Halloween Cinema: Best of Horror Edition

Halloween Cinema: Best of Horror Edition

It’s coming up on the best time of year, Halloween!

It’s never too early to get into the spooky spirit. This specific list is tailored for those who show no fear towards the dark… those who welcome it, and the horror movies that come with it.

So grab some friends, shut off the lights and get comfy. MDRN MAG proudly presents, Halloween Cinema: Best of Horror Edition.

The Conjuring

The Conjuring is such a good allaround horror movie! Jump scares in all the right places, the acting is award-worthy. The directing, the music, everything is just so perfect. Oh, it’s also based on a true story… So let that sink in.

Get Out

We shouldn’t even have to tell you why this is on this list. Comedian, Jordan Peele, shocked millions when he entered the horror game. We didn’t know what to expect, let alone a damn masterpiece. If you see someone stirring their tea, do yourself a favor and run!

The Shining

Classic. Jack Nicholson + Creepy Twin Girls + Blood Waterfall = GTFO. Also, remember…… REDRUM.


If you’re an older sibling, you’ll understand why this movie makes us uncomfortable. Just hug your younger sibling and keep all knives, power tools, and film projectors away from them. Far away.


Another slasher classic. Also made us never babysit anyone. Because we’re not trying to die….


In 2010, this movie broke the mold. After what felt like a long drought of no good horror movies, Insidious came along. This movie is creepy, uncomfortable, scary, and makes us worried for anybody in a coma.


It (2017) is just straight perfection. It’s not only a terrifying movie about a (handsome) killer clown, it’s also an adorable coming-of-age story between a group of friends. You come for the scary but stay for the Pennywise. We stan Bill SkarsgĂ„rd.

What do you think of out list? Did we list your favorite? Let us know!

Words: Jace Chiappetta | Featured Photo: Get Out / Universal Pictures

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