Our Favorite Cosplays Of NYCC

Comic Con‘s are the best way for fans to engage with their favorite heroes! Whether those heroes are actors, comic book writers, or illustrators, Comic Con has it all. But that’s not the best part. The absolute best part of Comic Con‘s is the cosplay.

Cosplayers are the ones that quite literally bring the heroes, villains, and everything in between to life at these events. Most cosplayers work months on their outfits to perfect them for these events. And boy does it show!

Here are some of the best cosplays of 2019 NYCC


Super Mario

Arya Stark & Sandor Clegane

Kim Possible & Ron Stoppable


Danny Phantom

Lucifer Morningstar

Princess Deadpool

These people are definitely real life superheroes! The dedication, creativity, and love they put into these outfits are unlike any other!

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Words & Featured Photo: Jace Chiappetta

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