Everyone Say “Thank You Very Much, THA!”

It’s time to introduce you to your new favorite band, The Happy Alright (sometimes stylized as THA)! This Texas-based duo/band has been rocking since 2011, but recently they’ve really picked up traction and gained some extra attention, and just in time for their most recent EP release of Thank You Very Much.

With a determination to liven up the music industry and create music that is more authentic and genuinely them, Sterling Gavinski and Mason Steeger went into the studio mid-2018 to begin the process for this record. The idea was to shake-up the world’s perception of THA and the kind of music they create together, which we honestly can say seems successful! Going from hard-hitting hooks and the all-too-familiar angsty lyrics of pop-punk to pop melodies and matching lyrics, soft acoustic singalongs, and the occasional jazz undertone, these guys are really out here proving they’re not some generic pop-punk band that hates their hometown.

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It started in September with a bunch of random, weird little tweets on the band’s account that addressed ‘rumors’ of new music. The general consensus? The Happy Alright fans would not be seeing new music anytime soon. Which really proved to be a bummer to most. But then these cute little pink envelopes started showing up at people’s houses and it seems like maybe something really was going on with them.

October. THA. TYVM.

The month of October brought us the official release of a new single titled “One-Eyed Legend” alongside a fun little video full of grown puppies, which we are so here for. October also brought us the announcement of an EP, a second single titled “Next 2 U” (alongside a video), and finally the release of Thank You Very Much! It’s been a fun road, leading to the release, and it’s nice to see a band not taking things too seriously. The Happy Alright certainly enjoys having a bit of fun with their marketing techniques!

Packed full of millennial slang and references to the internet, TYVM plays as an observation of modern-day relationships. From technology’s impact on long-distance relationships to the confusing occurrences of life, Gavinski and Steeger really have outdone themselves this time. It’s a banger of a record that works for any mood you might be in. We certainly will be spinning it here in the office for months to come. We hope you do the same, and let us know your favorite track! Ours is “Lucky 2 Kno U.”

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Words: Kaiti Fleeger | Featured Photo: Faith Alesia

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