YUNGBLUD Got Some New Ink… Or Did He?

YUNGBLUD Got Some New Ink… Or Did He?

Our favorite British boy has added some more ink to his small collection.

YUNGBLUD, or Dom, only had two tattoos before this. He had black heart and a broken black heart on each middle finger. Today he adds another to the group.

On the musicians Instagram story he posted a video of himself getting a tattoo… on his face! When revealed it seems to be another broken heart! Which definitely goes with his vibe. But here’s the catch.

It’s all a joke… It’s a Tik Tok! He quickly jumped back onto his Instagram story “Guys, of course I didn’t get a face tattoo… Come on!”

So basically we made you read this post just so we could say… Stan YUNGBLUD and steam his new song “Original Me” ft Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons!

Get tickets to catch him live in a city near you, here!

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Words: Jace Chiappetta | Featured Photo: YUNGBLUD on Instagram

Are you a YUNGBLUD stan? Think you know the difference between his lyrics or tweets? Click here to test your knowledge!

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