Halloween Costume Ideas: Pun Edition

Alright! It’s closer to that special time of year, and we know you need those Halloween costume ideas. We’ve got you covered! For those who love a good pun and a decent laugh, these costumes are for you!

Devil Wears Prada

Photo: Dina’s Days

…C’mon… It’s hilarious and we stan this so hard. We all have a bit of Miranda Priestly in us.

Spice Girls

Photo: Ting and Things

Get punny with your friends, and become the Spice Girls. It’s every little 90’s girl’s dream!

50 Shades Of Grey

Photo: Kathryn Wirsing

We may have cackled out loud to this one. You can’t be Christian Grey but you can sill be 50 shades.

French Kiss

Photo: Goodhousekeeping

If you like music and a good pun, this is the best costume for you! Gene Simmons would approve.

Dunkin Donuts

Photo: Celiasm on Instagram

As avid coffee lovers, we totally 100% support this.

Pumpkin Pi

Photo: Tampa Bay Moms Blog

We are crying over how absolutely adorable this is. Where can we get one?

Ice Ice Baby

Photo: Thinking Closet

This one is super cute and perfect for those with a little one. Or just any three-piece really!

So what do you think? They’re pretty punny, huh? We’re avid users and lovers of all puns here at MDRN MAG.

Words: Jace Chiappetta | Featured Photo: Tings and Things

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