Julia Nunes New Music Video

Pop musician Julia Nunes released her sixth album, UGHWOW which started as a kickstarter project, earlier this year, with the music video for her song “Used to Want” dropping October 11th.

Used to Want starts with a bass line that really gets us in our feelings. The collaboration with dancer / choreographer Ava Gordy was a A+ choice in our books. The visuals and music mesh together well, making for a sleepy rainy day sing your heart out moment. Simple but powerful. Not to mention the music video exclusively focuses around a comfy bed.

“Hell bent on seclusion
Gave myself a problem
Trying to make you the solution”

Other people are great, but nothing beats the comfort of a bed, and other people aren’t going to fix you. Only you can fix you. The decisions we make are what we have to live with. Only you can keep yourself moving forward.

“Thanking God for saving you
From what you used to want
Oh you’re glad you got away
Ok ok ok
You can kick me when I’m down
And I will crawl into the bed I made “

We’ll be okay.

This November Julia will be out on tour with Elizabeth and The Catapult. A Brooklyn, NY based project band along the vein of pop/rock and indie. The perfect escape, so go treat yourself and get a ticket here!

Julia Nunes
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Elizabeth and The Catapult
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Words: Dakota Burnsed | Featured Photo: Julia Nunes on Instagram

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