
  • But whatever you do, do not commence an “Operation Child Endangerment”.

Stranger Things
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Netflix | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

Words: Natasha and Jace | Featured Photo: Netflix

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