Hotties of Horror

Hotties of Horror

We don’t know about you, but we found love in a hopeless and spooky place. Horror movies are supposed to be scary, gory and unsettling. Certainly not the place to fall in love with someone… crazy someones… spooky someones… the hotties of horror…

Oh, but we did.

James Patrick March

Photo: AHS / FX

Filthy rich, architect, philanthropist with a roaring 20s accent? Yes, please.

The Kid

Photo: Castle Rock / Hulu

Confused, non-aging man from an alternate universe… Yeah, we’ll take him too.

Kyle Spencer

Photo: AHS / FX

Zombie boy with killer dimples (and motives), just wants to be loved. We gladly volunteer!

Roman Godfrey

Photo: Hemlock Grove / Netflix

One word… Vampire. Our necks are open.

Jimmy Darling

Photo: AHS / FX

Who cares about his lobster claw-like hands with a gorgeous face like that? Not us.


Photo: IT / Warner Brothers Studios

Pennywise shows you what you fear most… I guess we’re terrified of attractive men dressed up, popping balloons.

Tate Langdon

Photo: AHS / FX

Our dearest Tate. Our love, our life. Sure, he’s a bit crazy. But we’re just as crazy… about him.

What do you think about our list? We really nailed it, huh. Let us know what you think of our hotties of horror!

Evan Peters
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Bill SkarsgÄrd

Words: Jace Chiappetta | Featured Photo: American Horror Story / FX

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