My Chemical Romance Is Back And We Are Not Okay (I Promise)

My Chemical Romance Is Back And We Are Not Okay (I Promise)

Welcome back to the black parade, bitches! My Chemical Romance is back and our emo hearts would be bursting if they weren’t cold and black on the inside.

It’s the tweet that the emo kids heard around the world. MCR said Emo Rights, and announced a comeback show on Halloween day. Classy, and fits the brand.

If you ask anyone of any age or music genre type, they will talk about how they’re so ready. But no one will ever be as ready as us ex-Hot Topic regulars.

We lived through the heartbreak and pain of the MCR break-up. That was actually the day we realized we did have hearts… BECAUSE THEY WERE CRUSHED.

We thought we’d have to get by life with these crushed up pieces, but fear not, MCR said “Na na na na we’re coming back” and just like that we were TEENAGERS again.

As of right now only the one show was announced in California for December 20th, but we’re hoping and praying to all the pop punk gods that this is the lead up for the reunion tour. Because those tickets sold INSTANTLY.

However this was tweeted the day after tickets sold out. So… tour?

So grab your pitch back eyeliner and your expired Hot Cash you’ll try to still use. It’s time to show them that it really wasn’t a phase.

You best believe that until the reunion tour is announced (and even after that) we have all their albums on repeat because MCR is the greatest band ever. And that will be our “Famous Last Words.”

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Words: Celine and Jace | Featured Photo: My Chemical Romance on Twitter

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