5 TV & Film Inspired Halloween Outfit Ideas

Halloween is just a week away! But don’t worry if you haven’t got your outfit ready, we’ve got you covered! And we know what you’re thinking, but Halloween doesn’t have to mean scary. Here’s 5 Halloween outfit ideas sure to make you stand out…

Darla – Finding Nemo

e’re so here for this outfit. To be as sassy as Darla, pair a green jumper with a pink dress and a wig styled into pigtails! To finish the look, draw some braces and add your pet! Please, don’t use a real fish for this look, try a toy fish instead.

Left: Finding Nemo (Pixar) | Right: Gina Box on Instagram (@ohmygeeee)

Bubbles – The Powerpuff Girls

To live out all your best superhero dreams like Shae, get a cute shirt and pair it with a blond wig to dress as Bubbles! That’s how you prove that you can be… HARDCORE.

Left: The Powerpuff Girls (Cartoon Network) | Right: Shae Arabella on Instagram (@shaearabella)

Pennywise – IT

Glam Pennywise? Sign us up. To match this look, you’ll need a wig, spooky contacts, and $400 to spend at Sephora. We’re kidding. If you don’t already have the make-up you’ll need, you could probably find it at Walmart for 1/5 of the price. Don’t forget a red balloon!

Left: IT (Warner Bros) | Right: Nova on Instagram (@vocallyshook)

Kim Possible

If you never wanted to be Kim Possible, you’re lying to yourself. With a simple wig, a black shirt, some green cargo pants, and black gloves, you too can be a crime-fighting superhero. Don’t forget to change your ringtone!

Left: Kim Possible (Disney) | Right: Holly Jade Balmer on Instagram (@hollyjademua)

Harry Potter

You didn’t think we’d forget an outfit for your pet, did you? Pair a simple red tie with the trademark Harry Potter glasses and you’re good to go! But if you’re doing a photoshoot to audition for America’s Next Top Dog Model too you should definitely get a wand!

Left Harry Potter (Warner Bros) | Right: Cody on Instagram (@codythecavachon)

Words: Natasha Fountain | Featured Photo: Nova on Instagram (@vocallyshook) / IT (Warner Bros)

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