Jimmy Eat World Rocks Outs With New Album & Tour Announcement

What’s more exciting than a band we know and love announcing new music and tour dates? That’s right, NOTHING. Jimmy Eat World has been rocking out since 1993. Yeah, before some (most) of you were even born. These rocker vets from Meza, Arizona are about to grace us with a highly anticipated album titled Surviving, along with a tour that is hitting some special places along the US including, but not limited to New York, Florida, and Delaware.

It’s not often we get lucky enough to see bands we love celebrate doing music for 20 years, but this group has changed the game by doing just that. Collecting countless nominees from various awards, we can’t help but believe that their tenth (that’s right, we’re old) studio album will be just as award-worthy.

Jimmy Eat World Live Performance Guitar Playing
Jimmy Eat World on Twitter

Jimmy Eat World Aims to Please

With classics like “Sweetness” and “The Middle”, pleasing all types of listeners, tracks like “Hear You Me” send you back into the high school rom-com era, and timeless jams like “Kill” satisfy our more obscure listeners. Jimmy Eat World aims to please all. We suspect that is exactly what they are striving for with this new album. We’d even go as far as to say we’re destined to be impressed.

Surviving is the first album from these guys in 3 years, making us more than intrigued about the sound it will carry. With singles likeLove Never and “Stay” our excitement only grows. These singles are compiled with loads of super catchy riffs, matched by lyrics we always are able to relate to. It only confirms they’re sure to produce an album we won’t be able to stop spinning. 

The album drops October 18th 2019, so be sure to check it out for a killer emo-alt-rock combination. In the meantime, throw some new or old Jimmy Eat World into your daily rotation to get your fix until then.

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Words: Danielle King | Featured Photo: Surviving Album Art

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