5 Hilarious Halloween Outfits

Halloween is just 4 days away. And if you still haven’t decided on a Halloween outfit, and our 5 TV & Film Inspired Halloween Outfits article also didn’t help, this will. If you want something that makes you stand out, and other laugh too, we’ve got you covered. And so does Amazon Prime. You’ll need it if you want an outfit to arrive on time.

The Spice Girls

They really “got with their friends” on this one. And if you don’t understand that reference, we’re so sorry for your poor taste in music.

Three Little Pigs

But you don’t have to go to market for this outfit, you just have to go to Amazon.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Nobody wins, so everybody wins.


Just remember, you can’t eat anything while you’re dressed as Pacman. Don’t ruin the magic.


Even their dog is dressed up. We’re dying over this one.

Words: Natasha Fountain | Featured Photo: Britco

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